Thursday, March 18, 2021

Two days until Spring

Some evidence of Spring has begun to enter the warmer corners of home. I was smitten with this blush pink tree, and I just could not get it out of my mind. So... good old Amazon delivered it to my door. I know. I have done nothing but complain about my "too much stuff" for years. I just decided some new stuff might be just what I needed to create an oasis of joy... otherwise known as retail therapy or impulse buying... But I do really love this, even though pink is usually not my go-to color!

Of course, on Pinterest these eggs and green pepper slices looked exactly like shamrocks with flowers inside! But... it was my main attempt for the day, and it made a tasty brunch. I bought some Irish items from Aldi's --- Irish Vintage cheese (whew! sharp white cheddar) and mild Irish cheese (better but I will stick with regular), Irish butters, bangers (weird fully cooked white hot dog/ brat things that cried out for color and more flavor, in my opinion), and an Irish cream cheesecake (that we hate to try due to its carb count!) --- 

Some weeks are better than others, and this has been rather oppressive. I try to refrain from complaint, but I do despise Daylight Savings Time. I have heard that babies spend a good month learning to somehow cope with the change. I guess that makes me a big baby, huh? Shocker! 

We are still staying in quarantine and have not taken the COVID vaccine. We plan to wait a while. My son has some health concerns that do not fit well with some reports of potential, possible long-term issues from the vaccine. We will probably get it, but until some studies are released that I can believe, we are ok with staying home. 

Whimsy and Hugs!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Guest Post

Whimsy and Hugs!

My Saturday morning was met with the good news/bad news that my son had encountered a 3-4 foot blacksnake in the hall slithering under the closet door. There really wasn't any good news. No. I really over reacted with all kinds of crying, vowing to move, threatening to light the thing on fire, blaming it all on the fact my son learned German during the pandemic...???????   --- your basic irrationality covering me with its shame. My son took to Facebook with his version, so I thought I would let him tell this one.

Facebook Posts by my son this weekend

Hulk smash lol

Scarce few days ago it was suggested that we begin cleaning out the hall closet. Many households have a junk drawer... we have a closet.. over the years this closet has been home to many a toy or winter coat or box of decorations. Upon stepping out of my bedroom this morning, however, I find that it is now the temporary home to a lovely little snake. The adventure begins. Mom has been a huge help! So far she's managed to knock out all of the requisite overreacting and all of it in the first thirty minutes. Armed with some gloves and a trusty headlamp, I head to the closet, and the adventure continues! Channeling Burt Gummer to help me, I hunt the smallest graboid ever amongst countless layers of familial history.

Whew... status report: something something lethal dose is the same as a lifetime supply lol.. there's a lot of stuff in that junk drawer --- er... closet. Good to get a little sweating on lol.. rescued a long not looked through magic collection and so far about ten purses and other random memories. Darn near forgot about the snake! The hunt continues.

One 55 gal trash bag of what's-its, four huge totes of childhood relics, and an unknown number of tins later--- the snake continues to evade me. Taunting with the tip of its tail just out of reach... You win today, Mr. micro graboid, but your time will come.

Status report: three totes of unknown forgotten treasure now reside in one tote and two trash bags. The serpent survives in an undisclosed location. Allergies are furious with me as I'm pretty sure this counts as chemical warfare of some sort. It's hard to believe we put this adventure off for this long and equally hard to admit it would likely still have been procrastinated had the mighty beast not made its presence known... suppose it's not the first time a serpent has influenced the actions of mankind.


The end...


It is only Wednesday, but this week has not gone very well either. Mama said there'd be days like this!

Friday, March 5, 2021

March Winds...

Greetings! I hope you are all having a good late winter! I think everyone's thoughts have turned toward Spring! I will definitely be ready for Spring by the 20th! I am packing away the buffalo plaids and cardinals, the evergreen branches and the last of chilly-frosty decor!!!! And out creeps the softer Spring things! And guess what? I just lost my ever-loving common sense and ordered a blush pink Christmas tree! Me! ??? Not usually a pink girl, but this one whispered my name, I suppose. 

We were called to get the vaccine yesterday, but just couldn't get it together, My son didn't feel great, and that is a no-no, and my car had not been started since January 24, 2020!!!! So it needed tires repaired and a new battery --- and unfortunately mice have chewed the wires on both my car and my son's good truck (the one that I can get into)... So it was a double tow-truck, dollar $ign kind of day. 

Today, however, was a start-your-project kind of day. I started laundry, bathroom cleaning, steak fajitas, getting out the Easter decor, getting out the Summer clothes, cleaning the cat litter, and I dunno what all today. Only the cat litter got finished, and my son did that... 

My Sweetie sent me this photo of the depot in our little town a long time ago... Isn't it fabulous? I would love to have a little gift shop that looks exactly like this. Do you think it was green? I will have to ask someone who knows her local history. 

I have been stitching again... I have the charts for all 12 months, and in the past 3 years I have done 4... Need to get my needle warmed up, I'd say.

Of all the things I did not do, I finally fiddled with this table  setting. 

And I made this for my cousin's February birthday. It will have to take the place of coffees in person a while longer.

Look who got caught high and dry today as the sun came up. Callie has no problems with her plans for the day. She tells me where I keep her Sheba cat treat, and then she migrates from one sunny window in the East...  to the South... and finally to her perch on the love seat in the West. Have a great weekend. 

If  When I finish a project, I will let you see! 

Whimsy and Hugs!