Thursday, June 29, 2023

Birthday Dreams

Parties! Birthday bashes!
MY Bible Study Zoom GROUP met here on Monday. We had a catered salad lunch... My friend caters, and she is fabulous.  Our menu was potato, pasta, chicken, and fruit salads, croissants, and Better than "X" cake. New pioneer woman dishware and linens... so sweet to gather in person. 
The weather was perfect. 
Then on Wednesday a group of us from Bevier met here for brunch.  They brought cinnamon rolls, charcuterie, and fruit. I made a breakfast Pizza (new recipe) and beverages. 

We're getting some of the smoky skies and scented breezes from Canada. Those poor people who live  closer! 

Today it's hot and muggy and nearly stormy. We need rain in the worst way.  This is my 69th birthday! I shared 64 of them with my dear Mama... This is the first one since we lost her that I've been able to feel like a whole person.  Hard to explain.  I certainly had fun, but other years after she died, I kept thinking there had to be more... the part with her... 
We're getting lots of wind.  Makes me tremendously remember the storms on our birthdays from the past.  One year Mom kept telling Daddy that she wanted our old, unused outhouse removed for her birthday. Since it's the middle of haying season, he just couldn't.  I recall we had to go huddle in the basement with winds close to 75 to 100 mph.... Daddy went to check the skies and came back down the old stairs, two at a time, grinning... the storm had blown down our old out house at the back of the property... 
Here's my newest recipe! Since we're all tuckered out with outhouse tales!
Breakfast Pizza
5 cups thawed hash browns
8 eggs (divided)
3 c. Shredded cheddar ( I used a mixture of shredded and Kraft Singles)
2/3 to 3/4 c. Sour cream
1 c. Cubed ham, chicken, browned sausage,  bacon
Optional: chopped peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives

Mix hash browns, 1 c. Cheese, 2 eggs. Press into well oiled 9 x 13. This is the crust. Bake at 400° until lightly golden.

Whisk 6 eggs and sour cream. Add salt and pepper.

After crust has baked, scatter meat and vegetables.  Pour egg mixture over top and top with cheese. Bake until set and golden. Time varies.

I used the remainder of large bag of hash browns and more toppings to make an extra small pizza for us. It was really well received by my guests! I used Swiss for our small one.  You could use cream or milk to replace sour cream but I like the taste it gives.  It would be really good with home grown tomatoes.  I mean though... slice home grown summer tomatoes on a little bowl of gravel...
 I'll try it!


racheld said...

I'm so glad to see your gatherings---all those happy folks and colors and good food and the glad conversations and friendships. I quite understand the "not quite YOU" of the times---we have had only little celebrations with just us and the two girls here in town for years now, and though lots of FaceTime and e-mail and phoning keeps us up on lots of the GRANDs, we do miss the big times around all the tables, with all that bright young energy and enthusiasm in the house. I've had a BIG birthday since we corresponded, as well, and feel just like I did ten years ago. I think---physically, anyway, so I'm just so thankful to be still here, just taking each day with a grateful heart and glad little moments. Leah said yesterday that she loves that we laugh all the time---so good to have laughter in the house again.

We've had a hazy few days---I kept rubbing my eyes and blinking as we sat out on the porch this week---looking off down the wonderful tree-lined street was just so odd, somehow, like a foggy morning walk back in the Delta, but no trace of scent of smoke, and still none. Yesterdays big wind and one big sluice of rain has cleared the air "considerable," as Mammaw used to say, and we're hoping that's that. Our NJ kids were having to go out masked, just to play outside.

Always a BRIGHT in my day to see your light come on, faraway friend.

Latane Barton said...

What a nice place to have a Bible study group. And, salads were the right choice with the weather like it is... Happy 4th

Miss Merry said...

Happy Birthday! What fun - porch parties! And all that delicious food and fellowship! I love the outhouse story, but not as much as your pretty new dishes!

Here in Ohio we were hit with the smoke, too. All outdoor activities from baseball to construction work had to be cancelled and there were advisories to stay indoors. It was hard to see to drive and it just came in the windows no matter what you tried. Those poor poor people in Canada.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Well this is just wonderful news and any gathering where there are friends AND Pioneer Woman dishes is my kind of get-together. A belated but no less sincere happy birthday to you, Gayla. I am glad that you felt whole even though your dear mama is gone. Everything looks so pretty there. Have a delightful Fourth of July! xoxo