Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Experience Christmas

My devotional book this week advised that I "experience" Christmas, rather than just celebrate... I ponder this a bit, wondering exactly the difference, the nuances involved with experiencing... Mindful of the devout and wonderful gift the world received almost 2000 years ago, I believe the difference lies in the way we perceive our daily round. So, with a twinkling heart I wish you all a very blessed and cozy Christmas. We don't really ever know what the upcoming weeks and year may bring. We hardly realize what the last one has wrought in our hearts. So light candles, be content and at peace as much as you possibly can. If your heart is sore and frazzled, if things aren't what you had dreamed or wished... just realize the gift of God's love is our truest Christmas treasure.
We are having cousins for a lunch of soup, little smokies, fried mushrooms and corn puffs, mixed fruit, wassail, tarts, snicker doodles with holly piped on top (even though my mother thought it was a green rabbit with red eyes!).... I am not a decorator... so no blog photos of that!... Tomorrow is a roast and all the trimmings. My son came last night for coconut shrimp and stir fry... Snow fell overnight, and the world is bright and simply beautiful outside, although quite treacherous for those who travel. Special love and prayers for all of you this holy holiday.. Hugs!!@@@


Becky K. said...

Merry Christmas, Gayla!

Lisa Pogue said...

Hi Beautiful!! May your Christmas be extra special. I love this post! The furbabies, with the exception of Reynaldo, got Christmas baths just now. I'm taking a break before cleaning the tub. Eat extra mushrooms for me. Those sound wonderful right now. Only if I had a cup of ice cold coke too. I love you much, big hugs from me to you!! Tell your mom and Gerred Happy Holidays from me. Give Gerred a big hug too!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I did so want snow. Merry Christmas...m.