Friday, July 6, 2007

For Today what's under my cloche

For a little while I've been wanting to get one of these cloches, or domes, or whatever they may be. I now understand my mother has two antique, really tall ones with bubbly glass she will share... So, I'm hoping to change my look with one of those. This isn't a very good photo because the light reflects too much, but it actually reflects a bit in reality, as well. It's a pink dipped bulb from Jorabeels. I saw one on another blog. Please forgive me. I forgot whose. So I followed the link and ordered two of these and a strand of dipped pink Christmas lights on a white cord for the holidays. Lovely! Anyway, I have had a lot of trouble with my "look" because the candle holder, which I already had, won't cooperate. I will experiment and let you see the finished product when I ever get it done. I have a smaller cloche, and it's atop a really cool old china trivet. Right now there's a cinnamon roll under that one, and someone in my family. (I'm not pointing any sticky fingers or anything) got icing all over the dome.... Not too cute of a shot. But Cindy at My Romantic Home issued a challenge, so here I am. And I'm still going to do a napkin ring thing in honor of her earlier challenge and Tracey's "throw down" at Notes from a Cottage Industry. Whew! I'm just not up to much challenge, evidently. Busy day. The office at my shop needs severe intervention. It's as if "someone" threw all the boxes and bags around back there looking for something! Yep. Found it, too. Have a nice weekend.


the feathered nest said...

I know, everyone had these wonderful bell jars on their blogs and they were finding them at TJ Maxx. I went 2-3x's a week looking for one and never found one there. I finally had to order one online. Lucky you that you'll get an antique one - can't wait to see that!


Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

I can't wait to see your antique ones...lucky you!

The one you decorated looks pretty cute!