Saturday, May 19, 2018

New chic in town

Whimsy and Hugs!

I welcome you to my newest blog, Meadow Lane Sampler. Click link to travel over to read the new posts. This space will be devoted to cheering on the work and creations coming our way. I hope it inspires us all to enjoy the works of our hands. We also welcome you to the Facebook group with the same name so you will be able to post pictures of your treasures. Please join if you want to have fun with us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


When last she decided to arrive, Spring brought her bags fully loaded! Since my last post I basically just coughed!!!  What a case of the flu or bronchitis I had, but it has finally lessened. I told my son that one day I would have gone to the Emergency Room if I had felt better.

I have worked a little on the porch and hired a nice young man to do some yard and upkeep exterior work. Mom had bought this sweet goose for us when she felt good, but it had never made it out of the box...  

The redbud is beautiful. 

I thought it would be fun to stitch with the seasons. I am loving the new charts and the FlossTube videos. 

Just a start on the flowers of summer. More to follow after the trimming is done. The planters are really too too shabby, but not wanting to paint them like my grandmother did.

This is I think the final survivor of this set of strawberry glasses from my Gramma's pink, green, red, and white kitchen. This is a little French Country witch I am going to make into a pin pillow...

Mother's Day weekend was a lot of fun. I went for a ride in my son's new pickup. It isn't really pretty to crawl up in there, but I made it! Then on Sunday we had waffles and fruit for brunch and watched a movie. I had never seen WILD HOGS, so we laughed about that. Had my personal favorite for supper, hot dogs on the grill, potato salad and baked beans. Lovely day. He surprised me with some wonderful Younique perfume and makeup.

Have a good week. I am in the mustering stages of recovery so I am not really accomplishing too much. My grammy would say I am acting puny. Imagine that! 
Whimsy and Hugs!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Works in Progress

Last Thursday my son and I attended a  really cute interactive dinner theater production by our local theater group. We really enjoyed the evening with its premise we were attending a reunion of the class of 1969, complete with a live band performing the greatest hits from that time and really good vocalists. We had fun. I had neglected to tell him the evening was interactive, so it was really funny at first to see his reaction when first one then another "over the top" actor came up to us and engaged our attention. (Funny for me, shall I clarify?)

Then this past week my son and I shared something else! We both came down with the flu!!!  I never get sick. I thought it was due to my long years of developed teacher immunity and diffusing Thieves oil by Young Living. I have not diffused much because I rearranged my kitchen and living room and just hadn't been doing that...  Anyway, it is pretty outside and I am pretty much stuck inside. Feeling better tonight finally. He is better, as well. However, his is worse than mine... more of a bronchitis and I think he needs to see a doctor. I have slathered my dear Vicks all over my chest, neck, temples... feet and popped them in socks. My son found that idea preposterous... He just doesn't know the power of old wives' remedies... 

I made some more crochet table mats in the Spiced Cider colorway. Those are fun to do and I just love mine that I made earlier. Those are the blue Lady Earl Grey color pattern. These are called Tea Cakes self-striping yarns. The journal is a gift and it features a quote from Jane Eyre.

(I haven't done this one yet. It is on my list though)

I am gearing up for Stitch Maynia...  It is a big deal in the cross stitcher world, which I just recently discovered was alive and well. Mom and I took classes in the early 80's, and although I loved doing the stitching projects, I didn't see any stores for it any more. Well, that is evidently just a local flaw because the stores and festivals online are amazing. It is definitely a thing. If you love it, check out FlossTube, a division of YouTube. I enjoy watching a lot of stitchers show such cute patterns. Be sure you watch Priscilla and Chelsea, a mother-daughter show that is really inspirational. Here is a link to their spring home tour. The real artisans start 15-31 projects in May on each new day of the month. They take their patterns and "Kit them up" in bags with zippers with the floss they will need. I am just getting myself back into stitching so I am taking it easy, I must say the idea of starting a lot of projects sounds fun. It would help keep the work vibrant and interesting.

I also appreciate the "saves" they feature. Modern stitchers find gorgeous works of art stitched in the past and purchase them at auctions and thrift stores. The prices for these makes my heart ache...  sometimes 75 cents for a 36 -plus inch masterpiece that probably cost over a hundred dollars to make with framing, floss, patterns, fancy cloth....  But these modern stitchers take the time to fix them and give the old works of heart a special place. I find it so hard to use or even place out the beautiful work done by my mom and grandmothers. From its hidden, safe-kept spot in our three generations of homes, it will be set out at auction or worse and sold for 5 dollars some day. So wrong. Meanwhile a reproduction quilt or stitched piece at Wayfair or Pier One, Home Goods, etc...  it costs a bundle to "look" old.

Well, I am not helping my headache from the flu one bit, so I will let this rest!

The moon has been remarkable this month. Full April moon is the Pink Moon, the old timers said. I think it is a couple nights until it is truly full... 

Moonset at Dawn reminds me of Ladyhawk... Did anyone else see that movie? It slightly reminds me I am going to wonder why I didn't sleep... And... it is kinda pink.

Every morning you can find my kitty watching for the birds to wake up. She is intently patient. Finally I begin to hear little weird hunting noises from her, and I see her focused on the early birds getting their worms... 

I ramble.... ramblin' Rose... Stay healthy. Drink hot tea, and be true to your inner soul...

Here's a photo of my dear little mama with her Christmas candy from my son in 2015. She loved sharing that candy with anyone who waltzed through the door. 

Stay energized for a great spring weekend.   

Whimsy and Hugs!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring Ideas

Whimsy and Hugs!

