Saturday, September 16, 2023

Little by Little

Here we go again.  A month tiptoes in the front door, and then before I can brew a spot of tea to welcome it, the calendar declares the date is the 15th... and then... the tea is cold in the cup and it's over! Ah, well. At least I can say I'm ready for Autumn's first day, the 23rd. I just hope to find a real pumpkin to grace my table and the front porch.
My quest for something to soothe my searching spirit led me down a path last week.  I hired my floors mopped. It has been a journey of debate and internal argument because I come from stock that barely would hire an expert for rocket science or brain surgery... but I just wanted the feeling of clean floors all over PLUS not being totally wiped out.  
I actually had to mop a few myself to get that because I hired youth... she was absolutely beautiful... and sooo young. Very kind.  She did a good job although she didn't work very long.  Without being sparky, I will relate her parting words of wisdom:  "I hope you appreciate all this I did for you."  Oh, how my heart laughed while my face soberly promised that I did... appreciate a tidge more than one hour's mopping for $35. Then I thought of my dad who hauled hay in July for ten cents a day... he always added how much he appreciated the farmer who gave him the work.  
What a world!  I found all these pictures on Facebook here and there, so if you see something that's yours and you don't want me to share it, please let me know! I understand. 
This has been a fast weekend. I bought two pizzas and some wings from good old Pizza Hut. So no cooking until some time next week! There's something quite collegiate and decadent about strolling (in my case rolling) through the house with a couple slices of pizza on a paper plate. I do have some menus planned for September, but they shall have to wait!
Merry Autumn to you all. I suppose it's time for bed... or another couple episodes of Bluebloods. I have long been a fan of Selleck, but I never watched this.  I look for something for late at night after my son hits his room and I'm just not ready to begin the arm wrestling with unconsciousness... (Who knew a tired person would fight sleep like a banshee?) It's ok... I like some aspects of it,  but I'm not obsessed. Selleck is sweet.
Yes, to those of you who called out Boston Legal.  We're watching it again all the way through.  What a classic! Who hasn't found themselves mouthing off to a boss after a few episodes of empowerment by Denny Crane or Alan Shore! Lol... My son lost a little salary boost at his old workplace, and I recall a little set down in the hotseat at school... lol... coincidence? "Do.. do... doode dee do do doooo. Oh, yeaaahhhh."
Well, thank you for reading this and keeping me company! 

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Welcome to September!

It's almost sweater weather!  Of course, inside this chilly house I can wear a sweater any time I want!  My friend Patty used to say my house was cold enough to "hang meat." I guess I just hate muggy weather, so yes,  I'm really ready for Fall this year.  Happy Labor Day. My son had a four day weekend and a birthday, so we're hoping to have some better days and feel good enough to enjoy those vacation moments.   
I was trying to get the shadow behind Callie.  She really reminded me of that "I'm Batman" still shot from the movie with Michael Keaton (our favorite)... Yes,  we're rewatching Boston Legal. I needed a break from crime and seriousness.  Although there are still some thoughtful moments in this series.  

I hope to be hiring someone to do my windows and floors.  It seems those jobs are hard to fill because everyone is booked solid! Evidently it isn't enough to simply purchase the cleaning products and O'Cedars and Sharks! Who knew? 
We enjoyed our favorites today from our local Chinese restaurant: Pot stickers, General Zso, vegetable fried rice, crab Rangoon for me.  My son traded some of that for Mongolian Beef and little chicken wings.  Now it's back to home cooking (or reheating!) It takes forever for two people to eat a recipe of anything!  
Just finished some journal making.  I need to get started on holiday orders and cards.  Maybe... what's the secret to getting things done when the mood doesn't strike ya? Well, it's getting late again, so I'll post this and try to sleep a bit.  Happy September! 

Friday, August 25, 2023

Little Fall ...

