Monday, June 29, 2009

Can't Drive 55.... But I can Be it...

Acres of beautiful lilies!!! What a sight...
This was a working plantation with lots of buildings from it still standing...

To a farmer's daughter, this corn is as beautiful as a lily!! (almost!)

Hello, all... Guess what today is?!!! Yeah.. My mom's 85th and my 55th birthday! We celebrated two days this year because yesterday we had gifts and my son and a couple friends were here.. We tried barbecue number 2 of the season, but grrrr! After he loaded up the grill, we discovered we were out of propane. Again, the burgers and hot dogs came flying in with him in a very sad, raw condition. But this time we had a new grill pan, some delicious home made barbecue sauce, and we grilled indoors. I had made a taco dip, and we had scalloped potatoes, baked beans, buns, a huge layered lettuce salad, iced tea, chocolate cake and cool whip... deviled eggs.. quite the spread. I got a lot of cool gifts. One is the purse here. It was from Mom, and I just love it... I'll save the others for some other posts.
Today, though, Mom and I decided to take a detour after her treatment. We went to Armstrong, MO, to the Lilywood Farms lily plantation. BEAUTIFUL. These photos don't do it justice... acres of lilies in bloom. You can check out their website HERE. The owners are so sweet. You can walk around and look at their planting beds with new hybrids and little lilies, huge dahlia dinner plate lilies... We got a price list and will probably make a little order online. They have festivals around these two weekends every year. This is the height of their glory... Solomon in all of his glory was NOT arrayed as one of these... they toil not, neither do they spin... but they are simply fantastic.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Heat indexes...

Midsummer Magic..... This is one of my favorite prints for midsummer...
My own Midsummer Magic.... I love sunsets...
Friday night... What's on everyone's calendar for the weekend? I don't know for sure. This is a welcome weekend, one with all kinds of possibilities, one for gratitude, yet one for the spirit of wanderlust... Probably it's the heat. Yeah... Only for some blessed reason, I'm not feeling the heat yet here. I listen in amazement as everyone moans and groans about the heat index, but I haven't been out enough probably... I sit in the car in a parking lot for a couple of hours every morning, and so far, it's been fabulously cool to me... Who knows.
As I roam around Blogland, I see people on trips to Savannah, off to the New England coast, posting about parties, and barbecues, and families... I took my mother to a luncheon this week and listened as she tried to sway a friend of hers about blogs. My mother is a fan of them and has been from her first introduction a couple of years ago. She keeps up vicariously on all the events of the bloggers I follow, and often I'll prepare a slide show of something cool like Cielo's garden, Susan's Naps on the Porch's tablescapes, Tracy's cottage life updates, or Cindy's Romantic Home's beautiful blue. I'll read to her from Lisa's Cranberry Flats posts... and she loves blogs. This friend of hers was screeching about them: "Who wants to read about another's private life?" I kept quiet. (Ain't ya shocked and kinda proud?)... I thought to myself, "You know, I don't care whether you like blogs or not!"
That's a real step for me because all my life I have felt the urge to sway people to my court, to my way of thought... I'm rapidly involving myself in the live and let live philosophy of existence for the most part... I am entirely open to your right to have your opinion. I just prefer you share is AS your opinion and preference....and allow me the same luxury, privilege, right... whatever you call it. For example, that particular woman reads murder mysteries non stop... and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I will let her have her fun but just would appreciate her lack of condescension about my desires to nip into your pantries, sample your menus, see your tables, walk in your gardens, and exist alongside your journeys to exotic countrysides. I love hearing about your animals, your children, your successful handmade projects, your redecorating blues and yahoo's.... Keep the blogroll coming! I love comments and posts, and links and all of you... Have a good weekend--- (and don't forget your cameras!! ) Hugs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Please take a look!! Click the link below for the slide show tour of this old property...
Well, thunder and dark ominous clouds again today, with only 20 percent chance of isolated T-storms, I think we're getting some rain maybe later. Had a huge storm with limbs down last night. Today's 100-mile round trip for radiation was over, and we were back home by 10:30!!! 3 down and about 21 to go at the most.

The thing I want you to see today is this beauty of a bed and breakfast for sale in our town! It's only $125,000!!! The owner is selling four or more properties due to medical emergencies. If I ever wanted a bed and breakfast, this would be it... But I have other demands, no business with that many
steps, and.... no cash.... but still... 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We took a "Chance"..... Actually Chance's Garden in Centralia.... Lovely Rosey but Scorching Hot!!!!!!

Check this out!  The A.B. Chance company made Anchors for building.

The Chance Mansion
Their rose garden... Since it was mid-day, I think most of the roses were sleeping... Maybe it's too early in Missouri for full-out roses??? I've seen it more abloom...

But really pretty anyway...

