Monday, August 31, 2020

Adieu, Lady August

I can honestly say this month has really gone past us in a blur... and not due to a busy calendar. More to a friendly routine, repetitive and easy-going. August is traditionally such a huge month with our Homecoming for a week, perhaps a vacation, and then Back-to-School. None of that happened for us in 2020. My former co-workers are back  with precautions and prayers. I am ok with retirement, for once! 

One aspect of farm life I miss is my chickens. No way could I care for them now, but that was a really interesting part of my days as a young person. I took care of ours, and often I helped my grandmother with hers. These aren't my personal photos, but I found them on good old Pinterest, I think. 

We ordered our chicks as babies by mail. They arrived in a large rather flat box with airholes in the sides. And they smelled really bad! Daddy had the heat lamps all set up in the brooder house, and we put them in there with feeders and waterers... and hoped for the best.

So... we never let our hens set to raise/hatch any chicks of our own. Basically we just wanted eggs to use for cooking, I think. After my "pets" grew up we didn't eat any of ours. Aldi's has beautiful brown eggs. I always think those are the best for some reason.

August makes me think of those hot days in the henhouse gathering the eggs. I used to swing my bucket of eggs over my head, swirling it so fast the eggs hugged the sides and bottoms and didn't fall or shuffle and crack. I later learned that was due to centrifugal force rather than my own magical powers.. Darn that Science/Gravity/Physics anyway! lol

Have a lovely Monday. Say your own farewells to this summery month of 2020. 
Whimsy and Hugs!

Friday, August 28, 2020

Little Minnie (Mini)

Made two small journals a couple weeks ago. I put the pen here to give an idea how small... They're pretty similar, and I thought they would be cute with some small photos and maybe gift cards. 

I always begin thinking Christmas in September, and this year may really be different. 

I am about half-way through my nightly routine. (This routine does not include sleep! lol) I watch a couple YouTube videos, finish a load of laundry, feed the kitty her Little Sheeba treat... and Voila! The night is mine to wander either in my mind or journals or through the internet in search of something fun to make.

I bought some bacon-wrapped shrimp and bacon-wrapped jalapeno shrimp from Aldi... Keto is odd... those don't sound like a diet at all, but they're perfect.

Well, take good care of yourselves and stay safe!

Any of you have some good suggestions for something to watch? We are waiting for new seasons on almost everything! Right now we thought we'd watch Criminal Minds. It is pretty brutal for me but I try to be a trooper. Than I discovered there are 20-ish episodes a season and 15 seasons. I can't do that math! lol

I think August flew by pretty fast. I am ready for September's cooler weather. 

Whimsy and Hugs!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Yesterday Once More

Don't you love this photo of my parents in the 40's? I think it is probably around 1943 or 4... That beautiful letter sweater! Mom just looks happy, her long hair pinned up or blown so wildly... hard to tell. And Daddy had such pretty hair. 

These last ones are my dad as a little boy... I have been working on a couple top secret projects I can show you after September 5th. I like to look in the eyes of these pictures and try to encounter the essence of my parents I  knew so well... I try to imagine myself into the picture somehow as his friend. It reminds me of that Disney World commercial from a few years back that showed a mom and her daughter and then a man and his son... They get on a ride like that and then the next shot shows two "kids" riding that ride---both parents having become kids again supposedly... Every time I saw that commercial I cried.  It makes me cry just pondering it. Time... such a fluid vehicle that hauls us through our lives. 

Oh, Corona, you are screwin' with my mind! lol...  What was that song by Styx? T-t-t-too Much Time on her Hands?

Whimsy and Hugs! 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Planning for September

Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I am getting ready for the final week in August. 

Not sure exactly which tasks seem   most important or even fun... I have almost checked off the whole Summer List... slowly. Time to start my Autumn list, I guess. 

I am ready to celebrate my son'a birthday the 5th of September. That never happens. Years ago my school paid us our May, June, July, and August checks on the 20th of May. Our next check would be September 20th, 15 long barren days after his birthday. I had a lot of debt then, and Summer had a lot of places for that "windfall," and... I was still can be kinda bad about money burning a hole in my pocket... So his birthday was always in a very painful stretch for me... Our big Bevier festival, Bevier Homecoming, was unfortunately placed He laughs and says he never noticed it a bit. Thanks to his wonderful grandparents, that's probably true. I was big on planning some theme thing and having some of his friends stay over... My son will be 39 this year (which is incidentally impossible because I am only about 28... lol) He has been through some health issues but is doing better in many ways. I don't guess we will invite a bunch for a party or game night, but it will be fine, and I am so grateful he is feeling better. 

I am wishing you all the very best for August's last nod. My friend was telling me her decorating turned to muted pinks and browns in August and blues and golds in September. She waits until October to add in her deeper orange. That sounds really fun. Her home is always clean and elegant. Back when I used to visit her, I never wanted to leave. I want to have that feeling here. Tootles!

Whimsy and Hugs!

