Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where is Christmas?

Outside the warmed wind rattles and scratches against the windows. I can't decide if I'm warm or chilly here in bed beside the cozy space heater. Fingers crossed. Mom may come home on Sunday. I need to work, to prepare, to gather in... But I usually just sleep, shower, go in and sit with her. Probably big changes ahead in the way we negotiate the house. I think it's too soon to really know.
My goal... A warm, safe, quiet Christmas at home with us and anyone else who wanders in. I'm probably not wrapping gifts. What's done was finished before Thanksgiving. None of that really means Christmas. When I was a senior, my family spent the holidays in Quincy Blessing Hospital with my critically ill grandfather. On Christmas Eve night my dad drove through town to look at lights. What I remember are the snippets of families beside the trees, I could glimpse tables alight with candles and faces glowing in the light of those well-lit, C7-bulb trees. At 17, with sixteen happier past holidays, I felt so sad. But it was still Christmas. My Mom and Dad knew where to find it, and I know just where to look, as well.

The dawn today has that famous tint of snow. My car, covered in snow, shouts that it is, indeed, Christmas. I think the weather will bluster and winter forth until noon. Then I still hope to go in to see Mom. Long days in the hospital. Almost ready to be back home again.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just a little note...

Things are really improving here. Mom continues to feel a little better every day or so. We think and hope she may be home before Christmas. Nothing prepares a person for the shift in life that comes with sudden illnesses and hospital stays. Life activities that seemed important just.... weren't.


We have beautiful family and friends to help us, and the staff members at the hospital have been wonderful.

Thank you for all your kind wishes and prayers. I've been dipping into your Christmas festivities as you post. Lots of holiday beauty and joy going around Blogland.


Peace and love to all of you...



Friday, December 5, 2014

Why I like to clean, even though you might not suspect that...

There are certain household chores that I love, some are okay, and a precious few... Well, I don't like those at all. I must preface all this with the little disclaimer... My house is a rip roaring mess! It's a havoc of leaving out a Turkey or two for Thanksgiving proper, fixing up a few places for the holidays, and Running in and out since Mama got hurt.



In the west window of the dining room, my new $30 white tree with glowing multicolor rosettes of light waits for tis first ornament... But from a distance, the tree looks beautiful, nodding to me there throughout the early night when I set out to take a turn at Mama's bedside in the hospital. I love cleaning up and decorating for holidays.

Last night I spent at home, victim to my painful legs and feet, swollen from a batch of "feet-hanging-down" nights in the ICU. Around midnight, the fridge called it to me, so I spent a happy hour cleaning its content... Some dishes prepared for out little feast that didn't happen made me very sad. Others, like leftover pumpkin pie from our celebration on Sunday made me smile. I've always loved to clean after parties and family celebrations... It's like putting it all to bed with happy thoughts of all the guests that were there.

My mind wanders... I know. I need to be careful because it's too little to be out wandering alone! I think of the famous Poem about the tuft of daffodils. I think about how tough my mother is, and how fragile. I consider the kindness of everyone and the sacrifices of a life of service spent in the field of nursing.

Tonight two of my students from years gone by are tending both to my mother and to me. They've brought me a weird little cot to stretch out and elevate these veins.. They've tended my mother and reassured her. At times they've made important decisions to ease her misery. Imagine an old, tired back. Now imagine that it is almost entirely covered in bruises. There you have my poor little Mama.... So miserable.


I'm not going to preach at any of us. We all know the fragility and preciousness of our lives and relationships. We've all squandered that stuff that life is made of.... A little or a lot. Have a lovely weekend.







Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Brief Message of Our Status

We are in the hospital.

On Thanksgiving, right after I fixed a little lunch of Mama's favorite snacks, I said, "It's ready." She stood up to make a restroom break, lost her balance, and fell right before my horrified eyes. She fell so hard, hit her back on an ottoman, broke her glasses and was bleeding on the floor. I called 911. They made the call to go 50 miles to a Trauma Center.

She has two broken ribs, some broken bones in spine, and a hematoma on her back roughly the size of a beach ball. For a day or two it looked as if internal bleeding would require surgery, but it stopped. Had transfusions and had platelets.

Spent the weekend in ICU and surgical intensive care. Monday we were discharged to travel by ambulance to Local Swingbed (20 days moderate care) before we hope to come home. Ambulance took 9 hours to be available today, and the ride made her nauseated. I sent my son home. He has been her rock, the only person she would let lift her. Understandably, she doesn't want to fall again, and she cannot tolerate pressure on that poor, little back. He is patient, gentle, strong... A true gem.

I'm sitting by a beautiful window overlooking my home town. Mom is sleeping. The hospital staff has been overall excellent in both facilities. A couple of snafus, but mostly good, better, and great! My friends and sister/cousin, all of them, {@ } have been my constant supporters. They have visited, sat with me, called, texted, gifted, and prayed. From here I can go home often at all hours of day and night, too. Ready and hopeful for a fairly speedy recuperation! Prayers and positive good wishes will be treasured.

In the meantime and certainly so very important to me, I lost one of my dearest friends on Friday. I will forever miss her sparkle. Whenever you see a Full Moon, think of my dear Nellie. I heard she was waving at me and blowing a kiss the last time I talked to her daughters. How sweet can that memory be?



