Thursday, December 26, 2019

It is Word of the Year time again!

Whimsy and Hugs!

Both of my dear grandmothers turned 20 in 1919. I like so much to imagine them then... hair all dark and maybe bobbed. My Gramma Minnie, Mama's mother, told about getting her beautiful brown hair cut as a bride married 9-1-1919. She said she kept on a kerchief for a few days until she felt familiar enough with her inner self to show it to my Paw-paw. That's probably one reason I have always felt a kinship to O. Henry;s "Gift of the Magi."

Remembrance inspires and heals the broken parts as I realize my forebears' transitions in life. I have always employed them and my dear Mama and Daddy as role models, for better or worse at times. I search through myself to resurrect little essences of their spirit, little attributes and habits, small assurances they did not really pass away too far to be able to be  somewhat present in my daily round.

I enjoy the possibilities of choosing a word of the year. I think it is fun to have an inspiration for the whole year ahead. a sort of emotional "hitching my wagon to a star" kind of moment. I shy away from heavy (although maybe needed) words lest they prove ironic or too portentous  and filled with foreshadow and shades of sadness. I mean, with the sudden loss of my entire former home and its contents in 2019, I am so glad my word "fabulous" brought feathers to my soul and prompted a kind of happy dance and flip of a boa over my often drooping shoulders. Thank goodness my word was not "Eliminate." huh? Similarly, I avoid words such as "strength" or "acceptance" because I don't want any eerie connections or predictions!

So. This year I am going with the advent of a new decade, the dawn of a centennial span since those roaring 20's we heard so much about.  My word is simple. "ROAR." Roaring 20's for the nod this year. It is timely and easy to remember. I mean it in a kind way, not that I intend to snarl my way through the next 366 days. I mean it that I will do what lions do... prowl, be on guard, take pride in my life, and warn others before I demand something... speak up and be happy in my own pelt... 

I have long been an employer of acronym to enhance an essay, write to win a contest, promote a slogan... So since my word has only 4 letters, it just practically begged for that contrivance. R- reach. I need to stretch and keep busy in the day to day living... O- organize... always, always.. not just lumping all similar items in the same general place but determine where and when items will be needed and used, thinking about the proximity of something (as in devoting precious prime cabinets and drawers to seasonal things)... and organizing my hours to find time to roar for myself. A- authenticate I want my life to look as much like the dear Creator intended as possible now. Maybe I have already muddied a lot of his still waters he had planned, but drawing a clear, authentic picture of myself as seen in his eyes. that is a good goal... and finally, another R- realize. This beautiful verb can mean both taking our current circumstances into perspective and accomplishing our true potential! Win/win.

So, I am woman, hear me roar into the 20's. Or as my rebuttal to T. S Eliot, not with a whimper but a roar... I learned that from my Mama. 



Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, this is such a clever word in so many ways. I enjoy seeing your roaring 20's pictures too. May we both ROAR into the new year, bold and unafraid.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

I so enjoyed this post and the vintage photos. And I love your word for 2020--ROAR!

racheld said...

Oh, Gayla!! This was absolutely perfect! For the year to come, for all the candles still burning from the past, and just simply so apt and appealing for the NOW and THEN and TO BE. The house is quiet and this was just what I needed---Chris just drove our #3 son to the airport after a wonderful four-day Christmas visit, and it's been like Barney at the 'Y' in Raleigh---just go go go (not literally OUT, but much talk and laughing and cooking and going and enjoying).

I just last night saw the first pic above on FB, and realized the MMXX which had just crept up on little cat feet---twenty years since Chris was on constant call to assuage all those Y2K fears and forebodings. That's a nice round number, don't you think---just those four compact repetitions of nice firm letters with no curves to spin around, but just a four-square number worthy of the progress of the years.

Helen Reddy would be SO pleased. Hope to hear that ROAR from here many times in the year to come!!

Carol said...

I found your blog through another blogger and I must say it is beautiful and well written. I intend to stop by again. You can find me at