Thursday, July 26, 2007

A little bird told me

I have a thing for birds. I love birds on nests, birds outdoors, birds in little cages, and I love crows. This beauty is a gift from my mom and dad for Christmas. He's surveying my kitchen daily to see what I'll be fixing. Today was kinda bleak... We attended opening night for a new restaurant in town. It was exciting for the owners, I think, as they were coming to each table to see the reaction.

Also yesterday was an armed robbery in our tiny, tiny town. Pretty scary, but nobody was hurt! and I think the robbers were successful and may have gotten away. Then about fifteen miles from here where I taught last year, a man was stabbed, had to be life flighted... All this comes on wings of town tales... The network of information in a small town is amazing... sometimes accurate, as in "We got this straight from the scanner!" sometimes a little messed up, as in, "I think the robber rode a four wheeler." Well, don't know for sure, but it sure did a number on my attempt to NOT monitor the news so very closely. I had taken a little break from news during the summer. I still followed the major things, but just wanted to detox a bit. I truly believe all the blogging I've been reading has helped me see the beginning of the scope of truly good people. You know? You always believe there is good, want to believe so much as Anne Frank did, "In spite of everything, I really believe people are really good at heart." Browsing along through the web and realizing with every click, "wow... another super family, wonderful person... It adds documentation and substance to that affirmation of goodness in the world... Things like what happened in our town, they do happen.... but so, also.... a silver crown giveaway, a lovely scrapbook guild, a cupcake baker extraordinaire, someone who makes roses to rival Henry Fields.... out of coffee filters.... It's a beautiful world at its core.


carolyn said...

Love birds as well, your crow(?) is rather special. Robberies etc can be a little unsettling can't they?

Peggy said...

I just love your crow! I have roosters and hens all around my kitchen and diningroom. Have a couple of crow things in the guest room and love them. Have a great weekend