Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wow.... Isn't this cute?

A sweetie of mine lives in a suburb of Philadelphia, and he took a little roadtrip today to this factory called Byers Choice in Chalfort, PA. It is full of little people called kindles and a miniature city from Dickens era. There is a little fee to go through the museum, and then also observation decks to watch the people as they hand fashion these little kindles. I think they are adorable. He said the little nutcrackers in this photo below are about fingernail size.
I'm not one to get in the Christmas mood in July, but this is certainly a motivation. A few years back I had a brief affair with HSN. (It was a torrid affair, with complete infatuation with Suzanne Sommers, Colleen Lopez, gemstones, Storybook knits, and you name it. It ended badly. I have custody of the stuff. They had custody of the MONEY!!!) Anyway, the brilliant minds of HSN have an annual Christmas in July. I ordered a pre-lit huge, lovely tree.... thought better of it, cancelled it... but three days later the UPS man proudly dragged it to my door. I decided it was better to keep it than try to pay postage or argue. I love that tree. Pre-lit! I know that's old hat now, but then it was fairly a new concept, and I was in heaven. It has lasted four years of non-stop light. But next year I noticed I'll have to add a little bit of extra lights around the edges.

This last shot shows the scope of the place, rooms beyond the rooms full of scenes and carolers. My mother would LOVE this place. I will have to take pictures of her miniatures and her doll house. Just thought I'd share HIS road trip. Me? Today was a quiet, good day. My son's sweetie bought and cooked a wonderful pork roast with carrots and potatoes for a treat for me! It was delicious! I told him I thought pretty girls like that weren't supposed to be such good cooks... It really isn't fair, you know! haha.. Have a nice Christmas---- uh, week...


Ragged Roses said...

Hello - thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. It is strange seeing photos of Christmas in July but our summer has been so awful that the other day my daughter said that it was as dark as Christmas morning! Lovely photos - thank you!
Kim x

Julie said...

I love the Carolers. My Mother used to collect them - starting her collection about 15 years ago! She had so many...and then tragedy. They lived in a high rise and the storage unit that was in the basement flooded during a hurricane. She lost every single one of them and was heart broken about it. That was right before she became ill. So very sad.

I love Christmas and start posting little inspirations and ideas on my blog in July...just can't help myself!

the feathered nest said...

Goodness, well Suzanne is hard to resist LOL! Loved the pictures, it looks like a fun place.


Peggy said...

I love the village! My daughter in law has one that I add to each year. The ice skakers are my favorite.