Thursday, January 30, 2014

Look for a new post on Saturday, February 1st... "My shabby little French bath."

Well, this might be a bit too French! I can only do so much here in the Heartland. OuĂ­?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taking a break. . .

Pardon me if I take a small break from blogging.  I'm going on a short journey..  And never leaving the house I share with my mother...  I will be back soon with many bright stories, inspirations, and dreams.  I seem to be lost along the fast trains moving through life at too rapid speeds.

 I'm meeting myself at the station in the woods, discussing the opportunities that lie in the moonlight, and listening to the voice of my own spirit...

  Be safe.

These images, except for one, are from Pinterest and Facebook Shares.  If they belong to you, please claim them and ask me to take them down. I think they are precious!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Who gives a hoot?!

Ugh...  Even this inveterate queen of Winter has had just about plenty...  I'm not showing you the piles of thick, ice-encrusted snow swooping on my car, the walks, the pastures...  Retirement lends itself to becoming a recluse.  I don't mind cabin much to do, so many ideas, dreams....----  naps also!  But I could use a day out, and Mom tells me she is ready to explode!  I helped her wash and set her hair...  Let's just say it was easier to sit in a class with twenty junior high kids....  Did you know that God put three perfectly good handles on a person's head to grab onto in order to turn that head smack around...  The nose and both ears are each perfect to switch that head around...  However, for some reason, evidently that's a no-no for cosmetologists!  Mom wasn't a fan!  Who knew?

My reward to me for basically "doing" Christmas for this family was a box of yarn from Yarn Supply...   I'm making a Cath Kidston inspired blanket...  I'm using inspiration from Hopscotch Lane blog HERE...  My sweet gramma taught me to crochet, and one quick browse through Pinterest was enough to ignite that old love...  I've done three of 42 blocks.  Living the bright colors on this dull, grey day.  It's thundering and raining on all that icy snow...  We need a melt... Or we are gonna have a mess!

I leave you with a mission!  I'm looking for this little hoot owl egg-frying gizmo.  I think it would be a...  Well, HOOT!  My son would love it...  He is all grown up, but we mommies never stop trying, do we?  Have fun with whatever you find to fight the "nothing" inherent in this gummy weather.  Let me know if you see it for sale.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Stressful Weather....

I know I was not cut out to have been any kind of adventurer or adventurer's mom or girlfriend, wife...  Friend!  Nada.   I'm lying here .... warm...almost .....  in my room with its two purring space heaters...  Wicked winds...  The actual temperature is headed to Minus 14°.... Wind chills expected to be minus 35°.  We had snow that is blowing around in blinding swirls...  I have a motto that I don't complain or rant or whine about weather...  But....  I am sorry.  Tonight I'm not behaving sanely.

My son brought in his husky dog!  The dog hopped up on a futon in the basement and said in perfect English, "To heck with the Iditarod!"      Lol....  I'm losing it....    I'm just plain stressed.  I get that way with extreme weather any more, although my friends will agree I love the rains, a warmer snowy day...  Clouds...  Overcast.   But the forecasters are right.  This is very dangerous.  I want every single person and creature to get where it's warm and stay there.  I know my son thinks he has to go to work tomorrow early...

I talked my mom into no furnace for my wing of the house...  I love it cold...  I have heaters and a down alternative blanket made in a magical factory, created of fluffy warmth and billowy toasty....but tonight is a failure...  For the room without furnace...Oo ooh....   I am going to "sleep" upstairs in the recliner in a while...  The room is just too cold.  It's 49° in here....  1° outside..... and we have fifteen more degrees to descend.  I actually think I am MORE STRESSED THAN MY MOM!!  How is that even possible?

So...  Cheerful, warm post coming up...  I love it!  Would you like to visit me tonight in my little habitat in the center of the icy-cold forest?  It's bright and cozy inside...the kettle bubbles with a delicious stew...  And we will talk ourselves through the night.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Random Chills....

Cozy in...  We can feel the wind blasting the side of our house...  And temperatures will dip way, way, way below zero° in the next few days.  And in the midst of all this and the swirling snow I finally believe it's winter in Missouri.  I have ideas and plans, but so far no ambition or work to back up that creativity....

Goodbye for ten months to all our angels, Santas, nativities....  I wish I had it all packed and stashed as so many of you do, but we like to wait until the sixth of January for that.  (Could be an excuse!). But the days will come when Christmas and New Year is only a good, warm memory...  And it's on to bright pinks, red, and roses for Valentine's a Day!

Have a gentle, warm, safe weekend.  Please leave your unnecessary journeys on the ice until later and spend safe hours inside.  Even though I love, love, love Wintry days and dark, long nights, I respect the powers that lie inside the drifting chills.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beth Moore

Beth has written a sweet note on her blog.  See my side bar.  And if you have been wishing to try some of her books, she has recently lowered the price to zero and 99¢ on several titles.  You will need to use an electronic reader----Nook. Kindle. Etc.  You can download the free kindle reading app for use on anything.

What a blessing for the new year!