Friday, June 14, 2024


I am easily influenced to purchase. I think  I buy into the life I see portrayed way too easily... as if buying a sour dough warmer might give me mad bread-making skills AND a returned family to bake for...
However, this purchase was extravagant, but awesome! I think you all know I do everything from a rolling office chair... I've done that for at least 10 years (lots of office chairs and nylon wheels!) I recently decided to get this bag, a giant, rolling Hulken bag.
It was expensive. I thought about it a couple of weeks. However, wow! Laundry, china, GROCERIES, just everything now rolls with me instead of being dragged and pushed and dropped and spilled and slid... the big one I bought is $115, I think. The medium is $105. For people who live and work in and out of their various rooms of the house, it's really awesome. I love to watch the different uses, such as camping, toys, shopping and travel, but mine are primal,  basic. (Taking pop to the kitchen. Cat chow and cat litter! Did I mention Laundry?!  Holiday decorations.  Scrapbook paper from one desk to another. A stack of books to put away. Magazines for the "pickup" guy...) The colors are so cool, and the wheels are absolutely crazy-wheel- amazing also...Three  straps (two for toting and a longer one for pulling) and a zip top lid... Here she is with six bags of groceries and 2x 12 packs of pop. The delivery girl loaded her on the porch. She rolled in on one finger!
Callie is still sizing her up. 
I rarely think i can recommend anything to anyone, but i do think she's perfect for most!
Rose gold... I think I'll call her Rose-Marie... she may need a friend.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Warm Weather Musings

I hope your Spring has been grand! As we begin to say good-bye to our 17-year cicadas, we are ready for Summer solstice in a few days. Without my approval, life keeps ticking on. 
I have added some cute, small appliances to my kitchen, all in that mod little aqua color so popular right now. 

Our Zoom Bible Study group of 5 is embarking on some home missions this month.  We're calling our group "Take Heart, Daughter." First project is packing and providing bags for some women's shelters.. I'm also creating a Facebook page to educate readers about charities and ministries that are supported by donations.. it's hard for me to see the difference and demarcactions between those and really good- purposed, commercial organizations... it's a work just barely in progress. 
I had my barn repaired and painted by the same man who remodeled. He's just wonderful!
Had a brunch for my cousin's family to celebrate their 57th anniversary! I think I've  shared this Breakfast Pizza, but I'll do it again.  
So good !

2 cans crescent rolls
6 eggs
1 c. half and half
1 c. milk
1 t. Salt
1 t. Pepper
Half pound crumbled fried bacon
2 or 3 c. Shredded cheddar cheese
Preheat ovenTo 350ยบ
Inroll and Press out crescent dough as flat as possible in a large cookie sheet pan with deep sides. You need enough room for all that filling. Bake about 10 minutes until it starts to brown barely 
In mixer combine eggs, milks, salt and pepper and whip until slightly foamy while crust is par-baking.
Remove crust from oven. Sprinkle most of bacon over crust. Cover with cheese but reserve about a cup of cheese for top. Slowly pour or spoon custard mixture over the whole pizza and give it time to soak into the corners and dough. It may be hard to get it all in, but usually it fits.
Finally, top with last of sprinkled cheese and reserved bacon. Bake at 350 for 26 to 30 minutes until pizza is puffy and lightly browned and custard is set. 

(Feel free to add or exchange other toppings and cheeses and spices, such as cooked, crumbled sauaage, minced  onions, salsa, etc. Plain with bacon is just my favorite.)
You know, I really have been struggling because it feels like I've been body-dumped and left for dead... Not much about myself resembles the person I was for 69 years and 5 months. And... I'm not a good friend or admirer of this new chick who inhabits my body. Lol... In fact, most days I don't speak to her! And when i do, it's with such contempt! But Girls, she is just so clunky and out of it! Lol... 
If you have any suggestions, fire away! My plan today is to bake something and then cook something to have for the weekend. I need suggestions! Do you get tired of your own menus?

Friday, May 24, 2024

Home of the Brave

After several busy weeks with entertaining, I decided to go ahead with some patriotic decor for Memorial Day and the month of June.
It seems as if the seasons are passing without a real change in the weather.  That's probably due to these thunderstorms and the fact I 
don't spend time outside! 
Hope you're having a good summer where you are. 
I have invited a lot of friends and family in for get togethers. 
You'd never believe how long I looked for this china! I had packed it away in a tote! I really hope to organize better... but  what else is new?
Here's a Summer favorite.

