Thursday, February 27, 2020

Birthday and Whimsy...

Whimsy and Hugs!

Yesterday my cousin came for a little birthday celebration lunch! The time flew by so fast! I had made her a 50's Cooking/Recipe journal and a violet shawl to go with some other gifts I thought she might love!... She also brought me a cute leprechaun!

I wanted her to have one of Mama's big dolls, so this little miss is now relocated in a new home!

And I finished my version of this cute St. Patty's Pocket... Who knew fiddling with paper could be so fun?

February is slowing making her exit for Sunday's March entry..  Will we see a lion?... or a lamb?

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Whimsy and Hugs! Spring is motoring our way in 23 days! It is only 209 days until Autumn and 303 days until Christmas! lol
I am not really tired of winter and was kinda happy to see a fresh snow this morning. It has already melted!

I have several months of these cutie Precious Moments, so March and April are here with my solo chickie juice glass... I cannot find any more... and I have no recollection of where this came from or if I had a full set??? Weird.

I have always enjoyed St. Patrick's Day.

Mama made me a full set of these sweet bluebirds doing many busy homebody tasks...

The wearin' o' the green...

My little stack of paper whimsies I have been creating...

Such a yummy little tub of Spring-ness...

I made the birdhouse that has a small electric light. It was a gift for my Mama... She would love to see her doll out for Spring.


A favorite spot for a nap... I have to hurry to get the cover on before she jumps up on my lap. She is a fan of some movies and others just put her to sleep. I am the same.

A favorite brand of tea. Harney & Sons has a new line of tea in beautiful tins.

Whatever your weather... may you feel blessed and happy. Thanks for being my loyal friends!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Have a Sweet Valentine's Day!

Studio Snowdays! My dear friend brought me a mountain of paper and cardstock and stickers from a sale at Hobby Lobby... I have been  inspired these past few days.

I have soooo much good help!

Negative 5 degrees tonight! Brrrrr! I think the floor must be really cold because we have an automatic lapcat  if we sit down... 

Have a lovely day tomorrow. I am fixing steak and vegetables in the instant pot, cinnamon bread, green beans, and noodles...
Whimsy and Hugs!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Valentine Schmalentine

Well. Earlier today I had one of the most beautiful compliments ever from my son. He told me I was "the shining star" of positive thinking and cheerfulness, even though he thought there were major areas of my life that were really not good. He said that tentatively... as if I might not realize my limitations and/or life disappointments. About ten minutes later he refused to listen to even one paragraph of my recent blog because the earlier January "Sassy Aunt Thelma" blog post did him under and broke his tender heart! lol He hates to cry.

Valentine's Day is just a painful day for us both because of the romantic failures we so deeply block and deny in our respective lives. I have always liked the hearts and roses, the old lace and vivid opportunity to declare undying love. If I could fit into that wool, red plaid skirt and vest with the red silk blouse I wore on a really early date with my first husband, I would be so delirious! However, nothing fits from that 1972 date... Absolutely. I recall the outfit, my leather Mary Janes, the black tights, a 17" skirt... the restaurant, the shrimp I ordered, the fried chicken on his plate.... Simply beautiful. Probably there is a photo somewhere snapped by my dad, but I really don't need it.

Another year later I was treated to the "trifecta," --- dinner out, a stuffed bear I named Aloishus Prairie Bear, and red roses. I gave him the heart-shaped box of chocolates. Tonight I wish for ... actually? that box of chocolates might top my list! I had on a navy and cream dress with a four inch belt... and a bright red patent chain mini purse... I know no photo exists of that night, just as  really no trace of that marriage exists. We divorced in three years and shared no babies and only one conversation at a class reunion and one short sympathy text when his mother passed away... in over 40 years.

I have been witness to many married friends and coworkers who smiled and kind of shrugged at the deliveries of roses from spouses. To them, it was an "of course" kind of thing. Isn't it the odd artist's stroke of the brush that paints our lives either with... or without marriage, normalcy, consistency... or roses?

My mother never missed a beat to drive it home that I made the bad decisions of whom to marry and why to divorce... twice. My failure rocked her pride to her core, I believe. She loved me just the same, but she was angry that I messed it up. My mother and (I am pretty sure) I would rather be shot in a firing squad as the henchman of our own stories than be labeled a victim. Let it be clear I screwed my love life... either by my own failures and flaws or by choosing so poorly.

And... I really don't think my life is at all bad. Valentine's Day is only once a year, and I cherish mostly happy remnants of pink iced sugar cookies with red hots, countless joys, blessings unlimited, sweet carnations from a disappointed son who truly wished for the kind of love he saw unfurled at his feet by grandparents who met in high school and fell for each other in the most admirable love story ever written.

So... the mailman left the house today with a bag of about 40 homemade Valentines. My son scoffed at that news with a "You need a hobby, Mom!" laugh. I read him loud and clear. He usually loves my paper art... but not for "Hallmark Day."

In 6 days it will be February 15th... If you are one to get those annual roses, enjoy. If not... Valentine Schmalentine... have a cookie.

Whimsy and Hugs!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Be My Valentine?

Whimsy and Hugs! Just enjoying a cup of hot cocoa on this rather chilled night. "The sun rose brief and cheerless," as Whittier said in his "Snowbound" poem. I just made the executive decision to have a little late lie-in, as my English friends call it. My son was knee deep in computer coding and up against some deadline with his team... I have been guilty of watching, rather binge-watching Madam Secretary on Netflix all night long. I have envy for her clothes (not to mention the body to showcase them). Although this season has really had its share of those dressy skirts and dresses with a shiny nickel zipper showing... I remember that style well. At the time I knew my gramma would be so sad ... her sweet zippers were nearly invisible, hand whipped and in a secreted placate... And oh, the earrings she wears on the show are to die for... I looked up two pairs... There is a blog dedicated to fashion on that show!!!! Purty pricey...

I have been making Valentines to send... sure takes me back to grade school when we made boxes and counted every card to see if everyone gave us one... I sent a "passel" this year... a good way to take me on a myriad of journeys as I thought about times spent with so many dear ones.

I have been making journals and mailing them to friends. I lose track of all time when there happens to be scissors and glue nearby.

My cousin posted this treasure on Facebook this evening. It is a photo of a Valentine sent from my grandfather (check out his wonderful handwriting) to his lifelong sweetheart, my grandmother on Daddy's side. She was 17 years old on Valentine's Day in 1917... I have to smile at the thought of those two all those years ago. Grandad was a tall man, and he evidently set his mind on penmanship and probably scholarship.

My other grandfather went to the same one room school and was the same age. I understand it took a little time for those two to become friendly and accepting of my mom and dad and their relationship... You see, my Paw-paw (Mom's daddy) was not a scholar or evidently very well-behaved. In fact, he had scars on his back from whippings he got from that same teacher who smiled on Grandad. Indeed, my Grandad Miller cut the branches and prepared the whips for the teacher to use on Paw-paw (and the others who did not acclimate to school)... How interesting the threads that weave into the stories of our lives...

I found this adorable pot for soup on QVC, and I have given a few to my friends who love to cook. It looks like a big Valentine on my stove. Our latest soup was Chicken Taco soup... If I'm honest, the big bumps on this are a bit awkward to stir the pot... But... it's so dern cute!

I ran across this photo taken around 25 years ago of a dear friend and me... We were sure happy...

Love to all...