Monday, July 30, 2007

Patience. . . yes... Use the force, Luke.... AAAAGH!

Okay... So here I am exactly 24 hours after "it" happened. I was happily sending emails to some friends. I wrote one, and boom! Server error. That was last night at 11:19. Exactly 24 hours of frustration (and two and a half of sleep) ago. I did EVERYTHING, deleted programs, bought some kind of registry sweep by Paypal and regretted the moment I clicked "pay." It did nothing. Nothing did nothing, if an English teacher is allowed the superlative, double negative from time to time. I called the help desk along about 1:30 and at 4:15 the sweetheart on the other end gave me up. She told me to download every mail client available, so here went Gmail, Firefox's Thunderbird, the new version of Outlooks Express 6, Incredimail (which I have had for years and love)---- my poor computer has had so many new defaults it is probably stressed out! I talked to another techie at 8:30 when they called back and we deleted identities, created new ones and blah... Finally I spoke with both Microsoft and Compaq and discovered for them to tell me IF they could help or not it cost either 99 or 59 dollars respectively... And one man had me standing on my head looking underneath my processor tower (which is on the floor) for fifteen minutes... I was physically sick, but I have been accused of being like an old dog with a bone when something is wrong.. I searched all kinds of forums and finally just gave up. I went in the other room finally tonight for a few minutes and watched a little Giada de Laurentis, a little Paula Deen, a little Hannibal Rising (simply too evil for me actually).... I just came in here to check email, and voila! It's working. I suppose it was a jam of all the spam that's whisked away. That's one theory... Anyway, if anyone has problems, I recommend just relaxing a bit and watching the Food Channel... It is a miracle worker....
I will leave you with a little photo of the tea set my mother gave me for my birthday. It is sooo cute, made in Occupied Japan. She and her mother bought it in the city about 55 years ago when my mother was a teacher and went to a Teacher's Convention. They had it sent home because they were on the train and thought they would get it broken. Evidently the mailman just threw it on the ground and it arrived totally crushed, so my grandmother called Famous and Barr and they re-sent the package. That time our mail carrier brought it in and waited for it to be opened and had a cup of coffee... Long story short, it was never used by either my grandmother OR my mother. I called her up and said I had served tea in it to a friend, and Mom said, "Oh! That's the first time it's ever been used!!!" That is the story of my gramma's life, actually. She wore the oldest old ratty dresses, pins in her aprons instead of ties, old old dresses too worn for everyday she wore to bed... The oldest sweaters... holey old flannel shirts of my grandfather's. In her drawers after she went to heaven we found box after box of lacy nightgowns given by Mom and me, tons of new dresses, tags still on them, new sweaters I bought her at MY first teacher's meeting and a shawl she was saving TO BE BURIED IN.... ouch... You won't be finding that kind of stuff in my house.. I'm going to use it and enjoy!!! I have every intention of trying to take care of things, but hey... It's definitely time for me to take out some of the handmade quilts from Gramma and enjoy looking at them.. They are all in trunks, wrapped in tissue... What's the deal with me anyway? I'm on a toot due to no sleep and being ticked off/relieved about the computer thing... So enough for now. I'm going to watch Hell's Kitchen and go to bed. I need to hear him rip into somebody!!! Take care.

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Julie said...

How stunning! I have a few tea sets that were my Grandmothers. I know she used them though and they are so precious to me. I knew your set was old the minute I saw the picture.