Saturday, January 28, 2017


Well, dear friends, this is the post I didn't want to have to write. My dear Mama passed away this morning at the hospital. My son and I are so very sad, lost, and heart broken. He told me tonight that he and I had taken a completely different approach to this past year and two months of gifted, borrowed time with her since her stroke. He said he had told himself she couldn't live, and I had told myself constantly I thought just maybe we might get a miracle. Well, it turns out we both were right, and as he said.... neither way prepared us for the hurt we are feeling in our hearts.

I will be talking to you again soon. Thank you for all your lovely thoughts and prayers through these years. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ice and Moonlight

Good morning! Thought I might pop in today as we may be getting an ice storm beginning any time this weekend through Sunday. The weather has been nearly balmy, and fogs enshroud the old wolf moon's full splendor. You may think I just re-post these moon shots from time to time. but I assure you I sit enthralled each month and capture a new one through the window above my bed! I'm kind of in love with this one!

I have a good start on packing Christmas away. My epiphany goal, unmet yet to be all settled back to pre-holiday glow. This year I bought a delicious buttercream Christmas tree, and she wants to help Mama celebrate some more. I know. It is rather a new low for to blame mom for not wanting to undecorate! I packed away all the baubles but I am allowing a baby pink hearts and birds theme to frost the corner for that February holiday.

I need to get a bit done as a backup to possible loss of power. I hope that doesn't happen but with Missouri weather we just don't know. Enjoy the weekend.

Whimsy and Hugs!