Crack Chicken Braid

1 roll crescent dough
1 to 2 cups shredded
Cooked chicken. (Can use rotisserie or canned)
1 box softened cream cheese (I used the whipped tub)
Half pound crumbled bacon (I used real bacon bits)
Half package dry ranch seasoning
Regular ranch dressing  and/or mayo to consistency you desire
4 green onions (sliced thin)
1 to 2 c. Shredded cheddar

Prep: roll out dough on lightly greased cookie tin. With scissors cut 20 Fringe slits along both long sides. 
Mix all remaining ingredients into a moist chicken salad. Place salad along center of dough. Criss cross fringes over salad and bake at 350 until dough is light brown. (About 25 minutes)
Slice and serve. 
If you haven't tried the ready to heat Aldi quiches, hurry!  They're  delicious! My Aldi's has Lorraine or Broccoli. 
I love my favorite quiche recipe,  but this is soooo easy!
 Hope you do something special for Memorial Day. 

Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Long, Procrastinated Reveal

Hello, Dear Friends, 

 Nope. I have not fallen off the edge of the abyss, but it feels like forever since I sat down to blog. I have been waiting to finish my surprise reveal, but today I noted that it might be a very long time before this thing is finished, so I'm going for it. As it is, this post looks to be one of the longest things I've ever written, so feel free to break it up with some snacks, or hot coffee, or TV binge-watching! I'm totally sure you will! I'll start with the before pictures. They are sad and sorry... To be honest, they are embarrassing... but the after looks better and better when juxtaposed with these dreary shots. And we're after the wow! factor, aren't we? I just had an emotional breakdown with the whole Southern end of this house. First, I don't like living alone. At all. I'm not afraid. I just miss someone to listen for... I have to face it. I'm pretty much on my own for the rest of my life. 

 However, that end of the house that belonged to my childhood, to my mother, and then to my son... It was just too much for this old girl. I couldn't even force myself to roll through the hallway to go to my beloved craft room/studio to make things. The bathroom was despicable. Absolutely horrid. There were pink and grey plastic tiles, and it just had these wretched floors... Everything in it was so bad, and my son and I had long talks about our dreams and plans for a better solution. Ok. Enough chatter. Time for photos!Also, the bedroom was dark, very depressing, and just plain off limits to me. I just hated everything about it.

My magic-working painter/carpenter listened to my vision, which was really the inspiration from earlier plans my son had told me. We started with an inspiration of color/style in this photo,

Inspiration Photo from Pinterest

He tore out two walls but left the support columns so we could rest easy that nothing would fall on our heads. And he began to morph the dreadful hallway into a new territory of the heart.

Every single day, Miss Callie was locked in the laundry room (with comfy cushions, food, litter, water, treats and toys, of course)... and every night she mosied into the new area and began vocally cataloging all the changes she noted. It was just the funniest few minutes while she chatted with her ancestors about all the changes. The night the walls came down and the hallway was gone, she made odd little chirping sounds for ten minutes...  The transformation was overcoming her with something primal or maybe pure confusion. I kid you not.

So....  little by little, the room has slowly filled with furniture I pirated from a lower level I can't really access any more. I just decided to enjoy all the furniture and create something down there in the future. One of my grandmother's favorite sayings was, "Every tub sits on its own bottom." I think that applies when a person is robbing Peter to save Paul and commandeering furniture and wall pictures for a new room. There is a delicious empty quality to the room, but I am probably not the empty, bare type...  I certainly have been the slow type because all this started in late January/early February. I have had help from friends, my cousins, my sweet neighbors, and a new woman and her family I have been hiring to help me clean up this mess! We also have moved up other furniture and hung pictures all over the house...  

The final picture:

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE... It was our theme song when he was little. My son always queried... "Mama? Aren't skies blue, not gray?"  They were then, but they are pretty gray now, dear. My sunshine was certainly taken away.

These floors are quite ruined and distressed in a primitive way, but I opted to keep them and seal them for now. My father salvaged this flooring from a school building in Moberly in 1956.  To this statement, my dear Mother would retort: "You think they don't look it?" Oh, Mama...

My wonderful neighbor is hanging my Pioneer Woman curtains. I think Ree Drummond had this room in mind! 

My daddy made this sweet corner cabinet in the 50's. It fits absolutely perfectly in this corner.

My grandmother's picture on the left of the Narnia cupboard; my grandfather's saucy young man portrait on the right. Gramma also made the lovely flower garden quilt for me while I was in my twenties. It has never been in the light of day too much... saving it for something?! 

This was the picture used for the painting above. My dear friend commissioned it from an artist who is a friend and former student. I think she really captured Gerred's spunk. 

Here you can see the column I left for support. Doorways lead to the kitchen on the right and the living room on the left. It sort of feels as if the house had always wanted this...  I hope that's true. 

My $2 chairs from the thrift shop! Not too shabby for the price.

A former student painted this for me when he graduated. I love the way all the doors come together here...  Choose your own adventure (hint: I wouldn't choose the closet on the right. It is full of Halloween decorations... to the rim.)

I hope you have had a good Spring. Thanks for looking with me at my changed environment. I'm planning a few parties and get-togethers. We opened on Easter with a family lunch and  really had a fun party here last night for my cousin's daughter...  I've had some dear friends here and look forward to more.

Whimsy and Hugs!