Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The best prop

So... I finished this little baby afghan in February. My dear friend's youngest daughter had her first baby. I was all done, gift wrapped early! And she had her dear little one right on time....

Then time set in to delay this gift of love...  Remember winter of 2014? Oh, the blizzards, freezing cold... You name it. One thing led to the next... Suddenly it's June. I still didn't deliver this or the little dress my mama bought. Good thing Mom always buys a size 1. She likes to do that, so the early gifts will be long gone... And hers is kind of a nice surprise a few months farther on.

These happy colors cheered my winter blue.

I am working on another one, a little different now.

I love the happy, happy colors. I got my inspiration from Hopscotch Lane. It's inspired by Kath Kidston. I could imagine this afghan on a summery day...

But as "cute as my afghan is," it can only be cuter when finally! It was delivered! Oh, my!
                Isn't she adorable?

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