Tuesday, June 28, 2022

A Tale with no point!

I really didn't like living in California. When I was a new bride many moons ago,  we were married in early May.  My husband and I moved to California right after my year's teaching ended.

We drove there in my 1972 blue Impala with no air conditioner. He was in the Navy, and I found little to do all day in Sleepy Hollow Apartments in the heart of Chula Vista. I had a few friends to take me to the beach or sit with at the pool, but I was really out of my comfort zone with life styles,  morals, and customs. A Midwestern Country Mouse with culture shock meets the late 70's Beach vibes... you can only imagine! 
I cleaned up a stack of letters from that two months of my life.  My mother had saved THESE EPISTLES, all written in cheerful, boring, nonsense. I couldn't believe what a horrible letter writer I was... no chatter about California or my neighbors.  Mostly a count of the number of walks to Big Bear Supermarket and a recap of things I'd eaten that weren't on the Cheryl Tiegs diet.. I was rather ashamed I'd wasted so many stamps!

I guess my point (Hallelujah! She has a point! ) is that surface living is a sham comparable to a double life.  I pitched all those letters except one.  They all sounded the same anyway.  I didn't tell my parents how unhappy and incompatible I was with my new man... I never told them that.  We were married 16 years, but even though there was love, there was no chance we could survive together.  I think he's happy now,  and so am I--- finally. 

I also ran across this scruffy little clothespin doll I made there.  I made 16 of them for favors that Mom gave out at her Doll Club in 1979. I guess I can blame my California dreaming on Raggedy Ann here... I recall that I painted... and glued ...and cooked... and cleaned.  Then I'd look at the clock and discover it was barely 9 o'clock! I can say I had t-t-t-ooo much time on my hands... lol. 

I don't think I had an accurate slice of life so I won't say anything more that's negative about another state... I'm just a homebody. That's pretty obvious to all my friends who quite frankly are probably getting sick of my life style and isolation.  You know the movie,  The Perfect Storm? That's the way the aging, the arthritis, and the Pandemic have converged in my life.  Add in a son who is frankly miserable with health issues... oh, boo hoo..lol.. I guess I did NOT have a point after all! 
I was so sad today to hear about the Amtrack that derailed in a little country town between here and  Kansas City... Passengers were brought to small hospitals including the ones near me. Some rode in school busses; others were life flighted... They had to crawl out of the windows because the train was on its side.  I'm pretty sure most of the travelers from Los Angeles headed to Chicago on Amtrack with the idea they were safer than if they flew... we just never know.  
I was bombarded today with misplaced stuff... it's a mess and frankly a big slap on the tush to look for things that aren't where they are supposed to be!  Then...I had a disconnect argument where I found myself in trouble with my doctor because my pharmacist didn't know my strategies and plans.  My hot water heater quit and I didn't know it until I'd soaked my locks and slapped shampoo on my head in the kitchen sink... brrr! That was one cold, miserable rinse! My son told me I needed a nap.  [That's code for being grumpy and cranky.]
I'll be 68 Wednesday.  Three score and eight... good grief! In the words of Hill Street Blues' Sergeant Phil Esterhaus, "Let's be careful out there. "


Sunday, June 26, 2022

Front Porch Coffee

Whew! I traveled to Florida in July long ago, and I'll always recall that moment I walked out of the airport into a wall of humid,  torching weather.  My seasoned Florida host had tried to warn me. "It's really hot out there. " well,  "hot" didn't cut it! It ranked second to Yuma, Arizona... a surprising 111 degrees at midnight. 

Well... my front porch is still rather blessed in the early morning.  
So I had a couple lovely parties out there. My cousin brought down a pretty collection of festive baubles. 
We had coffee and mini donuts and a good long visit! 
Another dear friend brought a weighted tree to withstand the Prairie Gales... 
Sooo... today is windy and COOL! 

Behold! my Emma Bridgewater mug from England... as a child, I always longed for things with my name on it! And it is rare... this was specially made... long live the Queen!

Here's a favorite shot of my dad (white shirt) and some of his insulator collection...  Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 18, 2022


Honestly, I haven't missed reporting one single thing. I often have thought of you as I read your blogs and see how busy you are.  I am busy, but it has all been discussed, blogged about, and embellished before...  Have you been enjoying this summer?  I know so many of you have been waiting for this season. Enjoy! It has been so pretty here. My trees and perennials were gorgeous. I didn't plant anything new because I just don't think I can get it watered enough for the Missouri Heat. That's a copout because we do what we want, don't we? I know my mother always negotiated two milk cartons (the gallon ones) with a walker out the door and down a step to water. 

I've been busy with the usual suspects: journal-making, card making, and destashing. I am happy to say I was able to go through 14 tote boxes this month and find homes (here, there, or you know where) or new uses for everything. I listed a few things on a local SwapShop, and .... you all know how it goes. One man's treasure is another man's trash... lol...  See what I did there?

Several of my friends have made their way here for a Porch Visit. I am able to spin out on my new ramp, and that has made it so much easier. I flipped my cushions on the wicker furniture, much to the distress of a swarm of paper hornets. I guess they were able to get even with me.  I sure didn't know they stung while flying! My knuckles were stung, and I made it my mission to kill them... I used the Rosemary cleaning spray I'd taken out...  They finally had enough misting and fell to my mercy. I showed them NONE...  

I didn't do much to honor the Queen's Jubilee...  I did purchase my first Emma Bridgewater china..  I will show you next post. The whole experience was just fun. They were in constant contact about the order, and that made me feel as if they appreciated their customers. 

I did take the car to town for a checkup, echocardiogram, and doctor visit. I'm good to go until December. I have some other things I need to do, or I'd say I'm set to stay home until then. I'm okay with never leaving this place... I've mentioned that before, and it's still quite true. Now this morning, my cat Callie woke me up a bit too early, and I would have liked to take a trip into town for breakfast burritos...  but I decided I could make those just as easy. 

Have a lovely rest of the month. I am sure you have lots of fun activities planned.