Thursday, January 25, 2024

chipping out and dripping fog!

Finally a little bit of mud and slush. After an icy, Arctic 3 weeks we're having the kind of fogs you see in a whaling movie.  And the precipatation shivers, hovering between rain and snow and wintry mix. That's your weather girl signing out. 
I spent all day Tuesday moving furniture.  It's Callie approved because she can lie on the back of the couch and see down the road. 
I've always loved to move furniture. Once my little boy told my mom that his mommy had lost the living room and ruined the dining room!  So true! 
I tried online shopping/pickup from Wal-Mart this week!  My neighbor insisted she would get it for me. Wowza! That was slick! So fun to get a few non-Aldi items.... such as pimento cheese!
I don't really have any news since most people have been unable to get down my road. Snowbound!  My cousin's hubby brought her Saturday, which was great. And my friend came but had such bad luck the tow truck got stuck and bent her tie rod! I just felt so terrible.  Tonight I did have friends who came with Taco Bell! So good to have company.  
Oops! Was that weather drivel and drizzle again? Hope you are all warming up.  

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Miss Merry said...

Mother Nature has been trying my patience here, too. This week in the grandchildren game we had one snow day, one ice day and two days with 2 hour delays due to fog. Today everyone but the preschoolers when to school. Woo Hoo. I had to go purchase extra breakfast and lunch supplies. Luckily I live in town with a guy with a truck. And my phone just went off with an afternoon fog warning. I can't win.

One of the highlights of my life was when, during Covid, I discovered I could have chips and dip delivered to my door. If only one good thing happened during Covid it was the grocery delivery to the door. And ordering chips and dip just was so decadent. Absolutely no reason for it.

Our Walmart lets you order online and has special parking places where they put your order in your trunk. This continued after Covid. This is a huge money saver to me because if I do go inside, things just fall into my cart. Especially those darn pioneer woman stuff. Then they make me do self checkout and I am one of those old foggies who greatly resents this.

I also like to rearrange furniture. I tell people I keep trying to make my house grow so I can fit everything inside.