I just love it when I can drag out the totes of Autumn. I've been a little slow, but I sure started early! 
I plan to finish tomorrow if I can get myself in gear.  I wish I had the enthusiasm and energy in the daytime that invades my spirit through the night!  I know... put away screens! Ok... in a minute!
What are your favorite Autumn plans?  Mine usually involve some kind of cooking.  We're hoping to slip back from our 100 degree weather after tomorrow.  Good old August... I can remember so many days like this at the beginning of school. 
I've been kidnapped by a series again. This time it is Homeland with Mandy Patinkin and Claire  Danes... again I can't recommend it because it is really too mature for my childlike soul... but I'm on season 8... and there are only 5 more episodes... 
I hope I find something else after I'm done.  My son is watching The Wire but I usually sleep through those.  Then he goes to bed and I watch Saul and Carrie.
I can't say August was all I'd hoped for... I guess August was ok, but I didn't set any records for accomplishments. 
Time for a little crash before morning (3 a.m.) Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Down the Rabbit Hole

Good morning, Lovelies!  Just following up at last with the post about my surprise!
I decided to buy myself a treat... I love quilts and have always thought I'd make one, but... so far that has not been in my wheelhouse. Although I  bought a sewing machine about two years ago, I have yet to thread it.  I learned sewing from a seamstress gramma who was excellent... as a seamstress but less than hopeful about my ability to actually do the task, I think.
 I so remember that moment in all my endeavors when she smiled that loveliest smile and insinuated her five foot nothing frame into my space. I was having a problem with something in my project...  "Here." Her voice commanded me to move aside though her words did not.  I would sit there or stand aside, it didn't matter.  Hastily and almost by magic, her hands would baste the zipper, thread the machine, fill the bobbin, [insert random job here], and Voila! I was back where I'd started but the problems were gone.  Fairy grandmother indeed! 
 In retrospect,  I guess Gramma wasn't a teacher at heart like my mother and I. Thus,  nether one of us really sewed... we could, but we didn't. 
And so... I decided this pattern, (which by itself, cost 30 bucks! ) Was just going to waste away in my project box forever. I opted to contact a woman on Etsy who makes quilts a lot! 
She said yes, and in about two months I had my sweet quilt.  It's called The Raven by Blackbird Design. My lady is Roseberry Handmade on Etsy.
 She reported that she didn't really enjoy the process, which made me sad... but I love the result.  She said the pattern was quite difficult, and she wouldn't do one of then again from that designer. I'm so glad I didn't make this my first, if not only venture into quilt making!  
I think I'll use it year round here and there.  I carry a little Autumn in my soul, no matter the season.  My mother carried Summer, and my Dad was a Summer for sure. Winter? I'm as close to one of them as I've known.. one grandmother (the seamstress) was pure Spring, and my dad's mom was an Autumn.  
What are you, do you think?  As long as my heater and AC work, I'm all season.  Lol... but deliver me from hot! 

Here's a link to a reel. The Raven

See you soon with more Autumn from my soul and home. 

August: the Venerable Season

Happy August! Well, three days in, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be cooler and more beautiful than ever. We've had such storms and foggy mornings, pink sunset Canopy skies at twilight... just amazing.

I did the tiniest nod to Autumn.. more to follow, of course. I'll be changing that quilt... The pillows are new from Etsy... 
I've chosen these traveler's notebooks for the month... I have way too many, I guess, but I don't get out,  so it's my new way to accessorize. I buy Planner Perfect products and follow her method... It has really made a positive difference for my life.  
 The focus for August is a prettier, level-up for life around here.  
I don't like the bummed complacency I've drifted into although I understand why.  Illness does that to me,  and 2023 has been a bit rocky without being really awful.  I have been dealing with after effects from my total tooth extraction. No.  I haven't even thought about dentures much.  I just need to feel better before I start that... Then I did have 3 to 4 months of Shingles... they were really a downer. I had a stress fracture in my right hand... so... knock on wood,  I am on the mend! And allergies... Then more than my own pebbles, there is always the Boulder of my son and the way he feels... I don't say all this for sympathy... I just need to give this house some grace and let God have all this.  He's more than capable... Denial has done nothing for me! 
My first day of August was a bear killing experience.  I kicked tail and took names. Less accomplishments  filled day two, and yesterday was  totally a "bust."
Well,  I truly love reading your blogs I don't always comment because I read on my phone, and it doesn't allow me to comment well at all... not even as myself... not sure what I did, but it wasn't wise and I mistakenly  selected a typo "iatmealandwhimy" so it just acts mad about it!  Lol... 
I'm working on a journal for a friend who's having some festivities for her family... I've just started being able to cut and glue again.  Hallelujah! 
My rainbow homemade bread from a young neighbor!  How sweet! It was yummy! I had a carpenter come to fix a corner of my ramp. It had been built wrong,  with a raised border, and almost everyone hung a foot on it..... so I just decided to fix it before someone fell! My dad always told me,  "You think you don't have time to do things right, but then you have to find the time to do them over!" So true, Daddy-o.
I have a surprise coming from Etsy... it's on the way!  I commissioned it in June or July! And it's for me...  my Precious! Lol... stay tuned! 

