Monday, March 20, 2023

Anyway the Wind Blows

Hello, March Winds!

Just a little bit of fun for Spring's debut into our lives this year. I had hoped to capture a huge flock of birds that met me at my front door, but by the time I got my camera, they had moved twice and were just exiting the neighbor's huge field. What a symphony of Spring, though. I really loved that.

I had decided to roll the dice and buy an order called "Lot: Quilts" from a seller on Etsy who is located in India. These are simply two layers of fabric with no filler that are hand stitched...  I had to wait quite a while longer than they had said, but today was the day they came.  I liked them okay for what I had hoped...  just something cheerful and lightweight to throw outside when people visit, or to drape over a table. I had no choice on the colors, but these are fine...  I used two on my bed, and they immediately got the Callie stamp of approval. Oh, that girl loves something new... She couldn't wait until I tucked in the corners!

I have a huge slowcooker of Primavera Vegetables ready for supper. They smell so good. I think I am going to serve them over a nice baked potato.  My son may call me out on no meat, but I just don't have any ready and I'm pretty much sure we won't miss it this night. I used all the vegetables in my crisper except the lettuce! Bell peppers, cabbage slaw mix, carrots, onions, green onions, black olives, tomatoes...  and then organic chicken broth, that new seasoning called Farm Dust, and a ton of Italian Herbs.  It better be good because it made a whole potful.

I've been working on books and journals. I have an order of six to finish up this week. I posted a few on Etsy, and I even sold and mailed one. I will say the Ladybugs or beetles have been slightly deterrent for my joy to just bubble forth. Since the craft room or Studio I inhabit is on the Southern exposure.... yuck..  If I complained before, just know I don't mind complaining every single day about them...  lol... You are welcome. Everyone please remind me to spray in August for next year's crop.

Have a lovely Spring

Whimsy and Hugs!


Ginny Hartzler said...

The quilts are gorgeous! I love the colors, and they will be super decor for fall. Your kitty is so beautiful, and looks so comfy and happy! Your first photo is so stunning.

racheld said...

So colorful, all your endeavors, and such a taste of Spring! That pot of veggies conjures a wokful of all the last bits in the drawers, and perhaps the opening of that Aldi-gallon of layers-of-olives and peppers that stretched the Santa-bag tight and have been awaiting just the right occasion.
Thursday seems quite apropos. And OH, the one block of not-crumbled Feta that was in the laydown display at the market, and had looked so good in an internet photo of a luscious traybake not long ago.

Your title lured me in with a reminiscence of your lovely sentence years ago, and which was a part of my blog-header for years---"the wheat, bending in silken obedience to the wind." What a memorable, evocative, so-visual description, and jotted in every journal I've opened since. What a gift you have, for all the ordinary and the remarkable things in life, equally important, and so overlooked sometimes. Happy Spring, Faraway Friend!

Chrissie said...

Hi, beautiful quilts, I think in England we might call them Throws but then again maybe not. I’m looking for something for a plain wall behind our bed, and love these colours. Beautiful kitty too, they do like a comfy bed 😊. I was attracted to your blog because of the name, hehe, so many things struck a chord with me. Enjoy. X

Latane Barton said...

I can't wait to hear how the veggie topped baked potato turned out. It sounds great and I am so into the no meat thing right now, I bet I'd love it.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Well I for one cannot endure bugs of any kind so I'm not sure what I would do in your situation! Probably just lay down and die, haha. Or at least cry and complain all day long! But I love your little quilts and Callie is just the MOST adorable! I bet that soup was good! xoxo