Thursday, July 5, 2007

Little Pitchers

These are my little pitchers I've started assembling. I have kind of a little passion for cream pitchers. Sometimes they speak to me. Often in quaint little restaurants those heavy creamers are crying out for me to dump the cream and stealth them in my purse. I haven't done that, but I do a lot of exclaiming about the pitcher while everyone else is just eating their meal. The top pitcher is a little stoneware one from Ebay. My son got it for me for Valentine's Day this year. The second one from the bottom actually has clovers on it and it was a Mother's Day gift from Mom. It had been my gramma's. The bottom one has been in our family forever, usually filled with maple syrup when we had company stay overnight with me. My mother's favorite breakfast to fix for me and my girlfriends was pancakes made in the shape of kitties with little raisin eyes. It was always so special, and my friends still talk about it. The white one was a dollar! Loved it and it has a delicate airy handle that doesn't show in the picture. Here are a few more I found listed on Ebay. I don't want to buy very many. I want this to be a tiny collection, all of pitchers that have spoken to me, individually.
I love the dark band and the fruit on this one. It looks dear!

This is from the 1800's and is currently at $76. with the reserve not yet met. I won't be bidding on this one, but it's cool. Poppies remind me of Gramma, too.
Love the delicate cream color of this one!
German, little children are doing the laundry on this one. I imagine it's really cute in person.

Looks a little worn, but it's called a floral cottage ware.. That just sounds cute!!! I like to imagine all the little breakfasts this pitcher has seen. I so "get" my grammas now. They just loved dishes, and I couldn't ever get it. I can remember watching my little gramma come tumbling down a flight of stairs and rolling across the sidewalk in town. She jumped up and began to cry. "Oh, I think I broke my little.....------------------.pickle dish!" she sobbed.... We were hysterical waiting that one out. Now I understand. Goodnight. Have a good Thursday. I'm all mixed up on days due to the holiday.

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