Monday, January 3, 2022

Winter Wonderland is here!

Well, at last we have some snow!  I was wondering if we might even skip a year, but we did get a couple inches of a forecast 8" snowstorm. I am okay with less, but as a Farmer's daughter I know we really need the moisture in our ground. We are dry here in Missouri. 

Except for a few snowman items, our Christmas is all put away.  Of course, I keep out the trees because...  well, I just like them.  I have three up all year, and I really make the best of it with holiday lights and ornaments or flowers. It's just fun, and I can pretty much do what I want because my son really doesn't notice if a tree is up or down as long as it's dark at night late when he's roaming the house searching for a likely place to sleep. He has a great bed, but there's something about our family that really likes to sleep first in one chair, or the couch, or maybe bed... lol...  My mom used to say quite innocently that she liked to sleep around. She never really understood why everyone did quite a bit of giggling when she said that. 

I have begun my New Year's projects and plans. It is really a mind set, that's all, and encourage is a great word for me. I am working in my planners and a journal or two, plus eliminating some of the major areas of my discouragement by clearing and organizing.  Well, at least, that's what I am telling myself to do every day... just even a little.

Callie has been a lot of help with all our rearranging and planning. My son bought her a fancy fountain water dish that has lightly running water. The theory is that cats like slightly moving water in the wild, so this is beneficial. She actually is drinking from it quite a bit, probably to show off for him... She seems to like him better right now, which is okay.  I always feel guilty when she likes me better. Fickle little creature!

Since we had our first tracking snow, it was time to bring out the frozen Item I had prepared in the blistering hot summer.  I decided on strawberries last August, so we had a little strawberry pie. My only cool whip or whipped cream was pumpkin spice, so this is just as is...  Not bad but not diet either...  I froze the berries without sugar and just put three or four tablespoons of raw sugar in them after they thawed...  

Didn't you all feel sad to hear about Betty White?  I sure was looking forward to her 100th birthday. It was sweet to read her interview that talked about how blessed she was to be in such good health. Who could ask for a better way to pass away than to feel like that at that age? She was a sweetie I think.

Well, time waits for no one, so I need to get on task, as they used to say at work. I finally don't really miss work...  It took a long time to acclimate to never having a classroom of kiddos.  In fact, I often still dream that I'm teaching. But... I must admit it feels really fun to just wake up and start some project or another and not worry about being late anywhere. Have a great first week of 2022. 

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

It is nice to wake up and not have to be anywhere, isn't it! We never left the house at all last week. Plenty of leftovers and it was so cozy inside. A rude awakening this morning when we waited at the bus stop with grandchildren at 16 degrees, ran my daughter's car to the tire place to remove and fix the hole made by a giant bolt in the road, a stop for bread and milk and the bank for some moolah. Brrr. Glad to be home.

Jeanie said...

Your cat photos are so brilliantly beautiful. I could practically feel the fur. Oh, dear. Betty White. That has made me sad now for several days.

All happy new year wishes to you!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Callie is gorgeous!! And I love your kitty drawings, they remind me of Beatrix Potter's. Betty White seemed to be in good health when she passed, so maybe a stroke or heart attack? Did you know that Bea Arthur couldn't stand her? But their acting was so good that you would never know.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Awww Callie is so sweet! I am a new-ish cat lover and I cannot believe how many years I ignored cats and did not know how wonderful they are. I am making up for lost time. Your mom had a GREAT sense of humor! I have a great bed too and I love to sleep in it but admit to often falling asleep in one of my recliners, haahaaha! Your strawberry pie looks delectable! Happy New Year, Gayla! xoxo