Friday, January 15, 2010

Okay... So I'm an Ice Princess... yeah, right!

I wish I had been doing something productive... or even exciting, but no, I've just been moving along at school, going home through the icy snow, and generally hanging in there. Today is a partial day at school and then a computer workshop for the teachers in the cafeteria. I decided to just give a little hoot out to everyone. Today because our deep drift problem is finally melting, people are tolerating me a bit better. I can tell you right now, it isn't popular to love snow when it has debilitated the countryside this much.
We used to have a teacher who was really, really REALLY brilliant "at one time." Unfortunately, she taught a few years too many, and sometimes she had those days I call "Ms. Red days." She thought she'd assigned work but she hadn't. She forgot when she did assign something huge, so kids were frustrated with some finished assignments that never got checked. She would head up the stairs and then I'd see her stop, look very confused/sad, and shake her head. Then she'd sigh and go back where she came from to try to re-think why she was headed upstairs to begin with... It was okay because she actually did a good job in spite of it all... Yeah, well sometimes I have definite great days, but occasionally there comes a period of Ms. Red days... I think this was a week of those kind of days.

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Megan said...

I can see your ring sparkling across the cafeteria. just blinded me! ;) LOL!!!