Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nails, boards, curtains, soap suds, dishes, patriotism.... 'n chicken

Have you ever heard of the word discombobulated? It must be a word because spell checker didn't boot it out and try to make it something else! We had frost! This week! Who knew?

We have nothing and everything going on here. I got my new dishes, my "mail order bride," and I am still in love! The mugs are huge and perfect! I haven't done a dinner yet with them, but I so will.

Got new curtains for the kitchen. The others were great but these GO WITH THE DISHES!! Had help hanging them but they were too long. I was going to hem them, but... I just moved up the rod! Go, me!

Did the dining room table IN THIS RED, WHITE BLUE... for summer... A while. I get bored with one thing so this won't make it all summer! My sweet gramma stitched this quilt in 1976 for my mom. Love it.

Working on a ramp outside so Mom and I can get OUT OF THIS HOUSE... I'm hoping I can maneuver a wheel chair. I'm kinda wimpy... Don't look wimpy, but... Looks can be deceiving!


Doing laundry. Ugh. Mountains of laundry... No picture. Y'all know what laundry looks like!


Need to run. Making balsamic chicken for my son tonight.. It's a Paleo hit around here. I'd better get busy. Oops... I hope these chickens cannot read!



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Just a Few Thoughts

It has nearly been two years for me since I was a teacher, my 37-year choice of career. I am incredibly grateful the situations led me to retirement and allowed me the freedom to step up to the calling of caregiving. Because of my mother's fall and decline in health, I think I would have had to quit at Thanksgiving this year if I hadn't already. My world is full of preparations, thoughts, and projects. However, I have lately been dreaming of the classroom. Sometimes in my dream I am aware I am leaving the profession, and I am crying in the actual dream. That door is shut. For age, health, and many good reasons, I'm done with teaching. I have zero desire to write lessons or other related choices. No substituting for me. I loved having my classroom and my students... Nothing more and definitely nothing less...


But just for fun I thought I'd make a list of what I miss and what I don't.... It's just for fun... I'd like to dream of something new, something fun, something positive... Maybe setting it all out will "put it to bed."

What I Miss!

Hitting the road in the early sun, feeling as if I'm a part of the big picture.

Crossing paths with nearly 100 other humans every day... Laughing, interacting, listening in on life as it unfolds.

Constantly adjusting, presenting, evaluating how to share and teach the miracle of writing, literature, or creativity.

Looking forward to weekends and holidays...spilling forth from the school with compadres also exhilarated with newfound freedom.

Looking for... And finding.... the "good" in everyone.

Back row on the far right... I'm still that same girl until I look in a mirror.

The happy positivity of youth...nailing my spirit to the world of hope.

Somewhere to wear my sweaters, my jewelry, my stuff...

Being a vital part of plans for Prom, dates, new cars, and other teen things.



What I Don't Miss!

Looking in the eyes of some student who swears the computer "ate" his homework.

The feeling there is no time in the day to do what I need to do.

Needing more freedom and time to care for Mom.

There is no time for going in to the kitchen for a mid morning cup of coffee...

Never having two days in a row to decorate and prepare for holidays.

Listening to a student insist they just "happened" to have a "word for word" version of an essay off the internet. "Oh, no! I didn't copy/paste."

State Department nonsense that tried to dominate the time spent on actual teaching.

The stress and importance put on state testing.


I remind myself of a draft horse who balks a little at the door or gate of each new pasture or stall... As much as I love, love, love new things, fresh experiences, open horizons..., I do a lot of clinging to the past. I want to reduce analyzing and increase living each day.



Friday, April 24, 2015

Well, Where have I Been?

Been to Funky Town... Haha!

So... Had on both the heater AND the air conditioner on the same day here. Chilly.hot.rainy.windy... I have a seat on the mezzanine level with a big window to the world.

I confess a few days of the grumpyitis has descended. I can only tell you I'm glad I don't have to live with me. I've taken to saying just the exact opposite of what I really think so Mom will say the opposite and then we will actually agree. .??

My only goal right now is... Oh, shoot! I don't have any goals, actually. That requires soooo much effort. Way too much, in fact.

Have a lovely last weekend in April! You know you are in trouble when you waste a wish on an unconfronted nap....

It's currently chilly, grey... Signs of the Grumpasaurus Maximus and the genus of that species are lurking. Time to fish or cut bait. What does that mean?

Do you guys think Johhny Depp is deep? Ha ha... Not that it matters. I just wanted to say that...



