Thursday, September 29, 2022

Slip sliding into Autumn

I have the hurricane on my mind this morning! I hope you and those you love are safe.  But so many are in a state of shock and darkness.  Our skies are perfectly Autumn blue, and we have been having the essence of perfect weather here.  
I've been getting a room ready for a new floor... the laundry/ storage room we call "the knotty pine room." Right now I'm waiting for the product to get to the carpenter. It's always something.  Hoping it doesn't end up like the kitchen counter tops ordered May 2nd... I finally just canceled after hearing that I was next about twenty times.  
I really don't have a lot of news. I'm making my Halloween cards this week...  that always makes me quite cheerful! It's my card season. I often send about 40 Halloween and 40 Thanksgiving.  And Christmas? About 130... then I send Valentine's and St. Patty's and Easter... 40 each... then I rest the USPS until the next Halloween.  I might change all that up this year.  It's just so fun though! I love creating cards from paper and "junk."
I'm using the little tip-in art cards from Jenny Penton. She's a planner creator I really love to follow.  Planner Perfect is her brand... I've been using her method about 7 years or more. She sells her exquisite leather traveler's notebooks also.
I've had some porch visitors lately.  A former student who is a missionary in the Philippines brought his wife and daughters by last weekend.  What a joy to meet this wonderful family.  They teach the scriptures, provide meals for children, help build homes... He told me about the kids he adopted ten years ago who are in college now... I was really blessed by that visit! He and his family came with arms filled with mums and pumpkins... he'd remembered how much I love to decorate. 
My son helped me arrange our book shelf..  His extra height was much appreciated! As you can see, I've moved a lot of books to other places... I have his short story and mine featured.
Although October hasn't arrived yet, I still feel that urgency to prepare for winter.  This year we did get two small propane heaters in case of power outtage. My dream would be to have the fireplace working against, but that isn't happening this year.  
Getting ready to have a cup of hot tea and watch a movie.
Right now I have a cat asleep on my lap. My fuzzy prodigal daughter returned to me. For two years she had become hopelessly in love with my son and barely gave me the time of day... I was kind of sad actually. Well, overnight Miss Fickle came back to me and ignores him... I can tell he's sad, but he hides it well with a laugh.
Have a lovely weekend.

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Jenny the Pirate said...

Haaahaha you can get away with not doing lots of things by saying "I have a cat on my lap" ... I know, because I do it! Lovely to sit and watch a movie with a hot cup of tea! How wonderful that you had visitors. xoxo