Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Ocean's Blue

It seems like forever since I wrote an honest to goodness post on here about something other than the daily goings on in our world. I want to share my bit of beach and sun on the mantel before sweet autumn arrives and lets me change it all out for my favorite time of the year.

I love these aquas and silvers and have used them for Christmas time as well (minus the seashells, of course.) These big shells are years and years old. When I was a little girl my dad and mom were friends with a sweet couple who wintered in Sarasota, Florida. They had a little dachshund named Ginger Baby, and they loved to spoil me and bring me all kinds of treasures from the sea. I am not sure it is legal any more to get such big shells, but I'm sure they gathered them  when it was. 

I have been fortunate enough to see all four major bodies of water available to Americans. I traveled up to the Great Lakes, and I've visited the beautiful blue Gulf of Mexico. I spent two summers in California and visited the wild and wickedly misnamed Pacific Ocean on many occasions, never able to get too far out due to the scary riptides. I also saw briefly one magical day the grey Atlantic beyond the beach's blue stripe along Boca Raton. Gorgeous!

You are looking at a 2016 Holiday Barbie I got for Mama while she was in the hospital. I thought the "snow globe" looked amazingly like a sea bubble, and her colors were perfect, so we tucked her right in after she came home and claimed her prize.
So true. I have lived landlocked in Missouri all my life, but I believe the restorative powers of      the vast blue waves would do wonders in our souls. I think it possible to journey everywhere via books and media. No, it's not as good as being there, but it isn't like missing out altogether. 

Sparkle. It is the sparkle that changes the day from just a day to a blessed 24-hour span. How do we each add that sparkle. That's the ultimate question, isn't it. I think a key to finding it is to believe the glow is truly there waiting to be dug out or polished off... not feeling the burden of actually striking flint and finding kindling and re-inventing the flame...  just fan it. My mom's nurse is a joy to us. Today she told us of her plans for tonight. She has two school age children who begin classes Monday. They have been looking forward to a final campout for weeks. Well, the forecast was for high percent chance of severe storms, so she decided to take her kids to a nearby farm and with permission, of course, set up the tent in the machine shed! I call that sparkle! When lightning, thunder, and strong winds beat on my window about 1 o'clock a.m., my first thought was how glad I am they were inside! 

All that said, yeah... The sea tide ebbs and the pull of crisp Autumn is happening. Tomorrow night is supposed to be 57 degrees! I have my caramel sauce recipe and Granny Smiths are on my short list! Time to light my pumpkin cocoanut candle from Bath and Bodyworks...

Enjoy a blessed weekend.

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

Sorry not to comment before, for some reason your updates don't show up on my blog roll for a few days, . . . Any whooo - love the Ode to Sea mantel. I think that the sound of fresh water, whether it be lake or pond or even ocean is so restful. Probably just the feeling you would want this summer. Your shell collection is beautiful. I love your nurse's solution to her end of summer camp out. She is creating amazing memories for her children! Take care of yourself.

From My Country Sunrise said...

Love all you do with your decorating