Saturday, July 21, 2007

What stuff brought

Okay, so I did really well, had an absolute blast, and didn't spend a lot of cash. I have to spiff up some of my things, give it a little bath, and then I'll take a pic for the blog tomorrow! Too tired tonight for ANY of it. Just a teensy update on some of the items.

The cheese cover was a steal at $125... I'm wondering if it was maybe new?
The clock brought $60, but the man was NEVER stopping. I bid against him on several things, and he had more money than I did, for sure!!! The canisters were in two sets and only brought about 135 each set, but they had cracks, crazing, and chips.. Still lookers, though
Oh, yeah... $950 smackeroos.... It brought applause!

And this pristeen, I mean amazing!!! Dye cabinet went for the astonishing price of $4,500.00. After the man bought it, he went home. His cute little wife was camped out in front of us reading Harry Potter all morning. Her hubby was soooo nervous, bought a 600 dollar spool cabinet, coats and clark, and about six maple sugar buckets for about 200 apiece... After he bought this, everybody was clapping and hollering, and he came up, collected his stuff, and they went home. I told him once that the coffee in his thermos, which he kept pouring about an inch into his cup---- every time he bought something... was like heavenly potpourri... He just smiled and said he needed it this morning.... and paced in the back of the room while he bought beautiful stuff...
I spent a little over a hundred dollars and then sold a chest of drawers for twice what I paid for it before I left. I wasn't too sure it would fit where I wanted it, so... this was best. And the hot dogs were deee-lish... but kinda pricey.... $2.75!!!! That's almost ball park price, huh?


Shelby said...

great post :)

the feathered nest said...

Sounds exciting! I've never been to an auction before so it was fun to hear about this one!