Friday, July 23, 2021

Orangeville Summer

Decorating seasonal trees has always been a dreamy experience. However, I have really enjoyed the challenge presented by my pale, blush-pink tree. My normal palette hasn't ever been pastels... throughout my whole life really. I love soft sherbert colors, but I  never gravitate there for decor or fashion. However, this barely there,  baby pink is a glorious exception. 😍 everything about this --- including the tree --- came from Amazon...  orange lights on white cords, silk florals.  I added back the rose gold, unbreakable ornaments even though they seem to be reflecting blue? Light and color are willfull, surprising chameleons...

I cut the gilded burlap Autumn ribbon into 17-inch pieces and wove those here and there... and I plan to add some more  small ornaments in the next weeks if I can "create" what I see in my mind... lol! 

Alexa still runs my outlet with voice commands ["Merry Christmas" for illumination and "Silent Night" for darkness]. When I least expect it [or want it], sarcastic Alexa [she who cannot be named] breaks into Christmas music instead of following the programmed voice command!  🙃

The yard and bushes look much better! I am cleaning in the Studio... Friday! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Thursday, July 22, 2021


I have been working on the margins thing... lol... created a reading nook in my bedroom and also have been working on some more junk journals. 

I have a new habit of saving some of my night's sleep to konk out in my chair during my son's work day... 

I'm so un-sleepy at night... hmmmm... wonder why.

Tomorrow my lawn man comes to trim up some ornamental evergreens and remove an old patio/nostalgia spot/ugly area from the front yard. Why is it that every time I change something I feel like I am disappointing my parents... ? 

Oops! I forgot to crop out my messy desk!.I clear it between projects, but by the time I finish a book, the layers of ephemera and goodies are really overwhelming! 

I saw this cross stitch... I did NOT do this myself, but I liked the wording.  However, I probably won't heed them. I rather enjoy looking back!

My pink Spring and Summer tree has been put away. About half the lights quit, of course,  so I have moved into early Autumn/late Summer...  I have to show you later because last night was brutal. I broke a huge mercury glass ornament. It actually exploded on the floor. Then the silk hydrangeas I ordered from Amazon came with stems optional! I have tried to glue the stupid stems they sent into the flower... some assembly required! And I must have spaced out I needed three strands of lights... ugh... and the final "straw"? I thought little natural cat tails and fox grass would be a pretty touch poofing out of my peachy pink tree with white corded orange lights....  Miss Callie thinks they need to come OUT! 
So I have to go rescue either the grass or the cat... my Son has taken up the fight, but Callie's life motto is " I DO what I WAnT!" Lol... Bad Kitty?  Naw... just spoiled rotten. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Good Morning!

Margins. I just heard part of a motivational post about ensuring wellness and well-being by having proper margins. That concept appeals to the English teacher/journalist spirit in me, as well as satisfying the artistic side. But... what does it mean for us?

Obviously for busy individuals margins require time off, a cooling down time at night and a moment of calm in the morning. 

Okay... for myself in retirement, and especially in pandemic, chronic ugh!, "do I have to say it? Getting older" retirement, margins have....not been happening! My days are often all margins! Most of my pages have reverted to crayon sprawls with very little on them... My planners have stickers and washi and a few notes and menus... 

Nothing requires me to do a darn thing. I always secretly knew I am too much influenced and thus motivated  by recognition or gratitude or praise... and although my teaching job really didn't usually provide much of that from the super powers, I still found so much reward in the interaction and outreach of caring for my kids and fellow teachers... I loved them....

I do miss my students and coworkers. I am gloriously happy to be home with my cool son and our crazy cool cat... (check out her new favorite place to sit when he sleeps on the couch!) Shhh! Don't tell him I posted this!

So... today is Monday and I am about to roll out yet another plan to put some more "copy" in my manuscript of life. I suspect I will still be merciful, an easy-grader/ cut some slack type of boss... so I may well find my margins are still way too big and my work print pretty small... 

July was always a "last call for summer" since school usually started in early August. I am particularly antsy right now because from age six through the next 52 years..... this was go time! Crayons in the big boxes... post-it packs and file posters and....... print outs with ridiculous new rules to follow!  
lol... I need to remember some of that, huh?

