Monday, May 16, 2022

May Blossomed

It has definitely  arrived! Summer! I think Missouri just skipped over Spring. We have suddenly hit flip flop and swimming weather (for those inclined). 97°... locusts blooming and irises... 

As soon as possible (maybe this week) a carpenter is coming to fix a more accessible front door and to install new countertops in the kitchen. I am going for butcherblock... and I've ordered navy chalk paint with dark wax for the lower cabinets. These cabinets are vintage 1956 from Sears and Roebuck catalog! (And they look it!) I'm doing the painting, which is the main reason not to do the upper ones... 
Well, just checking in... work is coming along for the final wedding journal.. They've been super fun to do. And these were not my usual style. 
Then I made some tags that were more frilly... 
Have a good week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner

Busy weekend... We binge watched the series finale of Ozark... [no spoilers from me...] I decided to rearrange the living room just a little bit. And I finally yielded to inevitability and dragged out my walker to help me transfer from my office chair to bed or my office chair has no back and I installed rubber wheels that roll pretty fair for six weeks. Then my son puts on more... this last stupid set has go-go lights that flash as I roll absolutely everywhere.... like those teenager running shoes... I will not make that choice again. 
Sitting here wrapped in my blanket... I've become an early riser!  In fact, I just had a little cold, thin piece of Parmesan chicken with mustard... I always think of the health pin we tried to earn....Was it Kennedy's 9 point plan? We had to report what we ate for breakfast. I truthfully babbled we'd had apple pie. The teacher was pretty up tight about how wrong we were. I insisted my mother had to henceforth make oatmeal, juice from scratch, bacon, etc...and I dunno what... That blessed teacher never asked us again... lol...
I was commissioned to do some journals for our Zoom Bible Study... We are finishing a 30 lesson study on Matthew... 
I have some wedding journals to make this week... and some cards...
I had sent a book to a friend who moved to Texas. I mailed it on Valentine's Day, and she just got it last week? Wow! I'd say it got stuck under a shelf or something! I started a movie about that, SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED, but it was turning sad... so I bailed out on it... 
Finally... take a look at my spades hand! My son and I play almost every day... I had to bid big on this... wouldn't you?

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Top 10 ...How Is This POSSIBLE? questions

Inquiring mind... this is kinda self-indulgent, but it's possible you share some of these or have your own "I wonder why's..."
1.)  How can the stores be this empty and boring? I mean, what does it take to get cat food. And a pot pie?
[Whatever it takes... you get that cat food!]

2.) How is it possible to have soooo many movies and TV series and channels to watch and still not have very good choices anyway? We are rewatching favorites because a lot of the new stuff seems not our cup of tea. I did enjoy Superstore, Yellowstone,  and Resident Alien on Peacock. We're watching Criminal Minds (super hard on my psyche but my son likes JJ) again....and The West Wing

3.) How is it they sell frozen pancakes and bottled water... ? My grandmother had to go to a well for water or break ice in the winter! And she had a fit when I bought pancake mix one time! Oh me!

4.)  How can I be so content to stay home after all those years of working? I have not driven my car since last April... Am I now a recluse? Could be. Could be arthritis, too... and Covid... following a year of intense care giving... and 10 years of medium care giving... 

5.) How can my teeth need so much love and attention? I have been a life-long toothbrusher! Is it true that baby boomers had too many antibiotics as children, and it turned them the consistency of wood?

6.) How is it possibly May 1st, 2022, is on Sunday? Did we not just have our first Christmas in quarantine 2020 last month?

7.) How can an entire nation and maybe the world be so interested in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial? And wow! How can one man have such beautiful suits? And I wonder if they are loving the attention or wishing for privacy..

8.) How can every generation have a nonsense song that seems to be designed to crawl in the brain and poke the recall button?.... "Oop boop bittum bottom waddum choo." Or "Fa la la la la... la la... la... la!" Or "Gitchy Gitchy ya ya hoooh uah.." or "Um diddle liddle li um diddle ligh." To just about any song you listen to right now... you're welcome!

9.)  How can a good woman of Irish descent be allergic to Irish potatoes? I think, to my horror, I am... I get blisters in my mouth and a sore throat when I have them... sad news indeed... lol I just googled, "can I get a sore throat from potatoes? " That mean old Google said yes! So I thought, maybe Google will say anything is possible! So.....I  googled, "Does chocolate make you skinny?" 
.... dumb Google. Lol Turns out, no.. and now I see Godiva and Hershey ads.

10.) How... in the name of everything holy is it possible I will be 68 years old in June? In my wildest dreams I was never a 67-year-OLD woman! Of course, I'm not stupid. I certainly didn't want the alternative, but Wow! Just Wow!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Time Stamp

My days and nights are skewed....I've always been a night owl, but now I do get up early and make coffee and be civil (huge effort)... lol. My son usually finishes his night's sleep on the couch or in his recliner that he can no longer recline in... it hurts his calves! Mine does, too. In this house we have zero comfy chairs or beds. My bed is a lumpy, broken pit of a  travesty to all beds everywhere, and his is hard as a rock! Our couch is a swap shop built with steel frame in 1983.. To say they don't make them like that anymore is an understatement!

Anyway... I decided I was exhausted and kind of miserable, so I went to bed at 7. The sun was still shining! I slept like a bear! Now since midnight? (It's 2:30) not so much sleepy... 

My son bought me this tea infuser. The inside doesn't tilt, but the bottom does... wicked cool... 
Callie decided to nap on top of my son who decided to nap at lunch... she was kind of militant about it, and it shows!..... grump!

So tell me about your sleep schedules... mine needs a revamp! We're having 27° temps right now... Today the wind was fierce.  Storms and rain heading in for the later week. I am chill with all that. 