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my dear ones this Thanksgiving and beyond. As I read this following message, I realized its power. On every day, I'm very thankful... If only I give myself the mission to be certain I stop to think about it... Family, friends, faith, and many blessings from my past and present. I would never have believed my little blog would find its way into so many homes, and I would never have known so many wonderful people, if not for this shining sister/brotherhood of Blogland.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Early

The weather, cooler, very blustery, and drizzled fog. Inside, we are enjoying our memory of a lovely Early Thanksgiving. We celebrated today because my son always goes to his father's side of the family on Thursday. Last year and this he has to work on Black Friday, so I opted to claim today instead of next Sunday when it seems everyone is pretty full of turkey! Loved it.
The following picture is true. I kept true to my convictions with a Harvest mantel while pushing upward with the Christmas festivities...... Kind of like the big malls who stock their Valentine candy before Santa has his milk and cookies.

May you cherish a lovely Thanksgiving... I'm thankful for my dear family, friends, @@@ loved ones, and blogland friends...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I'm indirectly involved in a gigantic project reveal!

So... What do you think these photos might be? Details coming right away... In the meantime, you are free to guess...


Saturday, November 15, 2014

To the Turning...

I have been a passenger on the fast train through life the past few weeks...months... .? Years? Perhaps always. My son's boss believes in crushing life, as he calls it... Jumping in and doing that next thing. Going everywhere, seizing one day after another. He's a really cool guy. He is also on the fast train. A different one with a himself as cruise director!

But mine is different. I think half the time or more I'm snoozing at the observation deck window, face pressed against cold glass... Trying to recall the landscapes I've seen, dreaming about future glorious 
sights, No doubt missing what's there outside the crystal glass of now... 

I'm happy to report Mama is a little better. This was a vicious cold or virus, and she has really been feeling rotten. But think her cough is less, and she feels somewhat perkier.

I feel restless and lazy simultaneously... Those two forces usually don't.... Or shouldn't collide, but when they do descend like this, it's hard to do anything except make huge messes... Restless: I tear into a closet or stack the dining room table full of holiday decor... Lazy: I drag a cozy fur throw over my shoulders, pour another cup of pumpkin coffee, and lose the rest of the day... Not a pretty combination... ( or a popular one).

Good to consider... Looking forward to a nice family lunch tomorrow----- Shrimp Scampi and cocoanut Shrimp. Tossed garden green salad with pear slices, toasted pecans, and dried cranberries. Steamed cauliflower steaks with Paleo cream sauce. Bacon and broccoli roast...

We had major flurries today. Not really the two to three inches they forecast, but dreary, blustery, whitened skies and blasts of snow and sleet against the windows. I loved it. Mama did not.
Have a lovely week. Send good thoughts, if you will, to a dear friend of mine, who could use a prayer...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Frost Moon... Musing with the Moonbeams

So, my friend Tessa From HERE THERE BE MUSING told me this was the frost moon... I love the names given to each full moon! They are just that personal to me. The time change sees me getting up at five... I was a six o'clock riser for several years now, and retirement really hasn't added a lot of snooze in time... Unless you count a nap in the smack middle of the day! However, I was clambering out of bed when I looked out the window at that huge setting moon! "Hello, Beautiful!" I nearly screamed it. I certainly told the moon hello right out loud! I tried to call my son, but his wavelength wasn't hearing the phone right then. So I grabbed a picture through my window and sent a text!


In about four minutes the clouds actually skittered over the surface, and the day was pretty cloudy off and on. Mama has been fighting a cold she must have gathered as a Trick or Treat. It's better, I think. She has grown tired of my ever-constant perscription of Vicks Vapor Rub. Oh, how I swear by that stuff... I apologize to my friends and family. I'm kind of an advocate to it just as my ninety-seven year old neighbor in Macon during the seventies was an advocate of 'kerosene' on everything. His old voice was cracked and hoarse, and his eyesight was failing. He put drops of kerosene in his eyes (!), and he brushed his teeth with a toothbrush soaked in it. Hmmm... My Sherlock tells me there could be some message to that, but he was a neat old man. He and I were a pair. I once called his son to come help. I had overheard lots of wild splashing through the old man's window to the bathroom. Then... Repeated screams and garbled sounds. Yep. That old bird was taking a bath and just singing his heart out.

His son didn't think too much of me really. The elderly neighbor used to walk to the corner and back with two canes every clear day. Sometimes he made his way to my porch for a doughnut. Yep. Diabetic, for sure. One day he came to me in tears. He swore to me his kids had changed his locks. He had me prove it because he insisted the key to his front door had a bread wrapper tie twisted around it.. Nope. No, sir. That key did not fit. I was pretty mad at those kids. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. My daddy had shown me how to take a door off at the hinges. I proceeded to assist that old neighbor by removing his screen door and his heavy back door. I recall another neighbor stopping to inform me that I must be nuts. But dear, elderly, God rest his soul, Mr. Neighbor... He though I was a hero! That's until at the last possible moment he shoved a skinny fist deeper in his old coat pocket. "Oh, nooooo. Lookee here!" Yep. There was yet another key with a bread wrapper twistie tie... Now, my daddy had not yet educated me in the process to rehang that door, and the neighbor was still not having any part of it, so I again called that son.

His son didn't think too much of me really. No good reason that I can think of. Do you think?

I'm going to regroup my thoughts this cold, frost moon. It was more than fun to remember that olden neighbor back when I was in my twenties... Every time I "fanatic" obsess about Vicks and get those looks, I remember him... Although I do not wrap twisty ties around keys or sip kerosene... Or sing in the tub.

Tonight's moonrise was brief and spectacular. I have a little pinchy-nerve issue with my lower back, so I didn't get to go outside to take the pictures of my dreams. Just snapped this one from Mom's kitchen. That headlight-looking-beautiful-thing Through the window is the moon. She was there for long enough that I texted my son and phoned a fellow moon lover to go look, go look! .... Then clouds covered that silvery-beautiful face once more.


Sunday, November 2, 2014