Got my little lily fix, as well... I'm digging lilies this year.
The song of the birds.... or one bird, at least...
An inviting arch and path....
Through the gated entryway to an inside garden....
On a cooler day we might have taken these walks.. Today was 108 degrees heat index and over 100 degrees actually. Blissfully, I was not all that hot. Go figure!
This building used to be owned by the Historical Society in Centralia, MO. I attended Quilt and Salad Luncheons there as a little girl with my mother and grandmother. The A.B. Chance company made Anchors for building.. I think...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer Plus One

Join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for some wonderful Metamorphosis Monday posts....
This little side table isn't well appropriated and the colors don't match each other or the room. However, it looks much neater than it did a few hours ago... See?
I was getting ready for a Midsummer's Night candle-light movie, but after I re-arranged and had a little cup of hot cocoa... I fell to sleep in my chair. Here I am at a quarter to four... I think I'll catch a nap in a few minutes. Busy day of doctoring and driving ahead.

I bought this on a road trip with Lisa from Cranberry Flats and another dear friend a long time ago in a shop no longer in existence. I think it's supposed to be a Christmas piece, but I love having it lit at night beside my television. I even sprung for 300 tea lights online... Yep... With six at a time, that is gonna go fast!
This is the before shot while my son and I were moving stuff around... The pink legs on the table are cute to me because my gramma painted her kitchen cabinets and table/chairs pink. What spunk! However, storage is at a premium as I try to crowd my whole world into one room, so I am opting for a longer skirt and a storage basket/suitcase thing underneath... See?

Well... guess you don't see! Haha... The burgundy tablecloth goes to the ground, but my camera shot didn't!

Happy Summer. Stay cool if you are in our Zone of Extreme heat and heat index. Keep your fingers crossed for my ancient AC... It is a window unit off my bedroom. The rest of Mom's house is all on a central unit, but it doesn't extend to this room because it is an add-on, make-over garage thing. Have a good week.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ten Things I Learned From My Daddy

In honor of Father's Day, let me just list ten things I learned from my dad.. It will be hard to choose because I think more and more I am understanding what he taught me... and what I had yet to learn.


1. Genuinely like people. Give them the benefit of the doubt and get to know them, and you'll understand more about what's going on with their actions and words.

2. Enjoy your work. A tinkering job is by far the greatest pastime in the universe... or a huge, stay-up-all night job can be as fun as a seven-day cruise!

3. Love Mom. He sure did. (AND he spoiled her rotten).

4. Adore my son. (Which I already did, but I so appreciate that grandparent-grandson thing they had going on.) So... take his side even when you aren't sure you are on it already. Paw-paw sure did.

5. Collect something, even if it's small, odd, inexpensive... maybe especially IF it's small, odd, inexpensive. His insulator/telephone collection is amazing. I am working carefully on restaurantware creamers... slowly from Ebay... only if they speak to me, -------and only if the price is right.

6. Sit on the porch. Look at your world, and "be."

7. Never tire of generosity. I struggle with some of these ideas. I love to be generous, but usually I hit a person or two that just rubs me raw the wrong way. Daddy always pushed through the resentment and gave of himself anyway.

8. Do. it. yourself. Well, that's a toughie because while he could and did... I struggle, but I try... and with varying results. I have a streak of "I don't care. Oh, well... Sigh.. Leave it until it's dire... Maybe someone else will swoop in and do it...." So I learned this, but I don't practice it well---yet.

9. Sneak chocolate.... or cheese.... or a "sody-coke" every day at least once. It doesn't matter if you NEED to sneak, but it's fun to do it anyway.

and 10... He taught me how much a person can miss their loved ones, and how it hits us when we least expect it, but to keep on with the day, the hour, the moment.... and don't let missing them with all your heart ruin anything for you or for your family---- if you can help it.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy... (I would rather have made you some spaghetti... )

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Me vs. Them. Barn swallows are pretty sure they are going to win this battle and build a nest on our weather station monitor on the porch. I might let them if they didn't absolutely DIVE us every time we want to sit on the porch... I take the hose and remove their nests... and they will build it back in a day and just scold the absolute holy heck out of me...
This little flower takes sooooo much watering... I am struggling with my newly acquired gardening tasks. I am hoping to come to love it like all you wonderful bloggers do... So far, I'm not sure... I do love the flowers...
Sunday last.... we had a birthday party... Our refrigerator was a happy place for a few hours before the event!!!!
Happy Birthday, to a dear friend! We served Taco Haystacks... Arrange all your favorite taco ingredients in pretty bowls. Have chips or nachos aplenty. Blend and simmer this sauce for the top: 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 can tomato soup, and 1 can Ro-tel (any level of hotness your little tongue desires). This is also delicious with an 8 oz. pkg. of Philadelphia Cream cheese thrown in and melted, then layered over nachos.... YUM!!!!
Changeable... Yeah... this is that kind of day. We awaken to clear sky, warmth, sunshine... and we head out on our drive, our Saturday drive. Weather clouds roll in.. and festoon the western skies with a rainy forecast drear... but then it's gone... for a brief of oasis... Now darker gray/blue thunderheads begin to advance from the western horizon.. I will have to wait and see. Lucky me. I adore clouds, and dark blue skies... and weather. I smile when it thunders and laugh when the cold winds blow strong and whip the trees. I don't like severe weather for anyone----no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no blizzards that maim or hurt... but a night of lightning or snow.... bending the trees and silhouetting the branches-----that's God's best handiwork....