Saturday, April 18, 2015


I lie here dying for ice water. If Mom called me for ice water, I'd spring up in a flash and voila! Tinkling sparkly agua. If my son called me for ice water, I'd pack up a thermos, emptying all my trays and drive up to his home here at three fifteen a.m. I thirst, and I blog about it, rather than walking (or rolling) into the kitchen. What is up with that? Indeed something to ponder.... Over of course, a magnificent goblet of ice water... With a juicy wedge of lemon..... Self care. Coming to my senses... Wait for it...

(Ugh... This table. That's probably why I avoided the kitchen.)

Now... A little visual magic... Time for sleep... With my "now 'n later" glasses of water.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So. .ummm..I've been bad. . Truly. . I was browsing through Facebook and there was a picture of this woman's table.  Her dishes starting screaming at me. Literally they ignored the fact that I'm currently in dire need of down sizing. ..in spite of the fact my mother has threatened, begged, cajoled, and menaced me to never ever buy another Set of dishes... some people....  lol

I read they are called Scarlet Posie by Pfaltzgraff. What would it hurt to just look them up on the Web site?  Oh. They are inspired by a snippet of fabric?  In love with snippets myself, I thought.  Oh  free shipping, it said.  These are on sale Plus... an extra 20% of for Tax Day...TAX DAY!!!! $! $! $ I got a little refund, sez I..  of course you did, did you? Sez Mr. Pfaltzgraff..what are your intentions with my little posie? ??  Honorable, sir, sez I.

So. .. I fell in love.  I asked Scarlet Posie to marry me.  SHE SAID YES. . She's moving in. ..in 3 to 7 days. .coming by UPS...  My grandmothers would both approve..  Goodbye, Tax refund. Mom will understand... or love me any way.   

Monday, April 13, 2015


Looked outside today and saw the Redbud in bloom,  the crocus, even the bleeding heart.. we've had some strong storms and colder.nights, but spring has finally arrived.

Primavera has arrived on the land, but some years it takes a bit longer to make it to the heart. I am still in Wintry-mix mode, to be accurate. I stuffed away the Easter decorations today... I'm good until the pumpkins come out in late August.... but we'll see about some Patriotism in July ...

I watched a storm hit my window by my day bed until 4 a.m.  Groggy day.  Something was off... I'm thinking  me...

You know that old saying that today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday ??? Well, today is also supposed to be the yesterday you will treasure tomorrow.  So what, you are thinking.  I dunno... seemed purifying and profound earlier but. ... maybe it's the groggy talking.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Basic Whimsy 101

What does a person require in this world but something to do, somewhere to live, and someone to love? In that department, then... I'm rich beyond measure. Everywhere I look lie tasks, projects, chores, work..work...work... Not really my work, but something to do, nonetheless.

I have a place to live. My day bed in the dining room window gives me full access to my moon in the mornings. I can watch swift rains swoop over the prairie, ropy waves of spring storms, flickering lightning. It's fine.
And oh, how I love the family, friends, blog sisters, and dear ones in my life. I guess I'm set!
And yet...
Old restless gypsy spring invades my spirit. I see myself riding in a painted wagon, bracelets chiming, wind in my hair, ponies with ribbons streaming from their manes. I think I'd want spices and luscious oils in my cart. Can you imagine the air in spring combined with secret essences mined from nature's treasures? I'd want a cat, but a dog might like the journey better and be more content... Ahhhhhhh...... Pooh... I'll just brew a hot cuppa and settle in for my favorite hour on TV... Hallmark's a Good Witch is only 76 minutes away...



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lavendar And Lightning

The old bunny has hopped in, celebrated, and now skipped away. Now what to use as my muse for decorating...  ? Actually just a good spring cleaning is in order.

Had a lovely visit with a dear friend today. Don't you love the kind of friendships that happen  when you don't see each other for a while, yet you start right up as if you'd never  been apart?

Huge storms in the area.  The barometer and I had a falling out this weekend, and I felt the weather approaching in my bones, my head, my whole body.  

