Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Reservations Cousins Night

Today was hugely busy. Lunch and shopping with a wonderful friend, home a bit to make a quick Pasta for my boys and then off to a wonderful Cousins' Night party. What is that? Glad you asked. My cousins (four of us girls and sometimes the wife of our one male cousin) get together once every few weeks for what we call Cousins' Night. We meet at a favorite restaurant usually (Chinese tonight) and have a bite of supper and a visit. Often someone in the group takes a little gift, but not always, so no stress. Tonight I took nothing, and received a lovely tussie mussie of home grown flowers (reminded us all of our grandmother's lovely flower garden) and a cute little tea light Halloween pumpkin to herald in the season long before it arrives. Very light and cute. Our movies have ranged from pure failures to wonderful events Tonight was very sweet, No Reservations. If you love cooking movies (and I so do), you will not be disappointed with all the little cooking scenes. Sweet story line and happy/sad movie. Catherine Zeta Jones is drop dead gorgeous, isn't she? Wow. And this is the guy, I think, from Erin Brockovich minus the long hair.. A cutie patootie! I was glad I had made something at home and not just left a cold pack of hot dogs after I watched the movie... All that cooking made me feel more like a chef myself. I rushed home and put my flowers in a little cut glass vase and hope for revival. Some of the previews looked horrid!! Evil and garish and stupid. Some looked mighty tempting. So it goes with the movie review. I haven't been used to being sociable all day. This was good practice for two weeks from now when school starts again. I'm excited. I'll know when I want to retire when I'm not excited and ready for school to start again... I hope it never happens until my finances can bear the shock!!!


Julie said...

Oh - you are so lucky. Both of my parents are only children and my brothers..well brothers are just not the same! Thanks for the movie tip.

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

How great that you and your cousins are that close! I never see any of my cousins.

Gayla said...

So many of my friends tell me about how special it is to enjoy cousins once we are grown. I so agree. We didn't do this always, and I'm not sure who started it up again a few years ago, but we sooo enjoy it. We sort of realized we only saw each other at funeral homes for visitation for relatives, and that was just NOT good. We all have the secret, glowing feeling that our grandmother is just dancing away with joy when we are having fun together.. it makes us just feel beautiful.--- Gayla