Thursday, January 25, 2024

chipping out and dripping fog!

Finally a little bit of mud and slush. After an icy, Arctic 3 weeks we're having the kind of fogs you see in a whaling movie.  And the precipatation shivers, hovering between rain and snow and wintry mix. That's your weather girl signing out. 
I spent all day Tuesday moving furniture.  It's Callie approved because she can lie on the back of the couch and see down the road. 
I've always loved to move furniture. Once my little boy told my mom that his mommy had lost the living room and ruined the dining room!  So true! 
I tried online shopping/pickup from Wal-Mart this week!  My neighbor insisted she would get it for me. Wowza! That was slick! So fun to get a few non-Aldi items.... such as pimento cheese!
I don't really have any news since most people have been unable to get down my road. Snowbound!  My cousin's hubby brought her Saturday, which was great. And my friend came but had such bad luck the tow truck got stuck and bent her tie rod! I just felt so terrible.  Tonight I did have friends who came with Taco Bell! So good to have company.  
Oops! Was that weather drivel and drizzle again? Hope you are all warming up.  

Saturday, January 20, 2024

the Star

When I was about 12 or 13 years old,  that awkward phase for some,  I was indeed a very "uncomfortable in my skin" child. I lacked that evasive sense of self.  I might say I never found it completely except during these past shut-in years with Gerred.  
However, at 12, I certainly acquired a sense of obnoxious bossiness and a drive to smooth the way for perfection if indeed it could be found anywhere in mid Missouri.  
So that Christmas my mom was in charge of a Sunday School play for the Program. I don't know if she found it or wrote it? But I recall my dad building a beautiful, huge, wooden star.  He was quite the carpenter and very good with electrifying every possible item. This star had brilliant blue c7 lights in every point. The teens in my country church were to read a short monologue about the persons involved with the nativity.  Following that speech each young person slowly turned a light in the darkened church,  and finally, Voila! A blue star appeared in the sky!  
I was privy to the chatter at home, and somehow it drilled in my head my dad was worried that some kid would forget to light the bulb, and the star would lose its effect. 
So... here I come, ever ready to be the hero yet  sadly lacking in the pizzazz that really needs to accompany heroism... I sat near the star and whispered an inaudible (ha!] Super-irritating reminder to each speaker.  - light your star...-
And they did.  Except one 12 year old girl who read her part quite loudly so her grandfather(who was nearly deaf) could hear her.  She only had thoughts of him and his smile when he heard her read about the shepherds that cold, holy night.  Feeling so happy with her performance, she sat down and saw our star... one little point all dark... 
Oh, you guys know me too well... my grandfather couldn't hear well.  My star was dark although I had bossed every other child.  I saw my dad grin and shrug; my mother at the piano shook her head in obvious disappointment. And some older girl, probably my cousin Sharon, reached over and unceremoniously twisted my blue light into glory.  Baby Jesus was saved, but not by me. 
I have said all this to tell you that I spent one solid week before our Arctic storm and sub-zero weather railing about my friend who won't get a furnace. I called friends and I argued with her and I simply had a fit. She heats with space heaters, and she has refused to do things any differently for years!  But... guess whose water lines froze and broke on Monday?  Yep... that same bossy girl who did not light her star! 
When it rains, it pours in Missouri... All fixed now.  

Monday, January 15, 2024

Winter's Mix

Just a bit of this and that.  2024, which cannot be as awful as 2023, seems he@# bent on starting with the wrath and icy rage I often feel.  

In short,  I'm in the Midwest, so we're having a time of it.  I'm not sure it's actually worse or as bad as other regions.  Tornadoes and buckets of snow?  Not good.  Many of you know I've never felt we should complain about the weather... I've always thought that God created it...However, I'm just so plain tired from grief and no sleep that you may hear some complaining. 
My power was out 29 hours but so far that happened during weather in the 20s and 30s... not the 27 below zero wind chills of tonight and the next two weeks.  I'd bought two  little Mr. BUDDY propane heaters. There was warmth from them and a magical fleece blanket given to me for Christmas by two dear friends (and blog readers,  too!) But it was cold and dark. Two nights.    Long ones! 
I have two neighbors who have just appeared and risen to the call of helping me.  They're a lovely young couple, and they've just been wonderful.
 So I survived. Although that's not always my first wish. 
I can't say enough about my friends and my cousins.  Everyone has been kind and wonderful.  But to be honest, I usually cry 20 or more hours a day.  My voice has gone and I can't imagine ever feeling any different.  I hope I am still kind. . But sometimes I'm not sure 
I'm really sorry to be negative in my blog.  I know my son wouldn't want the attention. I do have the Bible to read and honor.  But as I've said a few times,  it's my blog and I can write what I feel I must.  
The additional sadness that has invaded our community of friends is just that which is common to people as they age, I guess.  But one of my best friends also lost her son right before Christmas. And two other friends are being led down the path of dementia.  That's a sad and ugly disease.  Since I'm the only person I know with not one single child, sibling, spouse, grandchild, or niece/ nephew... it just wrenches me... all the optimism I've fought to embrace for 70 years (with lots of success through some really rough patches)  seems totally pointless.  I've never lived alone, and I hate it. I know I would feel like complaining if I were being hanged with a new rope.  
So dear blog friends,  please know I don't intend to make this ranting and raving a habit. 
No doubt I'll be back soon with the funny story about almost getting trapped in my landing by the quilt ladder, with a recipe for something other than the ones I've made recently that perhaps doesn't feed the 5,000 and have to be thrown away or frozen before I get so sick of it I could light it on fire in the middle of the kitchen floor... 
Apologies for this blog. I am just so sad. 

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Nothing to blog about much

Nobody I know is traveling but I made this. 
Now I'm doing a French Country one. 

Glad to see this little Eastern bluebird with my Ring camera. I hope it finds a warm spot for the upcoming winter storm and arctic blast. 
I am here. It's just awful. Working on a journal every now and then.  Watching FBI... and YouTube. Trying to read the Bible in 90 days!  I've made it to Numbers. That's a lot of cubits... 
My friend is a caterer... this is her last party! Beautiful! 
Stay cozy. Speaking of beautiful! Lol