Thursday, July 12, 2007

Guilty Pleasures... confession time

I have yet another confession to make. I love, love, love to use these cool products in my kitchen and around the house. My mother thinks I'm crazy. I love to give them as gifts, and I would love to sell even more than I stock in my shop. They actually sell well... We deserve something yummy since we're always doing dishes, washing clothes, and things like that. Cucina is a lovely brand. I have sold dishwashing liquid in this brand. My friends with Italian heritage adore having it on display at their sinks. Shop for cucina here.
It's hard to pick favorites, but this line is exquisite. I haven't ever found a fragrance I didn't love! I could just eat it all up..... Shop for Caldrea stuff here. I fell for this line at a lovely Tea Room in a nearby town called Simple Pleasures.

My personal favorite ONLY because of the packaging. What a world! I love these French ladies working away on the labels. I bought myself the sampler package a couple Christmases ago. I promised myself I'd send little samples to all my friends, and I wrapped them up..... and I, uh... well, those of you who are friends, did you get any samples? Nope. I used 'em all myself.... what a little piggie. It's my idea of a comfort drawer for cleaning! That requires comfort. Shop for these here. I love the blue bottles.
And where it all began. Their geranium cleaner and dish soap arrived in a lovely Amazon package as a gift from Alison at BrocanteHome. Oh.... smitten by the queen bee of domesticity herself. Thus, alas! I will, yes I WILL pay extra for this kind of domestic indulgences.... and my mother clutches her bottle of Dawn tightly and proclaims her virtue... I know... But these are too "scrumptious."

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