Monday, July 9, 2007

Do I have what it would take to be the next Food Network Star? Nope. But with my love of food, cooking, the Food Network and reality series that have tasks.... I'm all about this show. I adore shows that offer challenges to the contestants, and this year has been brutal. All the contestants have cried, broken down and wished for home, sparkled, and created amazing dishes. I think there may be only one more show with the final 3. I don't have a true favorite. I like them all in a way. I guess Amy might be a slight favorite, with Jag a close second. I try to think what I might cook as my personal favorites, my dishes to wow... Not sure I have dishes that wow. I just visited my dear friend who cooked for me Friday for our birthdays. What a meal! I had left my camera at home, so I begged her to take photos with her digital. I took several, but now am at the mercy of her husband to send them to me. * Update: okay, so she DID it. I'm so proud. Her photo is featured on top of this post now. The baked Alaska was browned to perfection, and what a clever idea to put it on a cookie and make individual ones????* Her table was divine. Navy, red, and cream placemats, flatware with lucite clear handles that had sparkly patriotic stars, blue stemware, and blue onion dishes with stars and stripes napkins. And the menu.... It was fit for the gods. She and her husband just returned from an Alaska cruise. He had caught a deep sea King salmon, and she grilled it, topped a rice and pea pilaf...yum! Then she had artichoke heart and crab hot dip and toast points, fresh green beans from her garden, sliced tomatoes and herbs.... and dessert? An individual baked Alaska!!! It was so pretty a la Emeril with lots of stripey chocolate sauce on a white plate... I felt like I had been at a five star restaurant.

Well, hope to see photos of that soon. Have a great week. Enjoy.


the feathered nest said...

I'm really enjoing The Next Food Network Star show this year. Last year I only watched a few times. They make me want to cook more complicated things! They make it look so easy.


Dawn said...

I missed Sunday night's show.
It has been interesting to watch. I have strong opinions when to who needs to go..but not sure who I want to see win this.