Sunday, September 3, 2023

Welcome to September!

It's almost sweater weather!  Of course, inside this chilly house I can wear a sweater any time I want!  My friend Patty used to say my house was cold enough to "hang meat." I guess I just hate muggy weather, so yes,  I'm really ready for Fall this year.  Happy Labor Day. My son had a four day weekend and a birthday, so we're hoping to have some better days and feel good enough to enjoy those vacation moments.   
I was trying to get the shadow behind Callie.  She really reminded me of that "I'm Batman" still shot from the movie with Michael Keaton (our favorite)... Yes,  we're rewatching Boston Legal. I needed a break from crime and seriousness.  Although there are still some thoughtful moments in this series.  

I hope to be hiring someone to do my windows and floors.  It seems those jobs are hard to fill because everyone is booked solid! Evidently it isn't enough to simply purchase the cleaning products and O'Cedars and Sharks! Who knew? 
We enjoyed our favorites today from our local Chinese restaurant: Pot stickers, General Zso, vegetable fried rice, crab Rangoon for me.  My son traded some of that for Mongolian Beef and little chicken wings.  Now it's back to home cooking (or reheating!) It takes forever for two people to eat a recipe of anything!  
Just finished some journal making.  I need to get started on holiday orders and cards.  Maybe... what's the secret to getting things done when the mood doesn't strike ya? Well, it's getting late again, so I'll post this and try to sleep a bit.  Happy September! 


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your fall journals are gorgeous. And Callie looks so beautiful sitting on that table! No fall here yet, it is to be over 90 all week, yuk!

Miss Merry said...

Happy September! When we watch others return to school and we don't, LOL. I would like to hire someone just to clean my bathroom, but I am too embarrassed that I will look like a slacker.
Last night I made a casserole with leftover ham, macaroni and a few other odds and ends and it was just enough for two people! That never happens. Usually I have to put the leftovers in the fridge and hide them until it is time to throw them out. Cooking for two IS hard.

NanaDiana said...

Gayla, I just started rewatching Boston Legal. Spader and Shatner were so good together in that series! Enjoy Fall! xo Diana

Latane Barton said...

Girl, I am with you on that housecleaning mess... I did it for years and years and years. It's a shame we women never retire... men can but we can't. The good Lord is punishing us for Eve eating that apple!!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Haaahahaha I saw the TV screen and thought ... Is that Tara??? I could just hear James Spader saying her name! And I have not watched Boston Legal since Skippy was a pup, haaahahaha! So funny. LOVE that meme of the glam lady thinking about cleaning her house. I shamelessly stole it and plan to install it in my blog's sidebar. Happy September, Gayla! xoxo

racheld said...

OH, Gayla!
What a treat to see your sunny, bright rooms this morning! I have the want-to, but things are still topsy-turvy in these long-secluded rooms, with so much untouched since before the Closing In. I call myself getting inspiration to move a chair, (uncover a chair, more likely, for every downstairs surface seems to be draped in great piles and layers of SOMETHING). I've ordered bright art, and we've strewn PINK with abandon all through the sunny living room and sitting room upstairs, and our go-to lunch TV is usually Escape or HomeWorthy or another of the Look At My FABRIC! See my souvenirs! of people who could open every drawer and closet to a Royal inspection.

Just watching Bunny Williams stroll unconcerned through more chairs, sofas, tables and bibelots than five museums is a great adventure to us, and I've finally concluded that ORDER is what I gravitate to---the sheer idea that things can have a PLACE, and there are houses out there where you can walk without moving something, stumbling on something, or picking up something from your path that you've been looking for since last Christmas. I'm incorrigible, with my OCTO title as reason, and "but maybe the children will want this," as excuse.

Just finally got LAWN TEA up and not exactly running, but dipping toes into the water again, even if some of it is pieces from decades ago, but apropos to season or whatever I'm thinking of doing now.

I instantly recognized your TV program, though I cannot identify that peripheral young woman. Alan Shore is THE MAN, and I have transcribed dozens of his Summations into my online journal. Those are some of the best moments of screenwriting, and then of course, SPADER. His defense of the doctor who was marooned in a deserted hospital with five terminal patients during the aftermath of Katrina---that's a golden moment in all of TV History. Now, thanks to YouTUbe, I can summon a remembered scene in moments.

Happy Cusp of Autumn to you!!