Friday, August 21, 2020

Where's the Ben-Gay...?

Well. whew! I decided today was the day to re-arrange and clean my Studio. I think I moved every piece of furniture twice! (Minus the big doll cabinet. )  And, voila! here is my sewing machine at long last. 

I found a place in the covered doll cabinet for the Shirley Temples I had kept out. So I was able to open up the writing desk here. The multitude of stuffed baskets and totes will have to wait, and maybe I can eliminate some clutter.

Such an interest in exploring every nook! I had to leave a clear spot for her to lie in the morning Southern sun.

Really! That cart is my   life-saver... and it needs a real cleaning! I will have to put something in those top shelves that I don't want--- ever! It is pretty obvious this room was created by a sitting, rolling person! 

No. I do not see any treats! (They're right beside the table!) 

Shirleys are safe from the dust...

Oh my goodness... I just had to quit! The floor needs refinishing, but that is way down the list! Tomorrow is Friday! I hope to just drink coffee and goof off! Start that weekend early, I say. 

Whimsy and Hugs!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

A touch of ... the Season...

Just the sight of these Autumn treasures speaks to my soul! I love Fall, the Queen of all Seasons. I love Winter, Spring, and Sweet Summer, too...  But of them all, Fall makes me feel alive-est.  These twilight photos tell the tale of a season yet to enter from its crisp, colorful wings... ( Disclaimer: I did not get to the sewing machine setup... literally. These Autumn totes were in front of it... shouting at me and just being insistently pushy... lol)

My birthday fairy dons some fallen leaves

The name of my paint is Autumn Ridge Sherwin Williams. I love how it changes color based on the lighting.

I love my cat too much to wait until the Halloween goes out. That old fireplace screen has seen more glorious days!

34 Days... But who's counting?

Whimsy and Hugs!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Setting an Intention

After spending such a long while on lock-down, it has finally become a tidge repetitive. I was journaling last night, trying to fix this shade that has inched into my life. It finally dawned on me I have set goals for tasks and planned projects, but since there is no "company's coming" deadline, they may get done Monday... or they may get slid to Thursday. Who really cares, as long as progress and productivity continue and my month's chores get checked off my list? 

I figured out during my days battling that hideous vertigo... I mainly sat and recounted my life's blessings and felt sorry for all those who feel like this all this time... I sat almost motionless and let my son handle the phone... (that's purty sick, for me). I am doing much better, thanks to the good advice of you all... sleeping on only one side, watching motion on screens, etc. During the first days of feeling better, I set little intentions: do one load of laundry. Make a tomato salad. Change bed linens... some even smaller. I was happy if I actually accomplished one single little thing. Sometimes it took me all day. The rest of the day I just tried to be happy.

So I have decided to try that... setting intentions and beginning the task... then just "be" a bit... I don't know about you, but I just don't feel right unless I am doing stuff. I don't actually accomplish as much as many people in my world... but I am not very happy with myself unless I am "doing." I remember reading once we are human beings, not human doers. Live accordingly. 

My son watches mindless things on YouTube. It kinda drives me crazy. I watch people doing things like creating, cleaning, refinishing furniture, sewing quilts... That also drives me crazy because I feel lazy and ready to fly into one project after another! Since Vertigo, I watch less. That seems better. 

Oh, and there's Keto. I really have been good for six weeks.  Yuck! He is on week 8, losing 7-10 pounds a week. I am not sure I have lost anything... lol. However, that's neither here nor there, as Gramma would say. 

Today's intention: setting up my sewing area. I have a new sewing machine! 

Whimsy and Hugs!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The season is changing

Determined to get the last good days of summer, we are enjoying really sunny yet cool days. I think it is just perfect! My friends came down yesterday for an open-porch picnic, and that was fun. 

I have been making notebooks and cards, putting out a little touch of Autumn here and there. 

I told myself I would only do minimal... However... minimal usually is not my super power. 

My photos aren't organized here... Just a little frustrated with the way my computer is dealing with Blogger's new platform for editing... I will get it....

I always have a lot of help with my projects!

My dad... was he not the cutest? I have worked on a surprise for my son's birthday, too....

I dedicated the 11th to Gramma for her birthday (121 years ago!) and had lunch on her sweet china and iced tea in her glasses. I made journals and cards in her favorite hues--- pinks and greens. 

Hang in there, Everybody... 
Whimsy and Hugs!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Welcome, August

Just thought I would stop in with some good wishes for a safe and happy August. 

Good for Aldi's... They deliver beautiful roses for $5/ half dozen... It is something I love to get for a sweet pick-me-up. 

As I finish a journal with no intended recipient, it tucks into my basket... I want to eventually have quite a stash... Lots to do still...

I can drink a lot of tea, can't I? These were purchased to have an array for my guests to choose from... Now, no guests, and my son prefers Lipton plain! Of course, he does. 

I hope you are all finding good days and staying safe. What a year, huh?

Whimsy and Hugs!