We are way past the Ides of March, St. Patrick's Day, and even Easter and the first day of spring. Today I got a reminder about an upcoming May deadline.  Whah?????  Honestly, it feels as if I just watched the Christmas movies on Hallmark. I could do as everyone I know and point at the incredibly nonseasonal weather. It was 32 degrees this morning as my son left for work. 

I am not going to dwell on it but... WAKE UP!!! Without any more emphasis on my utter lack of excuses for a missed season and then some, I am prepping for a bit of activity here at Meadow Lane. 

I  used to have a very long-winded cousin from Indianapolis who visited us... with his wife for weeks on end. He was very red-faced and windy... My daddy who liked everyone, .... shall I say... Daddy struggled with Morris. My cousin's voice sounded exactly like Foghorn Leghorn. He often told a long, long tale that seemed without end. He kind of inhaled then deeply as I began to envision a sort of vague light at the end of the tunnel....  But then Morris would say, "I said all THAT to say THIS....." and friends, of THIS there was no end. That's the winter becoming spring this year...

Monday, April 9, 2018


I  am posting these new photos out my window, but they will look almost identical to the ones from Easter. On Sunday afternoon-early evening we got probably 4 - 5 inches of snow on April 8th. Beautiful, really. They say the warmth is invading next week. Ah, the joys of "Sprinter," Missouri's new Season!

Had a good weekend with a meeting and first "drag-out" with an auctioneer. I have a lot to do before the next meeting, but several boxes  are gone. Just extras and old glassware that came from other auctions. I won't ever miss it.

My son? I asked him to go over a list of furniture to tell me what he wants. He smiled and handed me a piece of folded paper he claimed was his list. Yes. That was a blank page of white paper.  Well. Hmmmm.  I asked him today why he never brings up clearing and selling. (He never does.) His answer? One of his many classics: "I never need to."--- meaning sarcastically that I bring it up so often he has no opportunity. Yep. So true.

I would totally gross you guys out if I showed you the ton of photos of the plunder room where we started our work today. I was hoping to show a really clean room tonight, but the meeting came to an end after a couple of hours...

I sort of started parting with less and less, and I think the auctioneer grew weary of my ways. It's okay. I am relieved and rather excited to inhabit more of my home, but I don't plan to sell anything I want.

This homely, modest child's desk. Well, I decided at first to sell it, even though it was my mother's as a child. I don't know if I would have made it, but written inside the desk's compartment in rounded, primary school handwriting... "Norma Jean." __Not my mother's real middle name, which she despised... but her "chosen middle name," which she bestowed on me. Ok. That little desk is not leaving the nest...

I know I think I promised not to babble on any more about stuff in this blog, but... this, my dears, is big news!

Whimsy and Hugs! Linking with Between Naps on the Porch

Friday, April 6, 2018

April Prank

Whimsy and Hugs!

Scenes from our wintry Easter morn... Just a beautifully quiet, sweet day with my son. We had changed up plans a few times so I ended up making a chicken casserole and baked potatoes with a garden salad.

We watched the movies that my son discovered in his Easter basket. That old bunny is pretty faithful to get out in this snow!

Spooky eyes! She loves to prowl around all night with those glow-in-the-dark peepers... and then sack out all day. Who does that sound like?

Having friends for supper (Parmesan grilled chicken salads and cornbread muffins.) Then back to organizing and streamlining a bit on Saturday.  Have a blessed weekend. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Happy Easter

Have a sweet Easter with the ones you hold dear.

I crocheted the tablemat and its fun lace from Teacakes yarn from JoAnn's in "Lady Grey" colorway. I made a matching scarf and am now midway though a two tablemat project in the same thick, wool-blend yarn in  "Spiced Cider,"

Linking with Between Naps on the Porch

Whimsy and Hugs!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thanks, Gramma!

In just spring...  Remember good old e. e. cummings?

Today was such a beauty. Of course, I went for a drive. It is  still in the 30's here but no snow like the the East's weather. My dear Gramma Minnie  adored the springtime, while my sweet Ma Iona was an autumn girl through and through. Lucky for me, I am both!   


This blog looks like a crochet blog lately. One of my favorite things to do is flip on all the living room lights with a voice command to our "Alexa."    My son is heading out to work, and I quiz Alexa on the weather for seven days, the news flash briefing (which I sometimes cancel), a daily Bible verse, and some album, any music I request...  I sit there and crochet up a storm. 

My latest project is a shawl for a friend who had some upsetting health news. I used a self-striping yarn from Jo-Ann's called "peaches and cream pop" in the Sweet Roll line. It is called a prayer shawl, and as I crocheted, I said a lot of prayers for her. I recently discovered crochet-alongs on YouTube. It is really easy to watch and do, pause and replay! 

I was thinking this week about a little navy blue velvet sofa my Gramma had... She sat with me on that couch for days and days while she taught me to crochet. At that time we used cotton thread and teensy hooks. She could make delicious doilies and lace around a hankie in a flash... My gramma almost never sat down still with nothing brewing to work on. Her hands were busy with embroidery, quilt piecing, crochet, latch-hook, or handwork on something she was sewing. I finally learned to crochet.  We both made granny afghans together from kits. She have hers to Mom, and I gave mine to her.   That sweet woman had such patience with me, and I often stop what I am doing with my yarn and hook (I just never loved working with thread) and whisper a little thanks to her. A few days in 1965... when I was 11 years old have made my recent days so enjoyable. 

My other grandmother Ma... she could crochet beautifully also, and she tried very hard to teach me to tat. Ma could tat in her sleep. I made only three little isolated tats... and I sent them taped in a card with a long-winded tale of the "Three Little Tats"... That card and those yellowed-tape bits and bobs became a treasure I found when we cleaned up Ma's keepsakes long ago on a sad August day in 1976. 

It is always best to crochet with a clean cat by your side!

Have a lovely spring... 


Whimsy and Hugs!