Wednesday, May 17, 2023

My Porch Post

Well... at last I'm ready to post these pictures of the front porch.  Nope... I haven't completely decorated and fixed it up but... it's time to see something.
I had a really great workman for this job. He washed the siding, painted the trim and eaves, gave my ceiling a new look and purpose, painted my ramp at the door...and built the porch rails for the steps.  
Yes, that's my dear little"haint blue" ceiling I've always wanted.  Mom and I used to wish for it when we'd sit outside, but we both thought the ceiling was vinyl... I asked him if he could paint vinyl, and he reached up to be sure... now maybe he could have, but my ceiling wasn't vinyl after all.  This is the superstitious color of choice from the Olde South to keep the spirits away... They are purported to be skittish of the blue, thinking it to be water... plus I just like blue! 
That's my dear friend sitting with me on the porch!  
And my other friend visiting that evening took these pictures! 
And here I am... dreaming away... (in my dreams...)
My current project between just nit- picky little crochety bouts with this 'n that... my craft room/ Studio... I mean... I sit out here or lie in bed and make up my mind to pare down, eliminate, get real about what I want to work with... but then when I'm in there, everything looks like a possibility! I dunno..  it's just not a huge important concern in the great scheme of life, huh? 
This was a tornado not to far from here... and the hail in our nearest town. 
And a shot of my porch in progress.
Have a great May! 
A cluttered little corner in my living room!