Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summertime Tea and Cookies

* Update: It was a hit! Twelve Sunshine ladies enjoyed a luncheon at The Apple Basket. I had found some wonderful mugs to go along with the cookies this a.m. at the $1 Shop for 60 cents. The only near catastrophe was the restaurant plants one of those Everglades looking fans to move the AC cool into their banquet room. I sailed in with my baskets full of cups, cookies, and tea.... and whooops! My gauze skirt kind of did a "dress up" thing. You all should have seen my mom's eyes! She's pure evil sometimes cause she spoke really loudly: "Hello, Marilyn!" Yeah, right... Don't worry, Norma Jean. I'll get you back! (My mom's real name is Norma Lucille, but she always wrote Norma Jean on everything as a child.) There. I'm partially even already.

Got these little favors ready for my mother's Extension Club meeting/lunch tomorrow. It's really just a little get-together among women who USED to belong to Extension Club, the Excello Sunshine Club, to be exact. Now they just meet in local restaurants monthly and members take turns choosing which restaurant. Mom always likes to give little favors, so I made some oatmeal raisin cookies, snagged some herb teas, and did a little packet. Photography skills are really rotten tonight, but this will have to do. I lost my first choices to hasty folder closing!!! But you get the idea. This club used to meet in member's homes when I was a little girl. Both of my grandmothers and my aunts all were members. A few of us younger ones were solemnly in charge of passing out napkins, holding the flag for a pledge, or sometimes singing for the group. I sang "It is No Secret" when I was about three or four to the rest home for this group. I am a member unofficiato! I know good and well if I become a member, I'll be an officer because every one of those women have been president many, many times. I just go to help my mom. It would be fun to slip out tomorrow and go hide behind big white hydrangea bushes at Goldie and Vesper Jones' home. (which I did nearly 50 years ago). They had an enormous yellow cat, and I was smitten with him. Didn't do well on my little Shirley Temple style dress, my white socks, and my sandals. The other day my cousin told me I was kind of prissy as a little girl. Hmmmm... I think that was a compliment???? Take care and enjoy your day, even if YOU don't get to go to a Sunshine Club!

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