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been TAGGED!! Tagged by Lisa at Cranberry Flats to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy. Actually an impossible mission because everything is actually important... huh? haha.. Okay, here goes.. Thank you, Lisa! You're a doll baby!

1. LOUD, stupid loud rock and roll music when I'm alone in the car, windows rolled down, AC on... drinking a Diet Coke at night with a full moon... There is that six? haha..

2. Talking on the phone to my Sweetie@@@---- or a kiss on the forehead

3. A really cool reality series like Hell's Kitchen, Next Food Network Star, etc.

4. New china and tablescapes

5. Unexpected notes, flowers, chocolate! haha...

and 6. Time spent with my son

Six tags go to:

Megan at The Pollard Family

Allie at A Little bit Shabby but always Chic

Becky at Hospitality Lane

Cindy at My Romantic Home

Cielo at House in the Roses

and YOU!!! Grab this tag if you like. Leave me a comment if you decide to play. And if you guys don't want to be tagged, just consider yourselves thanked instead for hosting such beautiful blogs... Hugs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A beautiful place

Would you like to attend a scrumptious party? You are invited!
Lots of new friends await!
Maybe you'd like to rest in this oasis of pink....
Pretty ladies in a row...
Welcome... Come on in!!!
Perhaps you love lavendar as I do....
Or my absolute favorite... blue and white....
We attended Doll Club today in an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous home. Come take a look with me at her pretty dolls and fantastic bedrooms... I love to visit this woman. She is as sweet as sugar, a wonderful hostess, and a fabulous pie baker!!! And so pretty, too... Gosh! That just doesn't seem fair, does it? And she's married to a wonderful guy... Her outdoors is simply breathtaking. Take a look at these flowers there that I shot last year. For some reason I didn't take pictures outside today. I meant to as we left, but the car was roasting hot, and I just got busy with the AC and Mom and all that... Enjoy!
* Hey, check out more scrumptious tablescapes at Susan's Naps on the Porch blog. It's Tablescape Thursday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Night Munching....

The gorgeous hanging geraium (minus about a third---- check out the APB on Benjamin Bunny below)
Guess I'm not the only one on our farm that has a little midnight snack, huh? A wonderful friend brought Mother a gorgeous hanging ivy geranium last night at about 7:00. It stormed all night, and Mom and I were up rambling about most of the night, taking turns looking at the lightning or getting a drink.... We heard a crash on the porch about 4:00, which we now think was a hanging basket tearing out the small hook. WE were so luck because the basket fell straight down and narrowly missed the edge of the porch, which would have flipped it and broken it to bits....
But our luck didn't all turn out fantastic. When I looked out about 9 o'clock, I saw this....
I saw the little bunny sitting really close to the step, and I admit it, I called him a butt-hole... He wiggled his little nose at me and plainly told me, "I'm not a butt-hole. I'm a bunny-wabbit." Okay... he's got me there... But wow, do rabbits love geraniums or what? How can we keep them out of the patch, Mr. McGregor? Help!!!!
p.s. Just a little shout out to Lisa at Cranberry Flats. Yep... I know your little guy didn't hop nine miles down here... but you better watch yer geraniums if you know what's good for 'em. (I wouldn't have killed him either, though!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Each generation chooseth her own pampering...

Ahhh... So today my mom needed a ride to the hairdresser for a perm. I don't do perms. My hair isn't what I want it to be, but my hair is awful permed... so I don't. However, today seemed the day to go have a pedicure (with a chair that gave a WONDERFUL massage)
A manicure... this time with my own nails, thank you very much. I was a poor candidate for solar nails, even though I loved them when I had them before. I just don't take care of them in time, and they ridge at the back.

I chose "melted in the sun" as my color.... kind of a nudey, pinky, coral WITH SPARKLES. I know perhaps people over 40 shouldn't wear sparkles, but I love glitter. Not too long ago I put on my sparkly skin smoother and headed out to an outdoor concert. A woman about my age who has NEVER been accused of sparkling after 40 reached out to me at the park. She duked my head over like she would have her own sons and positively "hollered".... "Oh my gosh. you have got somethin' SMEARED (accent on the word smeared) all over your neck that has glitter in it." I stammered apologetically that it was my makeup... "Huh?" she looked at me as if I had two heads.... She is happily married, a wonderful woman, and quite happy... and she therefore had proof that I'm nutty... Yep. "melted in the sun."