Wednesday, May 17, 2023

My Porch Post

Well... at last I'm ready to post these pictures of the front porch.  Nope... I haven't completely decorated and fixed it up but... it's time to see something.
I had a really great workman for this job. He washed the siding, painted the trim and eaves, gave my ceiling a new look and purpose, painted my ramp at the door...and built the porch rails for the steps.  
Yes, that's my dear little"haint blue" ceiling I've always wanted.  Mom and I used to wish for it when we'd sit outside, but we both thought the ceiling was vinyl... I asked him if he could paint vinyl, and he reached up to be sure... now maybe he could have, but my ceiling wasn't vinyl after all.  This is the superstitious color of choice from the Olde South to keep the spirits away... They are purported to be skittish of the blue, thinking it to be water... plus I just like blue! 
That's my dear friend sitting with me on the porch!  
And my other friend visiting that evening took these pictures! 
And here I am... dreaming away... (in my dreams...)
My current project between just nit- picky little crochety bouts with this 'n that... my craft room/ Studio... I mean... I sit out here or lie in bed and make up my mind to pare down, eliminate, get real about what I want to work with... but then when I'm in there, everything looks like a possibility! I dunno..  it's just not a huge important concern in the great scheme of life, huh? 
This was a tornado not to far from here... and the hail in our nearest town. 
And a shot of my porch in progress.
Have a great May! 
A cluttered little corner in my living room!  


Miss Merry said...

Love the porch, love, love the porch!!! The ceiling is the bomb!!!!
I have a project in my head, too. It involves emptying my kitchen cabinets, scrubbing them, putting what I use on bottom shelves, moving my pantry items into cupboards, moving what I don't use often into the pantry and loading some boxes for donation. I have every step planned out. It is the "doing" that has me stumped.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your living room looks divine; like Farmhouse Chic! I love everything about it! I think my favorite is the tall house beside the fireplace. Is it for decoration only, or does it have another purpose? And your porch, it is so lovely, and just the right size. I wish we had a ramp. The blue really pops and is just the right touch of color. I would call it Heavenly Blue. What a cute story about the spirits! That hail and tornado are frightening! We had hail like this one year, and it ruined our car.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Nice to meet you and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment!!
I love the color of your porch ceiling!! So pretty!! and your porch is fantastic!! I wish I had one like that...
I do not think your corner is cluttered at all...I subscribe to the "More is More" philosophy!!
When I fist stopped working 4 years ago, I thought about uncluttering and paring down and actually did a bit of that BUT I stopped because now I finally get to spend time at home and "play" in my house and enjoy all my Collections and treasures so why would I want to part with them??? I have given my sons the name of an Estate sale person who I know and he will at least be able to get my sons some money for all my things when I am gone but until then, I am enjoying them!!! Looking forward to what you will be sharing next!!

Unknown said...

The cluttered little corner in your living room looks downright cozy. I love that blue ceiling on your porch. It is awesome! The picture of the tornado looks like a nuclear explosion. LOL Glad it wasn't. Not a fan of hail, it causes so much damage.

Jenny the Pirate said...

The haint blue porch ceiling is brilliant, Gayla! I wish I could do that but I think TG would think I'd lost my mind, our house being brick and built in 1972, haahaa! But I love it. WOW that hail, and the tornado so close! Terrifying! I love dramatic weather as long as no one gets hurt, haha! xoxo

racheld said...


A Celestial Sky!! That blue ceiling is all the shades of blue a sky every was---just drawing your gaze as you lean back a little to think, to ponder, to dream. What wonderful primpings and pomadings you're making to your wonderful house, and how you're curating all the lovelies of lives that have been, with your own graceful touches of NOW.

I look at all your rooms with their memories writ in THINGS and colors and scents of such a grand old house, built and furnished with the spirit of the plains and the wood and brick and stone of long-stilled hands, and see such a past as has never been my own. The REDS and ochres and faded-by-life fabrics and tabletops and rugs are simply too lovely to my eyes, and a bit unfamiliar to my great PINK phase I've been living in and creating for a couple of decades. Your colors and solid, useful, loved rooms and walls and furniture are true building blocks, and though some of my furniture is from the 1870s, my house will never attain the true credentials of yours. Yours are solid, and mine is like a rumply Barbie house at times. I love your history and your eye for the real, and look forward to all your sharings.

racheld said...

And exactly what Miss Merry said!

racheld said...

PS I've finally ventured back out into the E-Verse, with my first post on LAWN TEA in about 3 years. Would love to have you visit again.