Thursday, March 28, 2019

A Peek at my Hobby

Whimsy and Hugs!

I really love papercrafts! I made this cute photo album for my "niece" last week as she celebrated a milestone birthday. I bought this gorgeous two-sided paper (12 x 12) and the matching ephemera from Amazon, and I created a basic album from old greeting cards. 

I have a new system of rolling carts that moves wherever I feel like creating. It is usually the kitchen table. 

I had a lot of family photos that I was able to find on Facebook and also took pictures of recipes in the handwriting of most of her family. This one is my Gramma's quick cake... in her sweet pointy handwriting. 

This was the cover... She loves to fish, a passion inherited from her great-grandmother, a beautiful woman we called Ma. 

My talent and skill  still definitely lie in the "needs improvement" stage. However, I am going to improve if practice makes perfect. 

Happy birthday!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

March Madness!

This month has wings! I've been amazed at how fast the weeks are going. All my friends are "high fiving" and "doing the BUMP" because it is Spring.  They keep shouting, "Finally!" as if this year had more than the usual number of Winter days. I would secretly like to post a big pumpkin with the words.... "Only 186 days until Autumn!!! ---- now, see how silly you sounded?"  But I can't do that. My gramma adored Spring, and so do I.... in its season. 

Since we moved the TV above the fireplace, we enjoy it more, but decorating prime real estate was sacrificed. Nothing looks too pretty up there, partly due to the cords, partly maybe the stark black and red... but mainly everything has to be low. Oh, well... as with other holidays, I haven't found the Easter box of decorations yet.

Callie waits for my son every day. Daylight Savings Time only confused her one day... (She's got me beat.)

Made Asian food for St.Patrick's Day-- General Zso oven chicken, vegetable fried rice, and sauteed green beans. I cook a lot of Irish food all the time, so it sounded fun..

Today I pushed the season myself and did Cheater BLT's without the L... or actually the B.... and with grocery store T's.... But Duke Mayo.... da bomb!

I did some of this napping this week, too.... but she is way, way cuter.

Have fun...

Whimsy and Hugs!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Spring Back! Kwitcherbellyaching!

See how silly that adage is? We could very easily fall on our faces and spring back.... It is the same as finding definitions from context on a Missouri standardized test. (and likely any state)  It helps a ton to already know the definition....  My favorite example from a MO Language Arts Test.

Father XXXXXXed wildly in the street when his lawn mower caught fire.
             A.  screamed   
             B. waved his arms
             C. ran
             D. called for help

Yeah... Now the x's stand in for the word, which was "gesticulated" and since we know the word or at least gestures, we can mark B. But.... the skill tested there isn't definition by root or knowledge. It was context... Oh, well... Let it go!

The past few years I have complained about Daylight Savings Time, so I won't do that this year. I am honestly sick of hearing so many complaints about winter. But then isn't it complaining to say that? I would estimate I am kinda cranky today.

Today was pretty, with its wind and mud and lady bugs! I need some kind of motivation toward positive motion... I have become either a recluse or a homebody. Sigh... So shoot me.  I enjoy hanging out here, and I adore company... Not a fan of going out.

I have my XXXXXs.
          A. excuses
          B.  faults
          C. reasons
          D. All of the above

Yep. You guessed it.

I'm sprinkling a few photos of Easters gone by, and they have motivated me to drag out the totes and throw up some rabbits.  bring forth the Spring treasures and create a light-hearted ambiance... I've decorated already for St. Patrick's day, and I will show ya my Irish charm in a future post.    .... can Spring be far behind?

Happy March. 10th! Wow!

Whimsy and Hugs!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


What waits for us in windows marked with dawn?
First slant of light invites us with its show.
Today there's snow that layers safe our lawn.
But next we'll see new grass begin to grow.

And some with blankets warm cling to the cold,
While friends reach forth strong arms to beg for sun.
Are we content too long and then grow old?
Or will tomorrow tease us as we run?

So snagged in memory, shrug away the gifts.
Too chilled by loss to laugh and hug the day.
Or ever marching, working future shifts,
We miss the prize and lose our chance to play.

And so with questions sunlight touches field...
Shall Spring rush in if Winter does not yield?

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spring Cleaning...

While I am not one to push any season....[except Autumn], I am going with the traditional Spring Cleaning, at least in the six rooms we "live in" of this 9 room house.

Oh, I remember with devotion the Spring and Fall cleaning sessions. I now know why Mom and Gramma were so insistent. Spring is for eliminating the dust and soot from Gramma's coal furnace and Mom's fireplace. We used to make this lovely ritual a two-household affair. All 3 of us tackled it with the proper tools, and we could knock both places out in a week or 10 days.

I looked forward to the food [shocker]. Gramma always had a pot of her vegetable soup and some light rolls. Mom's go-to for Spring cleaning was always potato soup and brownies. The brownies were for my dad who would come home from work and... go to work on the heavy chores here.

Fall cleaning got rid of the dust fogged in through opened windows and breezy hot weather.

While current furnaces and air conditioners help this some, I see such a difference in a room after a few hours of "tlc." I have a few goals for this year that have not happened in a while:

Wash the chandelier/prisms
Have all windows washed inside and out. I can do the inside, but that outside is getting pretty "loud."
and Decorations for holidays

It feels funny to say Spring Cleaning when it isn't Spring and, in fact, it's 2 degrees! So tomorrow if it's cold, I think I'm going to crochet, cross-stitch, bake lemon bars, have some more chili, and start watching the series Victoria. 

Okay....  So I lied in my title. However, I can check off this week's list I did muster... living room, floor to ceiling----- minus lighting and windows----, the kitchen cabinets and hutches... never-ending laundry .....and my specialty, uh... Chili taster... lol

Have a good week.