I diffused some wonderful Young Living lavendar last night while the storms broke. Today I'm a new woman.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Through the Years

There are certain holidays that have such an aura surrounding them, and for me, one of those for sure is Easter. Not just Sunday, but the whole week, Holy week... Easter weekend. Good Friday. I have always had some kind of awe about that particular time of year, and it can't really be associated with the temperature or the weather because we have all kinds of weather for this holiday. As you know, Easter actually moves from week to week according to the full moon and the way the Vernal Equinox arrives. I hear people say Easter is a favorite holiday, and I can never really grasp that affirmation. Honestly, I love the family times, the holy significance, the advent of spring... but it isn't a favorite holiday. Too much confusion of memory, I guess. I'm just plain restless in the spring. I anticipate it along with the rest of you, but I don't ache for it like I do beautiful, celebratory Autumn. I don't smile inside for spring or summer like I do beautiful, graceful Winter. I love all seasons, but I have a pure soft heart for Fall and Winter. Spring is the farthest from those dear times.

I love Easter for children. Some of my happiest moments were celebrating Easter Sunday as a child in my great aunt's home in Quincy, Illinois. She made such a delicious lunch, and we sat at her beautiful dining table set with such loving care--- always pink Desert Rose Franciscan china. I usually use that china, as well. My grandmother also had that china, and I inherited it. I loved Aunt Thelma, my Uncle Mac, and my family time there. She had a wonderful staircase with carpet. I loved sliding down that staircase... and I soundly recall rubbing the lace right off my pretty little Easter panties one year. My mom wasn't as happy as she could have been... haha.. I was probably about four.

My dad loved Easter. He elaborately decorated the house, often adorned the lawn, and always created a masterful egg hunt for everyone as long as he lived. All over the house, little eggs peeked from behind pictures, woven in the fireplace mantel, tucked in a lampshade. By the time I was fifty years old, I had an advantage (which I used, thank you very much). My son was 23. We raced about the house hunting those eggs even that last year Daddy was with us. Then my dad proudly produced a paper stating what each egg was worth in money. Mom had a quarter jar, an old Alka-Seltzer glass tube, and we always got paid for the eggs by color. Magnificent. 

Watching my little boy find his Easter basket, always set right inside the kitchen door... magical. Mom tells us her Easter basket had only one candy egg in it and REAL grass.  Not ours.  Fancy, full of gifts and fun. I have baskets for Mom and my son this year. We are having one or two guests, as well, and I have gifts for them, too. I remember the year the Easter Bunny played my toy piano, and the next morning I found pink paw prints on the music. They later disappeared, and to this day, my mom says she had nothing to do with any of it. Do you suppose?

I have spent many Easter Sundays in church, at Sunrise Services, at Easter Sunday School breakfasts, both as a member of the congregation and as various jobs within the church, including Sunday School teacher, pastor's wife, cooker of the breakfast, choir, pianist...  Because of the trip to Quincy, I often missed church as a child, and I do not attend now and haven't for many years. I often thought the term Good Friday was filled with irony. It's a desolate, misunderstood, cruel part of Christian history, yet the outcome was one ordained and celebrated as our Salvation. This hasn't ever been a religious blog, and I don't intend for it to become one. I'm aware of the rationale behind the name. I'm just rambling with a few stray thoughts about Easter.

As you and yours enjoy the weekend in whatever way you deem appropriate and necessary, I truly hope you feel an outpouring of peace and love. This world isn't very conducive to that any more. Was it more so when I was young, or was I simply oblivious to the pain and harsh nonsense and cruel actions going on today? I try to put my face toward the light, whether it be the moon, the sunshine, or the love of my dear family, friends, and dear ones@. I guess I try to ignore the worst the world has to offer and focus on the good, the true, the beautiful. Wisdom to know what I can help and what I cannot. That would be good to have. 

I have rumbled down the Bunny Path quite a bit. I'm excited to have family to cook for, a home to enjoy, rain on our metal roof tonight, and God's grace to not give up on me. What a patient God!

I'll probably pop back in before Sunday, but in case I don't, HAPPY EASTER!! Don't drink hot cocoa from a hollow chocolate egg. It doesn't work. Yep, tried it a long time ago.

Whimsy and Hugs!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Morning rain. . .

Images from Google and Amazon.

Well, sitting here with my cuppa... Cinnamon coffee and a slice of apple.

Made Mom two mini doughnuts from Schwan. For heavens sake, if you like doughnuts, get those. I'm not a fan of doughnuts, but these are good.

It's raining... Beautiful, comforting gray mornings make me happy. Go figure!
I'm still reading the two sequels to Chocolat. Recently finished three great organizing books. I noticed Amazon has books that review books! Think I'll read in the rain... And maybe snooze a few.