Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thunder Moon... July's Glory...

The frolic begins... And they dance by the light of the moon, the Supermoon...

"A moon is a moon is a moon... " Says my mother. But oh, she is sooo wrong. Last night's moon was not a moon like any other. I slipped out in the clammy night to a world alight with palpable treasure. The house, with its sole eastern views blocked, slowly yielded my first glimpse of this huge, shimmering friend. Hello, Dear Moon. We hung out a while until it crept toward the west...

I realized this moon gave more than an outside show. Even the inner realm took on the blue-light glow, and I sat there by the window, smiling in the big, blue chair that I'd brought from home.

Candle in the wind... Summer promise.

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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

yes, these summer "super" moons are glorious. like a large beacon, in the sky. so much more bright than usual. 'lady moon' is really out-doing herself, with this display!

interesting... how your mom is very practical and etc. no whimsey, for her.

but you are delighted by magical and whimsey and sweet fancy. interesting... :-)

perhaps your father was more of a dreamer, than your mother...?

gentle hugs,