Wednesday, July 4, 2007

From Sea to Shining Sea

A Family Kind of Day. . .

Have an absolutely wonderful Fourth of July evening. All the things that comprise this holiday are near and dear--- our beautiful country, families, light and sparkle, and great meals taken in leisure... (What's the rush? We have to wait until dark to shoot the fireworks anyway!). I'm taking the day off! Actually, that's not true. I am working and puttering (as Alison says), and enjoying myself immensely. Sally and I are fritzing up my bedroom today. It is a sad looking little room right now, but I hope to have some loveliness in here before I crawl into bed tonight. Clean sheets are spinning in the dryer, and a couple of beautiful new treats are awaiting placement in here. First, though... a general cleaning is highly needed... For today, do what makes you happiest. Or failing that, do something that brings contentment and peace. Happy Fourth, and a big thank you to the young men and women in our military today. I know you are far from home, and my prayers are for you to be back with your loved ones soon. Hugs to all!

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CasablancaLily said...

Have a very sparkly 4th. I can't wait to try your's and Paula's Dew Cake!!