Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Barn Quilt Trail

I think I told my mom that once I retired, I'd go anywhere I was invited. That hasn't always been possible, but today my sister/cousin invited me on an early morning road trip. After all our storms recently, I was wondering what the early hours of Wednesday would look like. No worries. What a beautiful, fun day. Armed with iced vanilla coffees, we set out in search of the farms with quilt blocks painted on the sides of their barns----/  along the Boonville area of Missouri. A website detailed a map, and we set our goal to photograph as many as we could find. We decided to search the areas around Glasgow, Boonville, Fayette, Franklin,  and New Franklin, (?!?!?!?), and Rocheport... beautiful along the Missouri River...

Sometimes we'd speed past them and spy them way back in a there was a good deal of doubling back and laughter.

We had such fun finding them...even got better and better predicting which upcoming barn might have one. Think we found five this morning and decided to leave the rest until another day. Our local town lost its franchise for Dairy Queen a few years back, so spotting the big DQ sign was the signal for a break. Lunch from Dairy Queen taken to the shade of a magnificent maple alongside a side road. It was a lot of fun.  We drove along the back roads toward home right after lunch.

Along the way, so many homes had gorgeous flowers. Evidence of the abundant rains, Missouri's bottom land crops were beautiful. I always try to bring Mama home a little goodie, and we found some fresh tomatoes and a cantaloupe at a roadside stand.

I guess we must have passed Jellystone Park. This guy looked too cute to mess with our picnic.
We also found the ever-happy Yogi Bear, complete with his pickinick basket. No Boo Boo though!
He has a little bird on his hand. Is it real? I thought I saw the bird move its head, but guess not.

How inspiring! One of my good friends has a quilt on her barn, and it is located nearby, and I don't have a picture of it in this post. I'll update soon and show you hers.....  Of course, we both kind of want one...

This shoppe tempted, but we held firm to our vow to just drive and snap photos...

Have a great week.....  After this journey, it's time to work some magic around here...


From My Country Sunrise said...

Such a fun day we had~~Ready to go on another adventure soon~~ We will have to see what direction ????? Love you and our time spent together, always special memories made~~♥♥

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

what a fun little trip!!!!

and you were very "brave"!!! to not let "granny" entice you into her antiques shop!!!!! i'm very proud of you both!!!!