To sleep. Perchance to dream...

Monday, April 18, 2022

Snow on Easter

Well, yeah... We had a little sleet and snow while we were watching TV... it caused a little roar on Facebook. I don't think snow and bluster interfered with my day. I hadn't planned any egg hunts on a great meadow or anything like that. 

We had a beautiful Easter.  I received a stunning bouquet of two dozen roses from my son. We had supposedly "shaken" on no gifts! He also bought me a cool china tea maker...  I guess the Easter Bunny brought him a basket of pickled vegetables, jerky, a few Reeses... nothing comparable to roses! Lol... 

I really enjoyed cooking today...  I made ham with glaze,
 potato casserole, 
Asian slaw, 
deviled eggs, (which don't look too beautiful because I rushed them!)
 and cocoanut....  pie... (purchased frozen...)

We watched a lot of Superstore on Peacock Streaming service... Honestly we're searching for something awesome to watch! Or a project. My son works 10 to 15 hours some days so the weeks are busy. I find myself offering a bit too much unsolicited advice... as if I ever really achieved an ideal niche in my job. Lol... 

This was Easter #3 with the Pandemic... and it brings me to my last really big holiday until my beautiful Autumn ushers in the Queen of Seasonal decorations and celebration. I do enjoy the 4th of July but not like I did as a kid!

I will celebrate Day 365 of Duolingo tomorrow! I must say the reflexive verb usage is STiLL hard! 

I do some lemons and sunflowers and Patriotic Americana... as summer eventually melts us down. And so it goes. 

I still have only 3 items in my Etsy store! Need to step up my game. 

Have a great week. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Happy Easter!

I have really not written much in a while.  No reason whatsoever... Hope you've all had a beautiful Spring.

Today was just almost hot! I managed to throw out four or five bags of just junk... old towels and sheets and cheap bedspreads... 

I've made a little window nook for a writing desk for planners, Bible study, and notes... I really love the window right there... 

I really love to move furniture!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

What about some chamomile?

Just a note... What have you been doing in March for fun?  Do you remember fun?  

Today was spent with laundry and cleaning... actually kinda fun. I watched an old movie tonight called Margin Call... loaded with stars: Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Simon Baker... the topic was the 2008 stock market crisis... so yeah... not exactly riveting except it kinda was... those guys can act! 
It's 2 a.m. and nobody in this house is sleepy... I hear Callie crunching some kibble... My feet feel dry! Lol... I'm still wearing that heart monitor until the 27th.... 30 days of sticky wires and yuckiness... my back itches... I keep thinking of things to look up on my phone... oh me.... wouldn't it be fun to have chocolate? I wonder if that old ground hog will wander into the trap the Conservation guy set? Is that noise from the highway really loud tonight or what? What could I do to get sleepy? I think I'm getting a leg cramp. Does anyone else have ants this early? Wonder why cat food went up 5 dollars? ... and so it goes... goodnight!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Hot and Cold Compresses

Nobody here is hurt! The compresses are for the land. We switch between snow and 6 degree temps to balmy 72 degree days in a matter of hours. March is like that. I kind of love it! We have made the transition to Daylight Savings time... rather an easy one this year. I won't grump like I usually do... yay! You've been spared. 

I made beefy enchiladas today. I was beginning to think my MOJO to cook was gone for good. I used low carb tortillas, but I did use refried beans so... there were carbs involved!

De la casa de Señor Alvarez: Beef and Bean Enchiladas

1 1/2 # hamburger (browned and drained)
1 can fire roasted tomatoes
1/3 to 1/2 small can Chipotle peppers in Adobe sauce, (minced very thin) opt.
...or use 1 - 2 t. Cumin. I like spices better than than peppers!
1 regular can refried beans
1 16-oz. bag cheddar shredded cheese
1 can enchilada sauce

Mix  tomatoes, peppers, and beans. 
Use a small amount of  that spread on each tortilla. I used about a quarter cup. Add a couple Tbsp. Hamburger and a small amount of cheese and fold into a  roll. I don't tuck the ends; and place seam down in a sprayed 7" x 11" pan... I think it will do a 9" x 13" best because I had 6 rolls  today and 4 to bake for later. I like to use my small convection oven...[because I store pans in my real oven... full disclosure!] Pour sauce over top and Sprinkle with cheese. I'm pretty generous with cheese... bake at 350° for 45 to 50 minutes. I covered with foil for 35 min. and took it off for last 25 min. ... if you don't like it hot at all, sub in 2 t.. cumin and leave out Chipotle.

I made all this in my Irish Belleek casserole dish... multicultural, I guess. 

This takes me back to fixing for a party at my university Spanish professor's house in 1974... we took grapefruits and stuck colored toothpicks in like little space monsters. Each toothpick had green or black olives or tiny squares of cheese... Señora Alvarez was so gracious and happy... She seemed quite old but... probably she was my age now! Lol... 

These large book marks with mint tea were my St. Patrick's Day greetings... Had fun with them... 

Have an awesome week... 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


March winds are really gorgeous today. I guess we have a Winter storm watch for tomorrow night though.  As you l know, I'm not much of a complainer about weather.  I mean... it just is what it is, huh?  I have a friend in Australia who is all stoked about Autumn! Now that would be a real kicker to have associated March and April with Fall... 

A cartoon rendition of Meadow Lane. Pretty cool... 

I've been working on some greetings for St. Patrick's Day... Then I have a couple journals to do... and Easter... 

My dad's mother,  Ma... crocheting by Lake of the Ozarks.... 

Pizza and salad tonight!  Looking forward to that!  We're trying to find something good to watch.  Right now it's just hit and miss... 

Have a fun week.