Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gettin' My Vibes Going. . .

Things that get my vibes going: Consider yourself tagged if you’d like to play. Cindy at My Romantic Home invited anyone who wished to share vibes to do so, and I enjoyed the idea, toyed with it for a while, and decided to join in.

1. After the _________ . You fill in the blank. I think my favorite time of ANY event is after it’s over. Being with family after a reunion or after a wedding. Sitting with a group of friends at our annual Homecoming on little bleachers about two feet from the ground, lights low, a little country music piped in around the edges, a couple of Homecoming hamburgers piping hot with a special flavor unduplicated on the face of the earth, maybe somebody with a funnel cake to share… We get to chatting about past homecomings, the year my son (now nearly 26, then 3) sang “Born in the USA” on the mikes after the show. (He doesn’t even come to Homecoming mostly because he hears that story a gazillion times a night! Haha). I love sitting after a wedding reception and re-creating the big moments, sitting in the gym after a game or a dance with a group of teachers…. At a family function sitting around after the big push to clear the table and put away the dishes…. After the fact. It’s my favorite time.

2. Staying home several days in a row. I love everyone a lot. I really, really do. But I adore to stay home day after day after day. I almost never do it. A couple of years ago I had dry sockets after wisdom teeth extraction. Yep. I loved those two weeks because I didn’t really go anywhere. Pain, yeah… but kind of worth it. This year we had an ice storm. I hit my door at noon on Friday and left my cocoon of a home on Monday ten day later. A record, I think. No cabin fever. Really loved it.
and thus, Seasons and Weather. Love it. Love snow, love gray days, love rain, love storms if nobody gets hurt or loses houses. I groove on snowy, blustery weather… (from the inside looking out.) So, apologies to farmers and everyone who has to work out in it. Also seasonal stuff. I have boxes of decorations for nearly every holiday known to man. I would love to have an entertainment center or Emporium based on holidays. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? A Christmas room… then my beloved Halloween! An Easter tearoom… ah… a little glen full of wee leprechauns. I love Autumn and Halloween, the full moon (as I may have mentioned). Seasonal foods and décor and clothing are simply inspiring to me. Storing the overflow the other 11 months is not.
3. Books. The evil that is and other similar avenues of seduction. When I discovered one could slip out of bed at night, click a few buttons, look through myriads of titles, recommendations, covers, reviews…. And click a couple more buttons and expect that book in two days. Oh….. Hallelujah angels began to sing and bank balances began to wane. I can’t remember the last time I had less than six or seven books started. I also adore It’s fabulous to try books you’ve never heard of… Yum!
4. Kitty cats. Photos of cats, the real deals. I love kittens and cats so much. I love dogs, too. Cats just seem easier to love and require nothing less than adoration. They remind me of the Rose in The Little Prince. That book is also worthy of a spot on here. Amazing philosophical treasure. It touches the soul.
And 5. Beauty. I love beautiful people and beautiful things: clothes, paper ephemera, lovely rooms, pretty handwork, tiffany lamps aglow in the dawn light, little floral fantasies… the legacies of my grandmothers in china, lace, and strength. Beauty is eternal. It is always found in the hearts of our children and loved ones. It is often found in the tiniest of keepsakes. It may glitter, or it may glow, but it always gives us light in our hearts.

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Mary said...

Kindred spirits indeed! I love to stay home. I work full time but on the weekends it is such a pleasure to get my errands done and know I can stay in and putter about.
And I love a good thunderstorm...time for tea and curling up with a book and a cat on my lap.