Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Leveling Up

It seems like a long time since my last post, and... it has been! I really thought I wtote a blog in April, but I guess not.  I hope Spring has been good to everyone.  The little tendrils of fresh life curl around each corner, and once again dear Winter is leaving us.   Here in Missouri the Olde Woman Winter is leaving just a few jabs of vindictive, frosty spite as she pokes her chilled fingers and 29 degree nights into our blossoming Magnolia trees and fresh buds... "Take that!" She hisses as the days loop into Summerlike splendor.  
I've been busy with my latest projects. I created six journals for a friend to give aa gifts... I honestly had to stop working on my craft studio because of the lady bugs in there!  I think they're called beetles, and they are absolutely horrible until warm enough weather to move out to the fields.  I called my exterminator, but he said I needed to have sprayed in August! So everyone is on notice to remind me to do that in 2023.   They are just mocking, little pests that remind me of cute Mary Englebreit designs I once loved... but they bite! And they stink when smooshed, crawl into every cup of tea and can of pop.   Ah, well. They're leaving at last! 
I've been fighting with a truly irritating health issue.   I'm not sure if it is a case of Shingles or an allergic reaction, but I have had just  miserable skin this Spring.  A doctor did see it and said it wasn't Shingles, but another doctor was just as sure today that it is.   Another suspect is a different Pharmaceutical company for my Rx. . They've had several recalls for my particular drug due to allergens and toxins in the filler.  Since my plan isn't accepted in the other pharmacy, I'm paying out of pocket for a different manufacturer until open enrollment... No wonder they have peeps  retire at 65... there wouldn't be any time for work with all this nonsense to deal with! 
Today was Phase One Redux and then negative Phase Two of my big Level Up plan.  I wrote down a list of little, bothersome areas of life and the house, and I created a plan of attack to fix every one... So far,  as you can see by the numbering system, I'm two steps back and I think one step forward.  
SETBACK 1: I had the brain child to contact a cleaner service to deep clean my house. It has slipped into really bad shape through some episode of purple funk my mind has been in.    Lol. I was even okay with the$25/ hour times two cleaners to deep clean.  I thought I'd get it up to snuff and keep it that way.  They had to cancel, (thankfully)  and I woke up.    I've been deep cleaning slowly... and feeling so domestic and smug and rich! But boy, howdy I am s.l.o.w! I wouldn't pay me $25/hour.
Today SETBACK #2: I bought three chairs and a coffee table from a furniture store in my nearby town.  I just had a friend go look and sit in them because I honestly cannot maneuver any more,  and neither can my dear son.  The store owner really didn't want to sell sight unseen,  and repeatedly told me they had a no-return policy... [Yes,  that's foreshadowing!) Chairs delivered today. Nope. NEITHER ONE OF US COULD DEAL WITH ANY OF THE THREE.  I did like the coffee table!  And I really got the living room cleaned up... and that owner was kind enough to accept a return with a pretty good-sized re-stocking fee...  
So... I've updated long enough!  I do have a great project that is almost done.  I'll get you updates and photos and try to post before another month slips away.  

Happy April, dear ones! 



Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your photos today! Around here, $25.00 is not that much to pay for cleaning. So are you taking the Shingles meds now? And how much longer will the ladybugs go on for? Your journals are gorgeous!! I love your pictures today, especially the fox.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayla, I'm a couple of months behind, but love your pretty photos and stories as always! I hope your skin clears up soon. We are trying to do spring planting but it keeps raining, which I guess is better than the prior drought, hmmm. Love, Ellen in CA

Jenny the Pirate said...

Dear Gayla, sorry I've been in absentia for so long. Trying diligently to keep up. The house is clean but that's with my Audrey's help (she who owns a housecleaning business and would not dream of working ((for anyone but me)) for a mere $25 per hour -- those are 2017 prices, haha). But she does the more thorough cleaning every two to three weeks, and I keep up in between. We just finished a seven-week remodel of the master bed and bath, and that wore me slap out. I'm so sorry for your skin issues and I hope that by now, you have that figured out! Your pictures are precious and your writing exquisite. xoxo