Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Brocante Home Puttery Treats Challenge

The first blog I ever found was sure a honey. Owned and created by the wonderful, wonderful English sweetheart, Alison May, Brocante Home is and always will be my first glimpse into the wonderful world of blogging. She captivates the home, the heart, the soul... And her years online have been ones tied to my spirit. I consider her a dear friend although we may never meet face to face. We have "met" on the glowing page, and that is why I chose to do this lovely puttery treat. I have a confession. I had already done and posted the deed of sprucing up a vignette here at my Mom's before I realized what the puttery treats challenge was all about... so I decided to add the links and include this quote from Alison's list... After all, it surely did inspire the whole experience--- just as she has inspired me over and over again to embrace the beautiful and enjoy my home, in this case my home away from home... Cheers, Alison.

There is a surface in your house you see more than any other. Where is it? The mantlepiece? The sideboard the TV sits on? The windowsill above the kitchen sink? Your bedside table? Wherever it is, decide now to completely re-invent it. Remove every object on it. Polish it to a shine and then give it new life. Imagine you are setting up a still life for a painter. Add quirky, silly temporary touches... an orange, or a bowl of apples. A little bundle of handwritten letters and a pen. A branch of blossom from the garden. Put a mirror behind the display to double its deliciousness....

Well, here is a kind of blurry photo of the new fall mantel. I used her things from around the house, cleaned it all up where I rummaged, and hopefully, she'll be surprised (and happy). She may not like the sunflowers, but they're kind of a signature of mine in the fall. It's nearly two a.m., so I am posting and snoozing!
This is a family clock; the little pilgrims were made by a dear friend of Mother's who passed away earlier last year. I made the little house, and the gorgeous orange blossom carnival bowl was layered in my grandmother's china cabinet in my mom's dining room.
These girls were wearing the right colors for fall!!! Sisters ready for Thanksgiving!

And the big farm basket filled with harvest "bounty."..... and everything else but the kitchen sink... Boy, was it ever heavy... Full of holiday napkins, actually.
There will be a little more tweaking going on, but this is sufficient, as my dear gramma would say.... Night, all.


Anonymous said...

That definitely looks like fall to
me.Beautiful, indeed... I would
"fall" for it.
Should invite you to our "house",
too. You are very talented, I knew
it all the time.

Well done,


Becky K. said...

Very Nice!! Great use of things that were already in the home.
You are a talented lady, Gayla...and making the best of your current situation.
Becky K.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Looks great. Reminds me of my mantle a little actually. I just took down the big mirror above to hang a huge barn star. I love them and can't seem to get enough.

Thanks for entering my giveaway. Were you referred to my blog or just stumble upon it? I want to give an extra entry to whoever sent you...if someone sent you. Good Luck!


black eyed susans kitchen said...

What a sweet grouping for the season and the Thanksgiving holiday. Susan

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Hey, looks great for just pulling all together at your mom's house.



Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love everything including the banner. Blessings Mary

Dena said...

Looks like you've been busy! It came out very nice and very Fall-ey. There's nothing like the satisfaction of a fabulous vingette :)


Glimpse of My World said...

I am so glad you enjoy Allison from Broncante as well.. i have been following her for about 2 years.. I feel as though I know her and her precious son...

Love your blog.. Smiles from Texas!!

Anonymous said...