Sunday, December 30, 2007

Morning Snowshine. . .

My little bed welcomes me to a new day... Quilt made by my grandmother, pillow case embroidered by my mother and crochet trimmed by Gramma, bed bought with his own teenage money by my dad... Where in all this "history" is there room for MY story??? Sometimes I wonder.
A quick look out the window reveals sunshine today. At last a midwestern winter day with no snow or blow.... Amazing.
My son bought me this fairy for my collection. She is part of a fairy band, but he deemed the other fairies in the ensemble too "sexy" for Granny's house.... Isn't that a hoot? Censorship reversal.
And finally an introduction to Cicely Mary Barker's Fairy journal.. I received the calendar, and now I'm looking at Amazon for my next "be good to me" purchase in the form of her book.

Today is the day I make any resolutions. I have a dear friend who has decided and decreed she will watch NO television all of 2008. I'm sure not going to do that. Of course, there's the diet thing. I so want a daily quiet time with God, but don't think a New Year's Resolution is the way to go on that. I don't want to just forget that idea of a clean slate and a fresh plan... I am waiting for inspiration. It may come in the form of a nap today since I saw the sun-- pink and rosy hued in the East--- before I slept, konked out in my new recliner... Now that... that isn't the "be good to me"-ish type of stuff this life should be made of... I was restless and kind of unhappy last night. I think it was an overdose of Eagles. My friend and I listened to their new 2 CD album, and it's good. It sounds like their earlier hits enough that it transported me back to the "days" when I was a young mother, bride... had what I thought was going to be my life.... I dunno. It made me sad and made me want to call someone up and sob... but thankfully, I did not. I trekked upstairs for an ugly mug of hot tea and unwrapped a few "my moment, my Doves" and the urge melted into a chocolate stupor... Aha... I keep coming back to that beautiful life thing. I may make that my New Year's Resolution.... to do my level best to surround myself and those I love with beauty as I see it.... Beauty of spirit first, then of attitude, and environment....???? Whatsoever is beautiful.... of good report, think on these things? Have a blessed Sunday.


Anonymous said...
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Essential Oil Premier University said...

You are so blessed to have those items handed down. I have nothing. My dad came from a family of 13. . . grandparents died when I was 4 & 5. Nothing left to pass down to me after 13 kids and their spouses went through the place. . . and at 4 & 5 I didn't really care. Then my mom came from a family 7, but a house fire burned EVERYTHING my grandparents had just a couple years before they passed. TREASURE THOSE ITEMS. They are your heritage.



BittersweetPunkin said...

My daughter received that Fairy Journal a while back...its very nice!!

I hope you have a Happy Happy New Years!!