Monday, November 28, 2022

What a welcome gift!

Goodness!  We looked out our front window to see my dear friend with such a treat! 

She brought me a fluffy warm blanket, delicious turkey soup, this gorgeous kettle, towels, wax melts! The soup was still hot! 

I'm so grateful for all my wonderful loved ones! 

This has been a busy month.  I made many journals to sell... and a couple for gifts... And for the first time ever I have already bought and delivered all my Christmas gifts.  I still want to get my son some fun things and mail a few gift certificates in my Christmas cards. I had planned to get them ready,  but it just didn't happen.  I didn't know how I'd feel after D-day Wednesday... But I am going to say I'll feel great!  Sure! Might as well think that,  huh? Everyone loves to have gums scraped! 

I think I'm done with the house with decorating... I didn't do very much at all. 

Just relying on a few pretty areas and the true spirit of Christmas. 

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I made the usual sides and baked a tiny ham. We enjoyed the day and several meals of leftovers! 

Today should be the day my crew comes to take care of some trash, get rid of my old couch and love seat, and do a few chores! I can't wait for the extra room. My furniture was mostly bought on Swapshop, and it has seen better days.... twice! We aren't replacing it right now,  but I'm so sick of it! Nobody comes to sit on it anyway! 

See you soon! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Not a hunter... ever...

I really try to stay non-anything and pro-positivity... I do. But if you live in Missouri in November, even if you never leave the house, you are touched by the most anticipated season of them all.... one might guess Thanksgiving or even early Christmas? No.

It's Deer Hunting Season. Yeah,  the one where people flock to the woods at dawn to drool over their dominion over Mother Nature...  Ugh... early spoiler alert. If you're a hunter or love hunters,  you might just wait for all my other posts... this one is not for you... Or actually, it is... but you don't like what I'm about to say. I don't like it either. 

I have hated hunting since I was old enough to hate anything.  Never allowed to actually hate hunters since my upbringing had taught me not to hate people... so I don't.  I actually love several hunters I know.... but I do hate hunting.  

I woke up to this post on mighty Facebook. 

I really like this kid. He is the kindest neighbor and even blades our driveway as a gift to us when it snows.  He's a peach... And it is totally his right to do as he pleases... he no doubt will eat the venison, and he is no worse than anyone who walks the earth.  

But that is his side of the cornfield... on my side... while he waited the three years for that deer to mature, I watched the majestic animal through my studio windows, out my living room door.. He was a gentle shadow in the misty dawn... My son watched him graze last night on his final day on earth...  He often stood staring across that very field as if... (yep. I'm hugging a tree here.)

I might have always wondered where my deer went.  I might have secretly known it wasn't good.  But to see this... my heart has been broken by real loss this week.. one of my dearest friends lost her fight with cancer... There are so many true tragedies... (and yes, true blessings. I know)...  but this is what drove me to a personal meltdown... this little Bambi incident.... My son had to tell me in no uncertain terms to get a grip! 

But... Mighty Hunters, pounding your chests like you've accomplished something?  Uh... you had a high powered gun and a sight, and a camera .....and a field filled with corn.  And don't tell me it's good for the deer population and they would starve off if we didn't keep the census low... I happen to have been here when the Dept. Of Conservation "bussed" in deer years ago... that's why we have so many.   Lol... if my facts are wrong, don't bother to school me...  my mind is made up. Don't confuse me with facts. 

Farewell, Beautiful.... 

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

...And she's over!

Cards for Halloween
Hello, lovelies! 
Can you believe it? Beautiful October has come and gone!  She was especially lovely here in Missouri... but I imagine the same is true where you are...
I guess the Halloween needs to come down and make way for the turkeys! Or perchance some winter and Christmas? I'm trying to be busy all through November and get a lot ready for Christmas because I have a date with a dental surgeon the 30th of November to remove all my teeth... all... I'm to go without any until the new year... 
And this is to be ready if or when I need a heart valve replaced.  I'm just a wealth of great plans here at Meadow Lane,  huh? No wonder I can never sleep!
I've had a lot of fun this month with writing and planners, porch visits, special little gifts... 
And of course,  Callie. 
Neither my son nor I  have felt really stellar, so I just didn't post.  However,  November is calling!  Have a good one! 
Did you have trick or treaters? We had zero... I really missed them.  But now... there are five ... ahem! four little sacks of treat begging for someone to love them! 
I almost made it through this post without commenting on the cost of  maxillofacial surgery! Holy cats! Something like a car... 
Have a fun November. October will be back next year!