Have an awesome week! Since I have been rearranging furniture again, I DO have plenty to do today! What a mess!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Storm Front...

This old nation is really being bombarded with storm, hurricane, earthquake, and scorching heat... I hope you are all safe! 

We lost some old limbs last night, and the stormy noises sent my cat burrowing through and under the pillows up to greet me. I will admit I was a little worried to feel the presence of an unknown creature and see the ripples under the covers... my covers... Her eyes were like huge reflectors  when I got the courage to lift the corner of my quilt. 
We tried gluten free waffles this morning with keto syrups. Wow! Not sure what we were celebrating, but it was delicious. 

I used the gluten free mix that is kind of like Bisquick.  ALDI carries it. And I ordered the syrups from Amazon. 

I have discovered Home Town on Amazon Prime... so I have been binge watching those kids renovating houses and changing lives... we did our kitchen four years ago and I still can't believe it.... I still want to finish up a couple counters, but it is always so fun to go in and have coffee in the early morning!

I cleaned out some cabinets this week. My next project <ongoing> is that studio! It looks so j u.n.k.y! I need the Amish girls back but we are still all alone in our socially-distanced Oasis. 
Have a fun weekend. 

Tomorrow would be my Daddy's 97th birthday! He would have been out working at the trees with his chain saw this morning! Even at 97... ❤
oh, I forgot to mention how fun it was to use this mini wafflemaker... slow though! I don't recommend it for a crowd. Waffles are about 3 inches. Amazon. 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy 4th

Enjoy this summery holiday in any way you can!

We are planning a traditional menu and some special projects and movies in place of fireworks and cookouts. 

I think our neighbors had some large fireworks tonight but we missed them. 

Celebrate our beautiful Land! Stay safe!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Lemony Goodness!

I had such a lovely birthday Zoom with a dear friend on Friday. She and I graduated together, and her birthday was yesterday! 
Oh my goodness! She gave me the most perfect little table for the porch.... I grabbed it for the kitchen first because we are having fierce storms right now... she chose beautiful, cheerful lemon themed dishes and decor to go along with it... I love it! 
Keep an eye on the sky if you are in the path of these storm cells. Stay safe!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Move Along!

Well, finally got rid of the monitor and got a super report! I decided to rearrange the kitchen.  Funny, when I moved in with Mom after my dad passed away, all I could think about was the dream of rearranging EVERYTHING. I love to change things up... 
Then after this house was all ours (my son's and mine), I really moved everything, even switching the purpose of every room and making some structural changes.... we doubled the size of the kitchen and moved the eating area....
So gradually.... incrementally.... some things are migrating back to the way Mom and Dad had it. And each time I set things in their sacred space (for my mother detested rearranging anything), I hear an unmistakable magnetic synching with the chi of this house... plus my son, a little chip off his grandparents' block, says, "Wow! The ____ is back where it BELONGS!"
So the kitchen is different... I have made sort of an office in the dining nook. Naturally the cat is ticked off. Her window seat has been changed. For now the table is in the opposite end...  it's ok.... I can always move it back... 

Yes.... I still have this baby pink tree up.... I turn it on just because I can! I had envisioned ornaments for all seasons, but I just have the pastel multicolor lights and rose gold balls. I have it powered on by Miss Alexa and a voice operated smart plug.  "Merry Christmas" illuminates while "Silent Night" stops the action.. sometimes she gets confused and plays Christmas music! What an invention... after 36 years of teaching, I very rarely lose my temper.... but I have a short fuse with talking tech... I get flustered with her at times and with those recordings that want " to learn about my problems" when all I want to do is speak with a representative! 

When we first bought Alexa I asked her how many frogs were in the world and she answered a huge number of "frogses." I laughed at her and yelled out that she was stupid! Later and to this day if I ask her how many frogs, she says, "I am still learning about frogs." I guess I got a sensitive model... 
I finished 48 Halloween cards for myself and a huge journal and several packs of cards and notes... I just need to nail down sleeping at night.... it is currently 2:45 a.m.

Have a great week! I will be 67 in 6 days! 

Saturday, June 19, 2021