Sunday, November 29, 2015

frogs and toads... or pearls and rubies

Tomorrow is going to be Operation Decoration... Nativity. Mantel. Tree. Kitchen. Porch.
.... Well, as much "fun" as it looks like my work force of one (my dear son) can endure.

So, it is possible, considering his work load all week, we might just eat chicken wings
and play Spinner. And that's good, too.  

I wonder why I am not able to sustain what I am in my spirit, what I dream, what I think I will/can be when I first open my eyes and speak with God in the morning.
Instead, after I touch the floor with my mundane feet, the vapor vanishes, and I'm cranky and tired, so not magical or spiritual. Was that a step-sister in the real Cinderella who opened her mouth and toads plopped out? It seems someone brought out pearls and rubies... Hmmm.... Or what fairy tale was that? Here I come,  
Leige Google... 

I am so surprised by my behavior and my exterior--- what shows to others every day...
-----because I am intimate with a much softer, kinder, splendid self who frustratingly remains unavailable for daily life.

Both God and my mother must frown at my folly. 

....on a brighter note:

My mother and I have been enjoying Hallmark Christmas movies. 


NanaDiana said...

I think we all fall short of what we want/hope/wish to be, Gayla. It is just our human nature. We can talk a good talk but the walking the talk is a whole different animal. lol Cheer up, kiddo- You are just normal like the rest of us! xo Diana

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes...I can relate to your heart. In our minds we can take on just about anything, realistically speaking...but sometimes our intentions are squashed by other real life issues - time, health, distractions - the real meat and potatoes of day to day life. But don't let it take the zip out of your do-dah...persevere and take one step at a time. This is the first year that I did not feel an overwhelming heart when I put out the Christmas. I only got out a 16th of the decor...and it pleased my heart.

Giving you a big, big hug!! Hey, come on over and we can have a cup of coffee and destress. :)


Miss Merry said...

I think we all struggle to achieve what we dream. Reality is not much fun. I have been enjoying all your recent post, but have had trouble with commenting. My daughter-in-law is finding those Hallmark Christmas movies addicting, too. I had cable taken out, so there is no excuse for my inactivity and lack of focus LOL.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

don't beat yourself up, so much. :-) be kind to yourself. start there. you can't be all those wonnnnnnderful things, to others, if you don't start, by being so, to yourself.

loving the Hallmark movies. for their decorations and happy, happy, happy.

but let's face it, they are MOVIES. idealized. simplified. very simplified.

let's not think we can copy them. let's just enjoy them.

and maybe, not make so many plans, that we feel defeated, before we begin?


Hugs, Tessa