Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Got a minute? Well, July is nearly half gone! I'm not sure where the slow down button is any more.  What kinds of things filled up your holiday for the 4th? Once again, it wasn't really very impressive here.  We had a good day, of course.  Fried chicken, salad, and all the red, white, and blue. But it didn't compare with the "days of old." 

I've been motoring through the myriad of boxes and totes.  Oh, my goodness! I know the world is so sick of hearing that.  I have a new plan.. My friend who comes about once a month to haul things... he brings up 10 to 15 boxes (hampers, totes, etc) and fills the little landing from the lower room.  From there,  I have set it upon my heart to deal with every little thing.  I find a place for it... or list it or.... it's gone to donations ...or it find itself in "stuff Heaven"... 
I've listed on local Swapshops and Etsy and Ebay... Rather successfully at times. My goal is to "take the hill." That is... to reclaim that room as part of the land of living. 
I have listed the little short story I wrote for my son. It's about his grandfather as a little boy...  I thought it was appropriate to list it Monday because that would have been my dad's 98th birthday.  
[Not mine... but maybe next year] 

I am a vanity press published author.... what a name!  Via Snapfish...  My Etsy Shop is rather challenging... with the mailing and calculating.... but it's fun.  Sometimes I am amazed at how wise my parents were and what good advice they gave me (whether I followed it or not is another tale, but we all know the answer!) But sometimes I'd like to smack my mother with a shoe!!! Each time I slide in a tote, I'm filled with wonder about what mystery contents I'll greet inside ... but I open it to find it filled to the rim with dolls and doll clothes... and eerie human hair doll wigs, and more! Lol... oh, just a little soft smack with a houseslipper type shoe.. 
[My grandmother doing handwork by the Lake of the Ozarks]
No more holidays until Fall! Labor Day is also right around my son's birthday, and I'm already geared up for Autumn by then.  I have to start some big dental work in August... ugh! 

Whisper to the Summer nights... Enjoy!