Monday, February 15, 2021

"February makes me shiver...." (American Pie)

Good morning! I sit here, pre-dawn in the comfort-cloud of an old quilt... Even though our house is basically warm and cozy,  the furnace has questions about this weather. Our high temperatures have hovered sub-zero for days, Frankly I am tired of the promises I have made to my soul not to bad-mouth the weather--- ever. I ask Alexa often, "How many days until Spring?' 33, I think was her latest answer. I tell everyone I will be ready for Spring mid-March... however. when I finished my latest junk journal called "Winter Sunshine," I realized its theme would not be welcomed by any of my friends. 

I do love the sounds of the trees in winter when they offer no leafy barrier to icy blasts... I love to look out at gray or white mists with skies and earth all blurred into smoky baby blues... I love to see the squirrels jump from one drift to the next, bobbing and disappearing. I hope they don't mind... they never seem too daunted really... 

Last night I packed away the Valentine decor. My son and I treated the day almost like a little Christmas with chili summering and several presents for each other. I gave him keto treats, but he slipped me a medium bag of Hershey's Valentine mix... which has just about done me under... lol Sugar--- after months of none? My dad had a coworker who often proclaimed, Not no, but He** no!" My body is screaming the same this morning! 

I finished a seed stitch green ombre scarf, that rainbow granny afghan, and several journals. I made 35 Valentines for family and friends. And I believe I have done 65,000 loads of laundry since we last chatted. I might be wrong about that laundry, but I have done a ton! I have been sitting on an order from Aldi Instacart because I hate to bring the drivers out on the prairie with the temperatures at -6 degrees! I keep trying to tell myself they want to work, and it isn't the Siberian desolate tundra... 

We are having a new kind of coffee called "Hissy Fit Fudge" this morning. It is delicious. My son is a good sport right now. Earlier he went through his... "Only Folgers" phase. lol... bleak times indeed. I have packed away the cardinal mugs and welcomed my extra-generous and lovely Pioneer woman cups for a few weeks. 

It has been ten days since my last big battle with Vertigo. I blamed sorting boxes on the floor, but newer research says dry sinuses and dehydration can cause it. So out in full force came our little fox humidifier... He is a fogger! Well, Bingo! Fingers crossed. Vertigo is so unwelcome, right? 

My cat lives either on my lap or tucked high up where heat has risen to her comfort level... These old wooden floors are chilly on her little "beans. "

Have a cozy week. 

Whimsy and Hugs!