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Golden wishes

My friends celebrated a milestone anniversary this year... 50 years!  It's strange how young people are having Golden Wedding Anniversaries. Now.  When I was a child, only very old people did that! 
I really wanted to do something different because I try to take credit for this couple!  He was my life long friend; his mom and mine were best friends. She was and has long been one of my dearest friends.  It seemed like a great idea to introduce them at a church hayride in about 1970 or '71.
They have three children and ten grandchildren.  So.... this is my matchmaker success. 
One of my former students is an artist, and she's also the niece of this couple.  The anniversary pair recently built a beautiful lake house.  They are very spirit- filled... so I commissioned a painting from a photograph taken at their lake.  
Here you can see the stages of this process.  Lots of fun!  And I think they loved it! 
I invited them over about five minutes after I got my hands on it last Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Birthday Dreams

Parties! Birthday bashes!
MY Bible Study Zoom GROUP met here on Monday. We had a catered salad lunch... My friend caters, and she is fabulous.  Our menu was potato, pasta, chicken, and fruit salads, croissants, and Better than "X" cake. New pioneer woman dishware and linens... so sweet to gather in person. 
The weather was perfect. 
Then on Wednesday a group of us from Bevier met here for brunch.  They brought cinnamon rolls, charcuterie, and fruit. I made a breakfast Pizza (new recipe) and beverages. 

We're getting some of the smoky skies and scented breezes from Canada. Those poor people who live  closer! 

Today it's hot and muggy and nearly stormy. We need rain in the worst way.  This is my 69th birthday! I shared 64 of them with my dear Mama... This is the first one since we lost her that I've been able to feel like a whole person.  Hard to explain.  I certainly had fun, but other years after she died, I kept thinking there had to be more... the part with her... 
We're getting lots of wind.  Makes me tremendously remember the storms on our birthdays from the past.  One year Mom kept telling Daddy that she wanted our old, unused outhouse removed for her birthday. Since it's the middle of haying season, he just couldn't.  I recall we had to go huddle in the basement with winds close to 75 to 100 mph.... Daddy went to check the skies and came back down the old stairs, two at a time, grinning... the storm had blown down our old out house at the back of the property... 
Here's my newest recipe! Since we're all tuckered out with outhouse tales!
Breakfast Pizza
5 cups thawed hash browns
8 eggs (divided)
3 c. Shredded cheddar ( I used a mixture of shredded and Kraft Singles)
2/3 to 3/4 c. Sour cream
1 c. Cubed ham, chicken, browned sausage,  bacon
Optional: chopped peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives

Mix hash browns, 1 c. Cheese, 2 eggs. Press into well oiled 9 x 13. This is the crust. Bake at 400° until lightly golden.

Whisk 6 eggs and sour cream. Add salt and pepper.

After crust has baked, scatter meat and vegetables.  Pour egg mixture over top and top with cheese. Bake until set and golden. Time varies.

I used the remainder of large bag of hash browns and more toppings to make an extra small pizza for us. It was really well received by my guests! I used Swiss for our small one.  You could use cream or milk to replace sour cream but I like the taste it gives.  It would be really good with home grown tomatoes.  I mean though... slice home grown summer tomatoes on a little bowl of gravel...
 I'll try it!