Sunday, July 29, 2007

We've been blogging!"

Well, good day here. I invited my mom and dad up for dinner, and my son invited two of his friends, so we had a wonderful little table full for Sunday dinner. I fixed smothered steaks, Italian vegetable salad, melon salad, butterflake drop biscuits, corn on the cob, potatoes, onions and carrots and Chocolate Peanut Butter gooey cake. Well, my.... We are all pretty full, I think. Mom and Dad have gone home, and I'm going to watch Design Star tonight.

The coolest part of the day happened when I decided to bring my mom into my bedroom and hook her up with some of you bloggers! My mom is 83, on a walker, and quite opinionated, but kinda sweet (as a daughter might say). I had no idea what opinion she would have of all this... It crossed my mind she might think it was weird, out of sync with reality, dangerous, or some such nonsense. OH, no... If she could have done what she wanted, she would have been sitting here until midnight. She was soooo crazy about all the photos of your beautiful homes, the foods you fix, the tables you set, the cats you pet, the decor you have loved into existence. It was so much fun... "Click on that one," she'd say... And she wanted to go back and see Christmas at some of your houses... "Do you have any more?" She asked... Uh, well... You all know how many links we all have.... I showed her about ten, I think... and my own... She was all about taking more pictures to go on here! "Use your camera!" She shouts! She was having a blast. We stayed in here about three hours I think. My dad got the heebie jeebies and wanted to go home, so she finally did. My son asked her, "What have you been doing in there?" She just sashayed right by him and flipped out the casual, "Oh, we've been blogging." AS IF she had ever heard of the term before today. She loved it.... I was so pleased with myself and with all of you and with the day. Good time. I love you all and think the absolute best of each of you... Mom asked me how I manage to get anything done except sit here and look... "It's better than any magazine!" I agree. Have a good week, everyone.


Julie said...

OM gosh - what a endearing story!! I love that. Does she have her own computer? She would probably have a blast and could she ever teach us 'youngins' a thing or two! (BTW - I a 45 year old 'youngin'!)

I LOVE Christmas too and look for older blogers just to see their Christmas and Thanksgiving posts and pictures!

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

How sweet. I always tell my mom about blogging but I don't think she get it.

the feathered nest said...

That's so cool that you're Mom really enjoyed seeing everyone's blog. That must have been a fun evening (you made alot of yummy sounding dishes)!

Blogs are better than magazines!


ACottageIndustry said...

I love it! Introducing your Mom to the Blog world, and her loving it. Better watch out, you might have to get her her own computer and before you know it, she'll be blogging! (You think I'm kidding?)
ps. You're a very special daughter.

jbrealtor said...

What is a peanut butter gooey cake? I think my husband would adore it. Could you publish the recipe. Love your blog.


jbrealtor said...

Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to try it and improvise on it. I should have known it was Paula Deen when I saw 2 sticks of "Buttah".


GardenGoose said...

that is so sweet that you and your mom had a great time like that..what fun!