Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Morning Ambition

It strikes me that I'm full of ambition late at night, which is actually early morning. Then when dawn creeps in rosy-fingered, as Homer puts it... I'm tired. Does anyone ever change up a sleep schedule? I actually went to bed at four a.m. A retiree's dream, I guess. I always forced myself to bed at two when I taught school. But I digress! I'm blogging about projects today.

I have started Autumnal touches, changing out wreaths and garlands, sorting and pitching. My current philosophy, which should have been obvious but is quite a Personal revelation... If it's too ugly to set out? Ummm. Pitch it!?!?! Every year as I decorate for the holidays there's an ever growing little stash of scruffy junk I pile back in the boxes. Doh! That's crap, honey! I even sent my decrepit old head and footboard out with the furniture men who finally brought my bed frame. I love having the window as my headboard. Moonlight, blue hour, lightning, and watching the beautifully-lit semi trucks go by at night... Window to my world, I guess.
I have had the brainchild idea to sort china, having a cabinet bottom for each season... Or color? However, as I write this, my good sense yells at me to leave it alone! Think I'll listen today. Sorting china sounds like a solid Winter project AFTER the holidays.

Mom's feeling better. I take her blood pressure every day, and it has obediently inched downward to a good level. We are postponing the follow up visit to the doc a few days. Nobody realizes the exhaustion created in the elderly simply by altering their routine and struggling out to the car and back. ... And then there's Mama to think about, too! Ha ha ha... Gotcha!

It promises to temper down a bit with a cooler week. My ambition, elusive lover, has rallied me for a busy day, which I believe I'll start with a nap! Have a good week, dear Friends.





Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Ambition, tempered with Wisdom. Yessss....! I was gettin' a wee bit worried about you, Hon. Flying off in all directions. ,-)

Hope the next check-up goes well for Mama.

Hmmmmmmmmm, have YOU had a check-up, anytime in the last 5 years or so???????


Miss Merry said...

Switching and pitching - I like the sounds of that. Maybe I can make it my new motto, too.

Candy S said...

I love it! Only when you retire can you start your day with a nap. That is a wonderful feeling especially after being up to all hours of the night/morning pinning on Pinterest and reading blog posts (been there, done that way too many times since I have retired).... Candy